Monday, November 7

What's Been Happening

Well, it was a hot summer and it cost us a fortune, but at least we had central air. I'm not sure what we'd have done if we'd still been in the other house. We didn't get the gardens done fully, but at least we planted a few things. My morning glories were lush with leaves, but not one blossom. We were sorely disappointed.

Brandon is working part time. This year once the garden centre closed, they hired him for inside. He is working at that and is hoping for a promotion next year. He will still be doing the garden centre through the summer and that is his forte. 

Jordan finished his Victory Lap year at school and has found a job in the meat department of another grocery store. He starts his training this week. 

Hubby was in the hospital in August. They did an angiogram and he has another artery that is partially blocked. Not good news, but so far, so good. He's been really tired and for a while, so was I. However, the Dr. cut my meds down and some I'm no longer taking. I feel so much better. I hate meds. I'm either allergic to them or they have severe side effects. Glad that's be fixed.

Take care. Just wanted to touch base. Tomorrow is the US Election, which we Canadians always watch closely because it affects our country and our currency.  


  1. Glad to know Brandon is still working and Hooray for Jordan in getting his job.

    I do hope your Hubby feels better soon. Don't want that blockage to get worse. I am also very happy that you are feeling better as well. Sometimes those meds that are prescribed really knock a person back.

    God bless.

  2. Glad to hear the Grand boys are doing well. Sorry to hear about the August visit. As we get older things with health issues happen more often than not. Oh what nice news about your meds. That is wonderful news. Anytime medicine is no longer necessary is a Blessing . Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Peace