Friday, April 29

Dr. Says Easy Peasy

I have been having a LOT of trouble with my osteoarthritis. The Dr, recommended a shot of cortisone to my knee. It worked great for hubby in his hip. I told her I would think about it.

I was in so much severe pain over the next 2 weeks that I decided to give it a try, even though I have reactions to almost every medication I try to take. The shot was easy enough. Didn't hurt at all and for 4 hours, I was pain free.

As the freezing wore off, my leg began to swell and it became incredibly painful. I have a very high pain threshold and usually pain doesn't bother me too much, but that night I didn't sleep at all. I would doze off and as soon as I moved my leg, I would be wide awake and trying to get some relief. The pain radiated from my ankle to my hip. By the next day, my hips were both swollen and my back was also painful.

I am now avoiding most everything she suggests because this is 3 reactions I've had in 2 month. The reactions have certainly taken their toll and I've been exhausted.

I wish spring would give us a little warmer weather. Still cold and windy today. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice.

Will update when I find out anything about my tests. Still have a couple more and no results back from the ones I've had.

Talk to everyone soon. Hope all is well with each of you.


  1. My friend here in Estevan has had those shots in her knees and had the same reaction. You take it easy.

    Hoping for good results in the remaining tests.

    God Bless.

  2. I'm sorry about that terrible reaction. I've never heard of anyone having one that bad. A lady at our nursing home gets them and she has more discomfort for a few days and then says they help. Hope you son feel some relief.