Wednesday, May 21

The House of Love

Light shimmers in the windows
From the candles on the sills
Flowers fill the yard with fragrance
At the house upon the hill.

Twilight drops a purple veil
Through the early morning haze
I stand down in the valley
And at the house do gaze.

Its shutters hang at angles
The roof needs some repair
But the essence of that house
Is love beyond compare.

I hear the children's laughter
Ringing through the halls.
Excitement, giggles, joy,
Seem to echo off the walls.

I dream of happier times
Of those days of long ago
Back to childhood dreams
A place I'd love to go.

Grandma cooking in the kitchen
Mother hanging up the clothes
The oil lamps at night
And reading by their glow.

Grandpa throwing down the hay
Dad shoveling the coal
The fragrances and sights
Are a blessing to my soul.

Though all of that is now long past
I go back to visit there
For my mind holds all the memories
Of those who truly cared.

My childhood was a blessing
Thanks to God above
I'll forever savor memories
Of the house built out of love.

Copyright © by Mary M. Alward
All Rights Reserved

Original Art by Marty Bell

Graphics by Dreamwork Designs


  1. Loving the new look of the blog. The poem is so tender and beautiful...Mary

  2. Very nice poem. Your blog is looking great! Love the banner! Are you designing your own new banners?

    Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes.


  3. Such a beautiful poem sweetie, really enjoyed it. I also love the new look of your blog.

  4. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem Mary! I hope you enjoy your day today!

  5. Mary!!! So wonderful to read favorite lines:

    But the essence of that house
    Is love beyond compare.

    Excellent writing.

    Happy Wednesday dear friend.

  6. I really enjoy yor blog.especially today.this is a great posting.I hope that you are haveing a great day.

  7. This is a beautiful poem, Mary!! and the art work is so neat too!! You have a wonderful gift for writing!! Love and hugs, Grams

  8. Beautiful poem...... You should publish a little book of your writings....................

  9. Mary,

    This is a lovely poem, beautifully written. It's a joy to read!
    Thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

    Love & Hugs,

  10. beautiful poem Mary,
    thank you so much for sharing it with us...and the picture you selected is perfect...

  11. Lovely poem Mary, you are very talented! You sure had lots of good information in your last few posts. I read every word. It seems the sensational trials of the women that abuse young men are all we hear about but it happens every day and we don't hear about those situations. We need to be on guard for for the sake of our daughters AND sons! Thanks for writing about this.

  12. Beautifully done!! Yes you could write a book, soooo do it:)

  13. Beautiful!

    I wish I could go back for real and stay, let's see..., age 8 forever.

    This poem is a little keeper.