Wednesday, July 11

Summer News

This spring we had very hot weather and that trend continues. Last week we were well over 100F with the humidex. This week hasn't been as bad. Yesterday was a beautiful summer day. Today is a bit too warm for me, but still a breeze. Not quite so stifling.

The boys have been out of school since the end of June and we've been spending time together. We went for ice cream on Sunday evening and they've been visiting on pretty much a daily basis. It's nice to have them around. I miss seeing them when school is in.

Brandon did well in school again this year. Jordan struggled with English and Math. They will get their progress reports in mid August and we will find out their final marks.

Last week was a bit frustrating. They laid a new sidewalk along the entire block and of course parking was at a minimum. No one could use their driveways and instead of returning to finish the job on the Monday, it carried over until this week. Though the job isn't completely finished, at least we have access to our driveway, which is a blessing in itself.

Wish I could blog more, but there are eyes reading this blog that can cause problems. Both of their first initials are M. It's sad when you can't keep in touch with your friends online because people in the real world are troublemakers.

Hope everything is going well for all of my friends.


  1. Good to hear from you again. I'm enjoying summer as well, except that like you, it's been so hot! Glad you get to see the boys often.
    Sorry that some people are putting their noses into something that doesn't concern them. :(

  2. It has been hot here also. Today was nice though. We are enjoying the garden's bounty. Nothing like picking, cooking, eating all on the same day.. that's fresh and that's so good!!

    Enjoy your boys. Sorry that others are spoiling your blogging fun.

  3. just now warming up here...finally, but we don't need that extra hot stuff the rest of the country is having. Sorry about the "M's," but it sure is good to see you check in. Take care dear lady...;j

  4. Maybe get yourself a new and more blog.

  5. I'm sure you could get around the ones giving you trouble if you made another blog without their knowledge.

    Hope you're all doing well. Long time no see.

  6. hi Mary,

    It is unfortunate, that you confuse what you do, with what is real. You are the one that owes me money, and not the other way around.
    I have never, not once turned someone in, but you know, comments like this kind of make me think that I should.
    I would strongly suggest you reword what you have written, because I have done nothing wrong, except stand beside you and Dwight when you could not pay your bills....and now this.
    Makes me think that your thought processes are more then a little swayed and knowing full well that you have been taking and taking for years, makes me think that yes I was a food to lend you money and help you out....and then this?
    Let me know how you want to handle it, and I will then proceed as deemed needed.