Sunday, February 17

Pay It Forward

There's a Pay It Forward circulating blog world and I'm going to play along. I first saw this over at Deena's Pretty and Pink blog and thought it would be a lot of fun. I signed up at the The Urban Chick by following links in the comment section. So here goes:
The first three people to leave a comment here expressing that they want to take part will get a surprise from me on a surprise date sometime within the next 365 days.

The Rules

1. Leave a comment on this post saying that you'd like to participate. The first three people to do so will get a surprise from me. If I don't already have your contact information, you will have to provide it so I can send your surprises. (An email addy is fine if you'd rather not give out your mailing address.)

2. If you decide to participate, you must post this on your blog and the first three people to comment will get a surprise from you sometime within the next 365 days.

This should be a lot of fun and we should meet some new people by taking part in this.

The newspaper today was filled with surprises. It seems Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, no longer wants the Lord's Prayer to be said in the Ontario Legislature. Grandpa always said, "Religion and politics don't mix," but he didn't mean it in this instance. I'm not happy with Premier McGuinty right now. I believe the Lord's Prayer should remain a part of the day's business within the Ontario Legislature. If he doesn't want to say it, he can stand there with head bowed and not utter a word. However, the prayer should remain. Premier McGuinty describes himself as a devout Catholic. Why then would he not wish the prayer to be said? I don't understand where he is coming from but we need prayer to remain as part of Ontario and Canadian culture. We are slowly being devoured by the attempts to take God out of country and province. They allowed the Lord's Prayer to be taken out of schools and other places where it has always been said as part of opening ceremonies. I stand steadfast and if Premier McGuinty continues along this way of thinking, he certainly won't be getting my vote. It's time Canadians and Ontarians stood up to the politicians who want to take God out of our culture.

Another news story was about a Sikh man who is fighting the courts to be allowed to ride his motorcycle without a helmet. The law in Ontario says everyone has to wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle. This man instead wants to be able to wear his turban. Apparently his religion states that nothing can be worn over his turban. How do we determine what is right and wrong here? The man obviously needs his helmet to keep him safe on the busy Toronto streets. On the other hand, Canada is a place where all are free to practice their religion without boundaries. This is an interesting conundrum. Where do you stand on this issue? I'd certainly like to hear your opinions.

And the last bit of news is about homework. It seems that there's been a study conducted that has found children below grade 7 (12 years old) are harmed if they are given homework. They say that after a busy day of learning at school that kids should be free to relax and play after they leave for the day. The study apparently found that children who were given homework before grade 7 became disillusioned with school and were more likely to drop out. There could be some truth in this. When we went to school during the 50s and 60s, homework was assigned nightly. This started at grade one with reading homework and progressed as we advanced. When I was in grade 7, I had to do about an hour of homework nightly. Many of my generation did drop out of school and go to work. Is there really a need for homework before grade 7? I would think if the child was falling behind that the work should be done at home. On the other hand, why is the child not getting the work done in school? I would certainly like to hear everyone's opinion on this subject as well.

Take care and have a relaxing Sunday. Remember to give a smile or a kind word to someone who looks a bit down today. You never know what others are going through. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I cannot believe that I am the first one here...... how special is that..... And YES I want to play and I will post it in the morning...... this should be a lot of fun........ Our tee shirt contest is over so we need to vote so when you get a minute head over to my blog .... We have finished the Tee shirt contest and now is time to vote..... so hop over to my Samaritan Women and click on my Sew The Word and VOTE.......

    It will be fun to see who wins and the shirt that will follow.......

  2. Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by my blog and joining. When you get a chance, stop by again and let me know a few things you like or hobbies that you have. So far, you are the only one who has linked from me to play along. I think Deena's idea is super great. I really like that movie and I think that God wants us all to do that. Hugs, Pat

  3. Oh this sounds like it would be a lot of fun Mary!!!

  4. I had to go back and read about what's happenin' in your neighborhood!! Yes, I have to agree with should remain. And it should be a personal 'choice' of what is recited [some of our immigrants here in the States of course don't believe as we do, which is okay; religion should be a personal choice and not dictated]....I'd be upset with him too at this point.

  5. Nice to catch up on your thoughts Mary.
    Thanks for admiring my side bar items as I've always admired yours too! Love the Blue Jay and blue birds btw!

  6. I'm amazed and inspired by your blogging energy! There's always something wonderful happening here, and you’re so consistently upbeat and generous.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I wanted to let you know I left something special just for you at the end of yesterday's "surprise" post at Small Reflections, so drop by when time permits.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Hey girl--lots of stuff going on in this post!
    I saw the pay it forward on Denise's site and thought it looked like fun-I was the first on her site! Who wouldn't want a surprise during the next year? So I am in and I will put my post up later this evening.This should be fun. :)
    Our world is just showing how close it is coming to the Lords return.
    I have heard many things about taking the prayer out of political areas of government. It is sad but we knew it would come.
    They actually passed a law here in La that said you did not have to wear a helmet. Not a wise thing--but if you don't care about have scrambled brains--well????
    As far as the religious practice--when it rains does he wear a rain hat? Or use a umbrella?
    I am not making fun--one day when the antichrist rises Christians will be required to wear his mark to get things. Those who chose to stand for God will not take it and loose their lives for His names sake.
    There are some serious things coming--will we be ready?

  8. Good Morning Mary,
    The Pay It Forward sounds fun, but I think I will pass on it this time. Maybe next time they have it I can participate. I do think the Lord's Prayer should stay. The world is getting in such bad shape. The government takes everything out that has to do with GOD. I just don't understand it. I do think a helmet should be worn regardless. We have to wear our seat belts to protect us and helmets are no different. It does protect the head. Homework, Ahhhh. As much work as they do in School, I don't think they should have any either unless a student is behind in a subject or not comprehending it just right. Now a days, here, it is very hard for them to really learn because they only have a certain amount of time to do things in a certain class and some students just don't comprehend as well as others. Things are too fast paced and all about money these days. If it was to go back like it was when I was in School, reading, writing, and arithmatic, I do think students would learn alot more and be smarter. Our girls brings home stuff that I didn't have till I was up in Junior and Senior High School. And now, it's way above my head. I just finished reading your Saturday's post as well. So much to know about African Canadians. I do enjoy reading the history you share with us. I do wonder if the Reverend William King is related to the United States late Martin Luther King? Might be something to check into. Could be an ancestor of his. I would so love to be able to go to Canada someday and just see things there. Who knows, maybe someday it will happen. I know my DH has been all across Canada from one side to the other. He has told me there are some beautiful places there. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I'm relaxing today and just laying around and napping since I didn't sleep too good last night.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  9. Mary, please come back to my blog and repost. when I edited the post, I lost all my comments---duh. but if I understood Deena, only those who join will get an RAK. So far, you are the only one who joined from my blog, so hey, you might get 3 gifts all year-lol. Hugs, Pat

  10. I think that the Lord's Prayer should stay in the legislature. After all they could probably use the help that God would give them.

    How about wearing the helmet under the turban. Nothing would cover the turban then and he would still be protected in case of an accident.

  11. Hi Mary, lots going on. Prayer needs to stay! Helmets should be a choice as seat belts, I wear both.But I ride with many who would rather not. The government has to much control! Those are my thoughts:)Have a great day:)

  12. Mary,
    What a sweet comment about the plant stand and I agree that gifts made from the heart are the best kind.....Betty

  13. Interesting study about the value of homework. I'm a teacher and I know that homework is often used to reinforce learning that took place in the classroom.

    When I taught 2nd grade in the inner city, I assigned homework for the above reason and also to give structure to after school hours when there was little or no structure at home.

    However, I see the flip side of the issue as a parent. I provided a rich environment for my children and sometimes I thought homework got in the way of the playing, relaxing, natural learning and reading that happened at home. When I homeschooled my children, the whole 'homework' issue was irrelevant and our children thrived academically in the homeschool environment.

    I wonder what the perameters of the study were and if there were other factors influencing the dropout rate.

  14. Okay Ladies! I have two firm commitments. Denise and Hootin' Anni. Anni confirmed in an email. If you'd like to play along, be sure to say so in your post.

    The gifts don't have to be expensive. Just something to brighten someone's day a little.


  15. Much intresting topics like usual Mary. :)

    Well lets see. Prayer alltogether was taken out of the states. Years ago we didn't have school shootings. Now we do? I wonder if there is a connection somewhere.

    Right now with politics I don't know who to vote for. The party that I usually vote for, I don't have much confidence in the nominees at all. I am thinking of third party, but know that they probably won't get in as president. It is a sad sad world we are living in. :(

    As for homework. I agree that study has some legetiment claims. Children learn more by doing rather than sitting at a boring desk all day long, then having to come home and do it all over again. I really began to love learning once my mom began to homeschool me. And I haven't stopped! Learning should be fun, not a drudgery! My girls really take off with learning when it is more like "play" to them than "school". I have one friend whos children *beg* to do *school* because to them it is fun! Now how do you like that?

    I can't understand why schools are pushing alot of seatwork. Some of it is needed, but not all of it. Also some "Christian" schools around here have gotten rid of recess at 1st grade. Can you believe that?! What are they thinking!

  16. Okay my dear Mary....I got my pay it forward post up on a sticky note on my blog.

    Have a quiet, wonderful evening.

  17. Ask and ye shall receive....... hahahhahahah I was over at Urban chic and reading and saw where you posted how to make a sticky post!!!!!! I have been wanting to know that for a long long time............ Now I know.. and all I had to do was ask....

  18. It is so true you never know what the people you meet are going through. When I am in a public place like a doctors waiting room I pray for each person I encountered there. Have a great night..Mary

  19. Mary,

    Although it certainly is a lovely idea, I will have to pass on the pay it forward.

    Helmets are an issue with me. So many people have had their lives saved because they were wearing helmets, I can't understand why anyone wouldn't. Looking "cool" just isn't worth it. And those who survive crashes often have to deal with tramatic brain injuries. The sad part, at least here in the northeast is that many people who drive cars do not respect motorcyclists. It's almost as if they are targets. Ok, that's my rant for today!

    Take care,
    Love and hugs,

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  21. Hi Mary, as I mentioned in my other comment, I'll take part in your Pay It Forward if you still need a 3rd person:-) xox

  22. Thank you, Denise, Hootin' Anni and Pea. I now have my three. You will all be getting something from me within the year. You'll never know when it's coming or what it will be. Ha! Thanks again, Ladies. I appreciate it.