Tuesday, May 20

May is Sexual Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario

May is Sexual Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario and I would like to draw your attention to female predators.

When we think of sexual abuse of children, we almost always think of the predator as being male. It's true that 75% of those who sexually abuse children are men, but keep in mind that the other 25% are women ranging in age from teens to the elderly.

Often sexual abuse by a female is not reported to police because of a lack of public awareness. Of the children who do report sexual abuse by a woman, 86% are accused of lying about the incident.

Now this brings me to last night's airing of W5. This show sends investigative reports out to get the low-down on all types of issues. Last night's show was about two students who were sexually abused by their teachers.

The girl was just 12 years old when her female teacher started inviting her to her house. For two years the teacher befriended the girl and didn't make a move on her. However, after she had gained the girl's trust, she coaxed her to join the school basketball team. Then she told the girl that she might as well stay over in her trailer so her parents didn't have to pick her up when practice was done. The girl and her parents fell for it.

For years this young girl was sexually molested by the teacher. She became sullen and withdrawn and instead of asking her what was wrong, her parents went to this teacher and asked her to help them. The girl finally came out and told her parents what was going on and the mother told her that is she was a lesbian she was no daughter of hers. The girl then tried to committ suicide. When it all was said and done, the girl's parents were told to get her out of town by the principal of the school. The girl has gone through years of hell and you won't believe this... the teacher was still teaching in that school ten years later.

After ten years - almost to the day of her suicide attempt - the girl was contacted by the authorities and asked if she was sexually abused by this woman. She went to court and testified. The teacher was given two years in prison. She was out in less than a year.

Now for the male student. He was 17 years old and in grade 11 when a petite and beautiful young teacher who was married, called him into her classroom and gave him a note saying that she was interested in having a relationship. The young man was flattered at first and he and the teacher spent many hours together during the summer break. It was a small town and the dirty little secret was much talked about.

The situation came to a head when the teacher handed the student another note saying that she was pregnant. The student was horrified. He had no desire to become a father. Everyone in town seemed to agree it was his fault that the relationship took place in the first place. No one would talk to W5 except two elderly gentlemen who thought it was a big joke. However, the male student has suffered the consequences of the sordid love affair and is ostracized in his town because the teacher lost her job, the baby and her life is in shambles. The courts sided with the defence attorney who said that the teacher's life was in chaos and that was punishment enough.

So remember, if a child comes to you and says he/she has been sexually abused by a woman, chances are they're telling the truth. Report it to the police immediately. No child should have to experience sexual abuse. It changes them forever and makes them someone other than who God intended them to be.

Be an advocate for a child. If you suspect that a child is being sexually abused, report it to the proper authorities. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Good for you for posting this.
    Here in our area of the world it is looked on different when an older woman approaches a young boy. It is sad because it is just as messed up as if a man approached a young girl.
    Our society is messed up....but the the Word said that would happen.
    Our schools each year teach the children in a class what sexual abuse is....it is a shame that then we sometimes think they are making it up.
    Come Lord come!

  2. Oh such a needed post..... You are wonderful for posting this... I am like Sharon..... our world is a mess and that spirit is running rampant in our world..... the word of God talks about the evil that will be unleashed in the end days..... I think we are there.... I find it hard to even wrap my mind around the evil that is in our world....God help the children.

  3. What a terrible problem, but I'm thankful you've raised awareness for this. Each time I've heard similar stories on the news, it breaks my heart. Kids might not always be vocal about their abuse, so we need to be sensitive to the signals they do send.

  4. Thank you so much for posting about this my friend. Children are having to face more and more dangers these days. May God watch over them all.

  5. and then the schools wonder why more and more families are beginning to Home School...

    It is a real shame when a person in an authoritative position is able to pry on the young...
    and you are so right...it is something that goes with that child into adulthood....

    thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Mary,

    This is a very important point! It is only recently that female predators have been arrested and tried for this crime here in the US. Still, if the victim is a boy, the punishment to the female is less than what would be given if the predator was a man. And yes, espcially if the predator is pretty, the good old boys club gives the nod and wink.

    Adults, regardless of gender, have no right to take advantage of minors. Sexual abuse is wrong and it's a crime. The victims always suffer.

    Thanks for writing about this.


  7. I agree with Sharon and Denise. Our society is so messed up. Thanks for sharing this with us. Blessings, Grams

  8. We have a case similar to this here!! A music/band teacher - female, and she is reportedly pregnant by one of her teen-aged students. She got 15 years without parole. [And to top this off the school was a parochial school! So, it's just not priests abusing students either!]

  9. Thank you for posting this subject. It is all our responsibility to do what we must to protect our children.
    Thanks for sending the cute kitchen picture!
    xo bj

  10. Mary,thank you for this great posting.I agree there is No room in this word for anyone who would sexually abuse a child.There is a great place for those that do and it is not with our Father.

  11. Hello dear Mary,

    I'm back from my trip:-) We packed so much into those few days, I now need a vacation to rest up! lol

    Thank you for posting this...as you say, children should never have to go through sexual abuse, from either man or woman!! I find it such a shame, though, that the adult doesn't get much in the way of punishment for doing this to a child. Something has happened here in my neighbourhood and it's really upset me...I haven't blogged about it but will tell you about it next time I talk to you on the phone.

    I do hope all is well with you and that you're enjoying some time outside..I'm wanting to plant my rose bushes and a couple other plants I bought but it's still too chilly at nights. They're saying chances of snow flurries tomorrow morning. Sigh!!! xoxo

  12. Thanks for posting this Mary. As a person who works in a school system we are told to always be on the look out for abuse of any kind. According to the police, if we do not report it we are just as guilty. It does take courage to speak up and I hope that I have that courage if something like this happens.

    God bless.

  13. Bless you Mary for this eye opener. I have always felt this was the case and we had here in Tn a beautiful married blonde teacher who did have to serve time for her crime but I do not think the punishment is enough. I am very HARD CORE for more punishment for these predators. A family member of mine was the subject of such abuse by an Uncle. Last time I saw him was at my Dad's funeral. No one could believe this fine upstanding Deacon in the Church was guilty of such. I can and I do. Needless to say with my parents gone I will never have to set eyes on him again.
    I truly appreciate this post warning others. Peace and Thank you