Monday, March 3

Brain Repair Institute of Canada - A Hoax?

There's nothing that will get this woman angry like someone who is taking advantage of people who are desperate for some hope in their lives. Tonight on "The National," a CBC investigative report program, I saw such a woman. She is old enough to be a grandmother and may or may not be one. How a woman who has lived this many years can do such a thing is beyond me - or maybe not.
The National reported that Claudie Gordon-Palmares is giving the parents of children with autism and cerebral palsy false hope of a cure. She is self-described neuroscientist who runs the Brain Repair Institute of Canada out of her home in Okotoks, Alberta. Not only does she lay claim to the fact that she can cure autism, but says she can help children with cerebral palsy learn to walk.

The Government of Alberta entered a contract with this woman and gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars (I believe the exact number was $200,000, but can't remember for sure) for research that was to be peer-reviewed. After two years, Alberta cancelled the contract because no peer-reviews were submitted. The National asked Gordon-Palmares to tell them where she obtained her credentials. She gave them the names of educational institutions in France and the USA. The National went to these schools and were told that Gordon-Palmares had attended courses there but had not earned any degrees. When questioned about this, Gordon Palmares said it was because she earned her degrees under a different name but would not give that information to the reporter.

Gordon-Palmares gives seminars across Alberta and the USA. She tells the parents of developmentally delayed and challenged children, "We are talking about fixing the brain, fixing the brain forever, removing the diagnosis." This woman claims she can do this by using scents and the senses to stimulate the brain to repair itself. The technique is called Monitored Multi-cortical Activities for Additional Pathways and Synapses, otherwise known as MAPS.

MAPS can involve rubbing the texture of strawberries on a child's skin or rubbing strawberry scent on their nose. Picture games are also used. For this knowledgeable procedure that any parent could do at home, Gordon-Palmares is charging $5,000 for the first six months of treatment and $3,000 for each additional six months of treatment. When The National asked the parents of the children that had been treated at Gordon-Palmares' Brain Repair Institute of Canada if there was any improvement in their child's condition during or after MAPS treatment, the answer was no.

Being the grandmother of a grandson who functions on the autistic spectrum, I can well understand that the parents of these children would want their brains to be repaired. However, how can one woman claim to cure children when no cure is known to medical science. The brain has been studied for decades and we all know that once it is damaged, there is little hope of complete repair. How devastated these parents must be when they find out they've paid this woman their life savings to cure their child and there has been little or no improvement?

The province of Alberta needs to change its laws. As of present, anyone can run an establishment such as Gordon-Palmares does without a degree of any kind. Not only that, but the government themselves fell into this woman's scheme. The people that have paid Gordon-Palmares for her treatments want her out of business, but she insists she is doing nothing wrong.

Links to this story:

The National - Watch a video of Gordon-Palmares

CBC News - To read the story, Selling Hope, follow the CBC News link.

Update on Michelle:

Michelle is having a nurse come in twice a day to drain and pack her incision. Barry stayed home yesterday and today because I'm still under the weather. He is taking her to the clinic to have the GYN look at it this morning. After that, we will known more. The nurse is scheduled to come again tonight and in the morning. They irrigate the infected area and pack it. I will update again tonight if possible.

About Me: LOL I am not a person who talks about me. However, just to update you, I'm feeling a bit better, but still have little energy. Not much else to tell. The fever and chills are gone. For that I am truly thankful. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down a little.

Thanks to everyone for your well-wishes. You all made being ill a little easier.

Be sure and smile at a stranger as you go about your daily business. A smile brings ray of sunshine into the life of a discouraged person. It can give hope. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Mary,
    Glad to hear your feeling better. We had the flu in the house for three weeks. My Thomas who has autism had it real bad.

    On the "Brain Repair" issue, all I can say is "Wow". Feel better.

  2. I am sure this is not the only case of this nature. It's wrong! I'm glad that you are feeling better and that Michelle is getting proper care.

  3. I think that God has a special place in Hell for those type of people that take advantage of children and the precious parents......

    I am so glad you are better and that Michelle is on the mend.. I hate that she is having so much trouble with that incision..... Mine was so many years ago it is hard for me to remember much....... but I pray that she recovers 100% ........

    Things here still crazy... Mom has another apt. today and I have two on Thursday and another next week to see a gastroenterologist... it is just life.................. I am sending you email..... I have a question................

  4. That kind of behavior makes me so angry too, stealing from someone is bad enough but preying on those who are already dealing with issues is worse yet.
    My sister in law had the same thing as Michelle after surgery this past summer. It wasn't fun and took a while but it did heal well. Glad you are doing better. I had that bug too and am finally feeling pretty much better. Make sure you rest so you get better too!

  5. Mary, so glad you are feeling a bit better today.

    I hope Michelle gets the attention that she needs to get over this problem with draining. Please do keep us informed.

    All I can say is how dare someone offer families hope when they can not fulfill that hope.

    God bless.

  6. I am very glad that you are beginning to feel better my dear friend. Sorry that michelle is having so many problems with her incision, prayers continue for her. That makes me so upset about that woman, she is so wrong.

  7. Mary, I am glad you are feeling some better and hate to hear that Michelle is still having trouble with her incision.

    Praying for you and your family,


  8. Mary, thank you for the following comment you left me today:


    When you post, preview before you publish. If there's a lot of space between your post and the comment section, scroll right to the bottom, place your cursor there and backspace. That will take up the slack.

    I always preview my posts before I publish them, but I guess I just didn't notice all that space. Thanks for reminding me that I need to look for this, too, when I'm previewing my posts.

    Hugs for you,

  9. Hi Mary....Yes, I'm watching CNN too. Looking out for both Ohio and Texas.

    This woman is insane. But when I read your blog entry, I'm thinking that these parents are part to blame too. Tho, yes, the woman claiming to cure is a quack, why can't the parents see the logic in it that this is not possible. They're putting their hopes on this and it's not right either. Like you say, once a brain is damaged there is no possible way it can be reversed. I DO understand the parents wanting a 'normal' child...but in a way, their hopes are not placed in the right person...they should use God's will. Me and my daughter used to "brag" that Clint was literally a million dollar baby [which he was actually with all the medical treatments/operations] but as with the parents we were hoping against hope until we realized that science can not do what God can do.

    I'm peeved at this woman also, but saddened by parents who become so weak they believe such nonsense.

    I am not sure this makes any sense. But I still want to put the blame on this at 90/10 The parents need more common sense too.

  10. Hi Mary,

    I was visiting Karen and she said you had been sick. I ran over to see how things are going. I'm glad you're feeling better and I hope Michelle's incision soon heals.

    Your post was the first I've heard of "Brain Repair"... I guess desperate people will try anything...

  11. I'm glad that Michelle is doing better,and still has a long road to go,dhe will be in my prayers.
    The "brain repair" There is always someone looking to bilk the governments and people.this is an on going fraud.Every time I hear of such a fraud,my responce is Shame on you and there is a special place for people like this one.Every one knows what I'm talikng about HE,Double Hockey Sticks!!!!(LL).LOL

  12. ooooo oooo ooo ok, now I'm mad...thanks that'll help me stay up all night tonight!

    fyi, my son is undiagnosed but for simplicity sake he probably has asperger's...and my other 2 kids have similar delays.....

  13. I received a call from my son Kent that day. He says “ do not watch the news, wait till we are home so that we can watch it together”. He sounds very concerned, concerned for me.
    I do not watch the news, and one reason is that I am legally blind, so I can’t really get much, and, experience makes me feel that sometimes the news are not news but stories.

    The CBS news is telling a shocking story, and I am shocked because they are speaking about me.

    Allow me to take some of your time to give you some missing pieces of the investigation. You clearly took time already to watch the CBS show, not knowing that alot was kept unsaid.

    All starts for me at the end of a seminar when Anna Werner literally jumps through the door and summons me to answer questions. I love questions, I am delighted because I believe that people need to hear about the good news of neuro plasticity.

    I am not replying to your blog to give you a lecture that would be boring and misplaced. My wish is to complete your information so that you will be able to reach an even higher level of objectivity. The way Anna Werner presents me is upsetting for anyone, and if what she says is true, every one should be very angry. Is it true?

    Let me only give you some of the missing information, not specifically in an order of priority, but as they appear in your editorial :
    I worked for seven years in the neurology department of the Hospital for Sick Children in Paris, trying to find non intrusive protocols to help infants with Pierre-Robin syndrome eat, breathe and simply survive. Those children with genetic brain damage cannot swallow or breathe and are tied up to their mattress for 1 year, tube fed and tracheotomy. I also run a study on the sense of smell in newborns and the results were published in the acclaimed Medical Journal “Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics”. This to say that no one would self proclaim neuroscientist. It is a profession, it is a mandate that you share with peers that approve and review you.
    I am the proud mother of five children, and the grand mother of seven

    The Canadian Government funded my treatment for 3 years. They gave me 40 000 a year to treat 27 children who had to apply to receive the treatment and were approved via the Government Family of Children with special needs. On that money, I treated 46 a year, by choice, spreading the Government money thin to serve more children. After 3 years of funding for the families, they stopped their funding abruptly with one motiv : philosophical reason. They never funded any type of research, but did give me an award to create a course called “Early diagnosis of mental disorders” created for parents. They acknowledged my expertise.

    If you visit the website, you will see parents tell their stories. They are real people, with children truly healthy.
    Anna Werner was given several contacts of parents. She called several, as well as a Pediatrician who is working on a retrospective of one hundred cases of autism I treated with success, but she refers to no one who spoke positively of me or the threatment. She spoke to a scientist, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of a major US University and he told me after that she was surprised to hear that he thought “so highly of me”, his own terms. One of the scientists shown emailed me in great surprise with the result of 90 mn of filming in his University. He did not recall speaking about me in any derogative manner.
    I watched the show only once, it seemed so absurd that I felt it did not deserve any response or time. I refused the offer of families to go with me to court and ask for substantial compensation from the TV station. I thought that time would simply erase that insulting and made up story. I am now thinking differently when I read a chronicle from someone who has a passion for service and is disturbed by this event. If you got upset, it took some of your life away, and really, it should not have, because so little is true it was not worth your interest.

    I am attaching the correspondence I had with the journalists at the end of our exchanges. You will read what happened behind the curtains. What I tell them is true. I ask that you would review this information. With no intent to hurt any one, you are giving support to the trend that there is no hope for mental disorders in children or adults. Children who could be recovering today are still lost and sick because parents are so tired of hoping for nothing in return and they read copy pasted information that is not valid.

    I would be delighted to give you all the answers you may want on any question you may have. MAPS and myself have raised enough of your interest and sincere will to help the community, I strongly hope some of that energy is available to unvail the lies of a journalist who did not do her job, who did not attend to her mandate to present all the aspects of the information.

    Parents on MAPS are starting to write and respond. We are all people of quiet and calm. I have no time for retaliation or bitterness, but I need now to stand up for the sake of those who have trusted me and are trusting me today. They wonder why I am so quiet. I am not longer.

    Thanks for your time

    Best regards

    Claudie Gordon-Pomares

    in me

    I thank God each day for knowledge, for the incredible possibility of the body to mend itself.

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