Monday, February 12

A Horrible Week

It's not been any fun around here lately. Mom is 90 and she called last Tuesday night and told me she had a pain in her head. This, she said, had been going on for a couple weeks and it was worse. 

Hubby and I took her up to the hospital because she didn't want the expense of an ambulance. It took about three hours for her to be looked at. The nurse wanted her to take Tylenol and she refused. So, we sat and sat and sat. Finally at 2 AM, I told her she Had to take the Tylenol. She was not happy about it. Immediately after she went to the washroom and spit them into the toilet. 

The only thing that happened while we were there was that they took blood tests about 1 AM and it took them until 5 AM to come back. Even though I told them right off that she had a UTI, they never did take a urine sample. I was furious. 

If you refuse treatment, this hospital just let's you sit until you do what they say. Mom has been a handful ever since. No help from the siblings, I'm afraid. 


  1. So sorry Mary! I do hope she gets the right diagnosis and begins to feel better. Those UTIs can be dangerous. One put Granny in the hospital last fall.

  2. Tipper, Mom has had these all her life but I think now there is an underlying issue. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see you again.

  3. hope things are better now. Peace