Thursday, July 3

A Contest and Renovation Updates

I did something today that I've never done before in my life. See if you can guess what it was. The person who guesses right will get a little gift from me in the mail, which I won't disclose until the winner receives it. I will announce what I did on my next post, along with the winner's name. Remember though, you have to be willing to give me your mailing address in order to receive it. You don't have to have a blog to win. Everyone is eligible. Have fun!

We have all of the wallboard on the bathroom except one sheet. This has to be left until after the plumber moves the pipes for the sink. I have taken a couple of photos to let you see how very green it looks. The green wallboard is a bit more expensive, but we decided to bite the bullet because it is water resistant. Well worth it in the long run. It will keep moisture at bay. We are going to install a new ceiling fan, which will also help.
This afternoon, 1-800-Got_J*unk is coming to take away all the lathe and plaster and other garbage that we took out of here, including the old sink, tub and toilet. It would have cost me a fortune to get a disposal box in here - almost $500. That is out of the questions and these guys do all the work. Hopefully by the time the sun sets tonight, all the garbage will be gone. Once all the dusty garbage is gone, we will tape and mud the cracks between the wallboard and then prime and paint before the plumber comes in.

In other news, hubby had his tests on Wednesday. He goes to the specialist on July 11th to get the results. Please keep him in your prayers.

It was a beautiful day yesterday with no humidity and a great breeze. My type of summer day. Humidity and I don't get along. I hope you are having great weather in your area. We are to have more rain and thunderstorms starting later today. However, the rain doesn't bother me as everything is such a beautiful green when we have sufficient rain. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Boy, I'm just coming up blank regarding what you may have done, Mary. Did you get your ears pierced?

    Good to see progress being made in the apartment. Not long now until it'll be done and can be rented out again.

    Take care,


  2. Mary
    The only thing I can think of is that you cut the wall board to fit areas to small for a whole sheet. I hope it was not putting it overhead as I worry about your back. Soon you will be so pro and start "Mary's Home Improvement Company." Peace
    Don't forget to eat those extra berries for me.

  3. Mary how exciting to be redoing your bathroom! I can see those vines a border I think placed in your bathroom of green! I'm sure it will have an earthy appeal!
    I hold your hubby in my prayers and pray all is ok when he has gets results from his tests. hugs NG

  4. All i can think is that you put up a border for the first time??? I just have no idea!! You have been doing so many things lately..I think we need a clue!!
    Hope you get this all done. Sounds like you are going to have a great place when done.
    Blessings to you..Sandy

  5. Okay, Sandy wants a clue and I think it might be a good idea.

    What I did has nothing to do with the renovations. It has to do with ME. Something I've never done before but did yesterday. Diane is closest so far, but is not correct.

    Have fun with it.

  6. Well, you sure as heck wouldn't have pierced your TONGUE now, would you? NO, I don't think so. My guess will be either color your hair, or maybe a manicure! A massage? How many guesses do we get? LOL [I'd better stop and let others guess]

    The house remodeling is coming along. And the junk being taken away is one thing I would be so thankful for...I hate that. Now, by the looks of things in progress, it's gonna go a lot quicker, right?

    Have a super duper day dear Mary.

  7. Did you get a perm??

    Well, it'll be fun to learn what it was, because it's pretty open-ended!

    The strawberries look absolutely wonderful - we get about 2 a day from our little patch, which just mysteriously came back after years of hibernation.

  8. Okay I am back!! You got a pedicure...maybe?? This is a guess but it was something just for you...Sandy

  9. Hey, the bathroom is coming along! I like the green - I've also gotten to like the olive green in bathrooms.

    Calling 1-800-junk is probably your best bet, we have alot of those companies around here. But I think that my favorite company is "2 Men and a Truck". What a name!

  10. You got a pedicure! You got a manicure....... or YOUR GOT YOUR LIPS WAXED!

    I am right! you know I am right!

  11. The bathroom is coming along - it'll be done soon and won't that be a relief?
    I think you had a pedicure or manicure and that's already been guessed!
    I'll pray for your hubby.

  12. I was thinking maybe you got your hair colored/permed, or maybe a massage....

  13. Hi Mary,
    Glad your renovations are moving right along. I know you'll be delighted to have them done!
    I can't think what on earth you might have done that was new to you. I'm thinking pedicure, but that's been guessed a few times!
    I've said a prayer for your husband.

  14. I have no idea what you could have done ! Ride a bicycle!
    I read your last post and I loved your pictures of the boys! It sounds like you all had a great day!! Love, Grams

  15. I am praying for your husband. Did you get a massage???

  16. Mary,

    I will keep Dwight in my thoughts and prayers.

    You and Dwight are incredible with all the work you have done! I hope you are able to get someone to haul the junk away for a reasonable price.

    Take care, my friend!