Tuesday, March 4

This is a photo of a cougar that I took at a local zoo. This large cat is also known as mountain lion, puma and various other names. These animals are dangerous if cornered. When I was about 10, a cougar cried at night in the rural area where we lived. I would lay in bed and chills would run over my body as I huddled beneath the covers and listened to its cries. It was amazing how much it sounded like a human baby.

When I was in my 20s and Michelle was about 5, a cougar roamed the woods and fields near my parent's home once again. I was always careful to have Michelle in the house when darkness fell. Tracks had been sighted very near to the house. For years we didn't have another cougar sighting around here. Then, about five years ago, the city was clearing a small forest and brush in the north end to put in a highway. Apparently a cougar had been living in the area and when the workers destroyed its habitat, it began to roam near where Michelle and Barry lived with the boys.

In the last two weeks, a cougar has once again been spotted in this area. A police officer was sitting in his car near a busy street when the cougar walked right past his driver's window. He tried to follow it, but the cougar lost him. The following day, it was seen in an area where a father and his children were tobogganing. This is on the outskirts of the city, but not far from a residental neighborhood and a school. There hasn't been a sighting for several days now.

Cougars are not native to this part of Ontario. It may have traveled down from northern Ontario in search of food, or maybe it's an offspring of the cougar that lived there five years ago. Maybe it is the same cougar and it has just not been sighted. This has been a hard winter and the animal may be moving into the populated area because it is hungry. This makes me fear for the lives of small children and animals. Since no one has reported seeing it for a few days, I do hope that it has moved on. Though I love all animals and think that cougars are beautiful creatures, they have no place in the city or populated areas. They usually try to stay away from humans. I would hate to see the animal killed just because it wandered too close to town.
Update on Michelle:

Michelle is moving around nicely and a nurse is coming twice a day to irrigate the infected area with saline before packing it. This morning she saw her GYN and she said that this is normal. I have never heard that an incision opening is normal, but then I'm not a doctor. In hindsight I'm thinking that the large red, puffy area that appeared on Michelle's stomach after surgery was fluid build-up and that it drained into the surgical area. Whatever the case, it is being taken care of and watched carefully. The GYN told Michelle that she is to continue with normal activities and keep moving, which she's been doing. She isn't in pain but is having trouble sleeping. Barry stayed home again today to take care of her. Tomorrow he is going back to work and it will be her first day home alone - unless the boys are home since it is icing and we have about 2 inches of ice pellets on the ground. The roads are treacherous, so possibly there won't be any school.

Michelle knows that if she needs anything all she has to do is call. If I can't go, hubby will. He's very good about that and it only takes us seven minutes to get to her house. So, things are going nicely and I will keep everyone updated. As for me, I was up and about today and even went out to the drugstore. By the time I got back I was exhausted. Thanks again for your love, support and kindness while I've been ill and Michelle has been recovering.

Try to do a kind deed for someone in your travels today and make the world a little brighter. You never know when you can be someone's earthly angel. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hey sweet one, so glad you are feeling a bit better. Poor michelle, my prayers continue for her. When I had my hysterectiomy, I had problems with my incision. I love animals, but I pray that the cougar has moved on, I will be praying for everyones safety. I love you my friend.

  2. I am glad you are somewhat better after the nasty "cold" (it sems to have been more than that). You seem to have had what I had. The cold is now gone but I am still fatigued.

    My daughter in law had a large incision open on her abdomen after having surgery to remove the extras skin after lossing 150 pounds. It took a while to heal but with care it did. I hope your daughter is full recovered soon.

  3. Oh sweetie..we have big cats here in the Singing Woods. We have not seen one, but they are here!!!

    When I had surgery, I came home with drains still in my tummy!! So I can see why Michelle is having this issue. Doctors do all kinds of things
    in all different ways. My drains were in for 10 days..
    Tell Michelle, take it easy, but move around a bit when she can.

    I'll be praying..and I hope the weather isn't YUCK for you there!!
    Much love, Deena

  4. Your cougar picture is stunning! They really are beautiful and I hope he has moved on too. Glad to hear Michelle is doing okay and that you were able to get out. It's amazing how something like that tires you out after you've been sick.

  5. Hi Mary,

    You know, there was a cougar in my area just recently. A beautiful cat, 220 lbs. A hunter shot it because he said the cougar was stalking him. Of course, I hated to see the cougar killed, and this is not a populated area, so I know they're out there. I would hate to run into one of these guys in the woods though!

    I am glad to hear Michele is doing well, and that you feel much better. Thank the Lord for that. Have a great day, and be very careful if you have to venture out.



  6. Good Morning Mary,
    Wow, that is a big cougar. I pray that it has moved on as well. I don't care for animals like that, but I'm like you, I don't want to see them shot for no reason at all. After all, they are one of GOD'S creations. Since we live in the flatlands, I have never seen one except only at a zoo. Now there are some hunting woods in parts around here and there could be some there. I'm just not going to go out looking for them. LOL. "PRAISE GOD" that Michelle and you are doing better. I got up this morning and it felt like my nose was trying to stop up and I have been sneezing some. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon for my Diabetes, so I think I will see if she will prescribe me some Antibiotics as well. After all the rain we had on Monday, it turned really cold again yesterday. We even got a tad bit of Snow yesterday morning. It wasn't a dusting, but it was some Snow. I took a picture of it but I will wait and show it on Friday for my Phavorite Photo Phun hosted by Anni. I still haven't received my new Camera yet. I'm hoping it will come one day this week. I know it has been shipped because I went to the website over the weekend and it showed it was shipped. It just didn't say when it was shipped tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. Mary
    What a beautiful cat. Those big cats perfer solitude so since his habitat has been disturbed he is only looking for a place of his own. However, little cats and dogs may be in danger.
    Big cats are curious like our domestic and I have been followed out of the woods by bobcats but I never took to shooting them. Yes they will stalk but unlikely to pounch. I think that so called hunter only wanted to bag the cougar.
    At Land Between the Lakes, they stocked it with cougars and I always wanted to see one while hunting but alas all I saw were big paw prints by a pond.
    I hope the wildlife mangement that is inforce in your area, comes along and captures the big cat and puts him in a safe area where he can roam free.

  8. I feel bad for the animals that have been displaced by humans and new construction. I hope this guy finds his way back to an area that is safe for him and for humans. I had a bobcat here in my back yard area that stayed around just long enough to kill off all of my gray squirrels. I know they have to eat but don't eat my guys!!
    Glad Michelle is improving!!!!

  9. I’m glad to know you’re feeling better each day even though you’re without much energy. Give yourself some time and it’ll all come back. I’m relieved to learn that Michelle’s getting the attention she needs each day and that the doctor feels all this is ‘normal’ somehow.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Hellow dear friend,I glad that Michele is doing well.Many Blessing your way and your family as well.

  11. Hello dear Mary:-)

    That's one animal I've never heard being spotted around here...what we have the most problems with are the black bears. Every Spring and Summer they come out looking for food and in fact just last summer we had one in our backyard and it came right past the side door. They are often sighted in residential neighbourhoods, eating from composts and even bird seeds! It saddens me when they have to be killed. I do hope that cougar isn't spotted again and that it's gone on its way.

    Glad to hear that Michelle is continuing on doing better...good too that the infection in her incision is being well looked after! Steve told me it was another snow day over his way...it's been sunny here all day and it's gone up to -3c. All our side streets are covered in ice though.

    Take care my friend. xoxo

  12. Oh my....my brother in law and my sister live in the foothills of the western Colorado Rockies, and they always see cougars...have even had one or two on their deck early in the morning and around dusk...they saw one carrying a huge deer into the woods. They're beautiful and they're spooky...but if it comes to saving children and or us adults from attack, they should dart 'em and move 'em somewhere...not kill them. [that's just my opinion]

    I'm happy to hear that you got out for a bit. And I can understand how exhausting it would be. Your body is telling you to rest. And for Michelle...I just hope that the doctor knows what he/she's telling your daughter...that this is normal. Pray God they're right. And if the boys do end up at school tomorrow...well, then, I hope the streets are safe.

    Have a grand and peaceful evening Mary.

  13. I haven't been by in awhile been working a lot. I will keep her in my prayers. Hope all of you stay safe in that weahter.

  14. We have cougars around here lot of animals came down from the mountain in search of easier food.
    There been quite a bit of snow this year.
    I sure hope the cougar moved on. It a wild animal and it belong in the wild away from human population.

  15. So glad to hear about Michelle.

    We had a cougar wondering through town here a few years ago. It was pretty scary here for awhile. They never did catch it, but soon the cougar traveled to greener pastures. People did lose small dogs though. I felt so bad for them.

  16. Glad both you and Michelle are doing better!

    What an interesting cougar story with all the sightings in your area. I have to say, I wouldn't want a wild one roaming around our neighborhood at all! But this photo is actually stunning...I love it!

    Hope you can stop by again soon! Have a great rest of the week...


  17. Beautiful photo of a beautiful animal. There was a cougar that came into a populated area near here a few years ago. It treed a photographer - kept him up there for hours. No one was hurt, except maybe the photogs pride. He didn't get any pictures. lol

  18. Mary,
    So glad to hear from you....my thoughts and prayers are with Michelle....it took me quite awhile to over my exploratory-hysterectomy but it was so worth it.....

    Thanks for visiting and do make some pot men.....Betty

  19. I'm glad to hear that you and Michelle are doing better. That's good news!
    About the cougar. I agree, they have no place in populated areas. I had one in my back yard about eight years ago. I always felt safe here until that night. Now I don't go out at night unless I have to and I never let my pups out at night.

  20. Hi Mary,
    That sure is a beautiful big cat but I wouldn't want to run upon one! I love to walk in the woods but if I saw that coming toward me I'd probably have a heart attack!!

    I'm sorry to hear Michelle is having problems with her incision. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Thank you for your prayers for me and your advice. I appreciate it.

    Love and Hugs,

  21. I would find that somewhat unnerving just thinking of a cougar remotely close to my dd. IKES! The cougar must be scared too. Poor little kitty cat! I can say that from this distance (SoCal).

  22. We have some smaller type cats here in Oklahoma and especially down around Ardmore where we have what is called Turner Falls... It is huge park ( not sure if it is state or not, they were trying to incorporate it a few years ago) It is full of beautiful natural water falls and creeks..... Up in a small mountain range thus there are some cats roaming.. but I think not so much as it used to be due to the people population growing,, it is a shame really...... glad to hear Michelle is better..... and that you are better...... I am ready for the spring and the daffodils and all things new..... it has been a cold hard winter.........

  23. I'm glad your feeling better. This YUK stuff seems to last forever. We've all had it. Sorry to hear poor Michelle is still having problems. Our prayers go out to her and to you. Rest, that's all I did. Just going out to the mail box wore me down.
    The cougar is awesome. Mike really liked it too.
    Stay warm and may God bless you and your family.

  24. Hope Michelle is doing OK. It will take time for the incision to close up, but as long as she keeps it irrigated it will do fine.

    Glad that you're feeling better.

  25. I like you thought for the day, Mary.

    And I love the picture of cougar. It seems I can almost see eyelashes. You made a good picture, so crisp and clear.

    I'm glad Michelle is improving. I thank God for that.

  26. I will continue to pray for Michelle. Take care and have a great evening.

    Love and Hugs,

  27. Mary,

    I hope the cougar has moved on, too. As you said, it would be tragic if it was destroyed, but it doesn't belong in a city.

    There haven't been any cougars around here in about a century. Every so often someone takes a photo of what they think is a cougar but it turns out to be a bobcat. Then again, every so often there are sightings reported by hunters in the northernmost part of the state. The wildlife folks think those might be real - a stray coming down from Canada. That part of New Hampshire is sparsely populated. So it is possible. Some day one of these hunters will have a camera and we might know for sure!

    Michelle is in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, my friend.

    Love and hugs,