Saturday, July 5

An Evening of Bird Song

Last night when Meeko and I were out for our evening stroll, I noticed that the birds in the area were very active. It had been a beautiful day - hot but not humid and it cooled off around 8pm. When we got back to the house, I came in and got my camera, then went out to sit on the step with Meeko.

While sitting there enjoying a cup of tea, I noticed an orange flash in the tree across the road. Then another and a Baltimore Oriole landed on the wire that runs across the street. I watched them for a couple of minutes, camera in hand to see if they were going to stick around. The bird on the wire soon joined the one in the tree. I was able to get the shot above by being very patient. It took me about a half hour to center in on this beautiful fellow.

Besides the Baltimore Orioles, I saw a mourning dove, a bluejay, a cardinal and a robin all within the half hour time frame. The Oriole is the only one I managed to get a decent photo of. Bird photography takes a great deal of patience, but I'm glad I was able to capture this fellow with my digital.

I enjoyed watching the birds flit here and there. They were quite vocal and the colors were lovely. A great show provided by nature.

In renovation news, the plaster and lathe are gone from the upstairs. Two men came and gave us an estimate and said we either had to have it done this afternoon or not until Tuesday. This afternoon sounded good to me and the price was reasonable. Three men came, separated the lathe from the plaster and carried it all down. You wouldn't believe the dust it created both upstairs and in the front hall. I'm so thankful that this messy part of the job is done.

Enjoy your weekend. Remember to take some time to do something for you. Relax a little and do something you enjoy. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Birds are such lovely creations of God.

  2. I'm sure the temporary inconvenience of excess dust far outweighs the aggravation of an inconsiderate tenant. Okay so inconsiderate is the best I could come up with. Just so you know I'm not saying you're complaining but it is a thought to get through this rough spot.

  3. Ah, the birds came to see the new red head on the block. Looks good. I love red hair and had a red cast until the mature look took over. I dyed mine for years but with the harsh shampoos I have to use, I stopped because the color would fade to quickly. Peace

  4. That is a great picture of the Baltimore Oriole! You had a lot of patience to wait for the perfect pose.

  5. Yay!!!! That messy part of the job is over. Thank goodness, huh? I bet you're so pleased. I know I would be. For me, it would make my weekend less worrisome.

    Now for the bird photo?!!! How lucky you are. [guess I'll have to color my hair now] ----to have such colorful birds all flitting around you in one half hour!! Oh my goodness. Color me jealous. I have sparrows and white winged doves right now. And that's it. Tho not as pretty as YOUR birds...still fun to watch.

    Beautiful photo Mary.

  6. Hi Mary,It was fun reading about your bird watching and taking photo's of them! So beautiful! Love Grams

  7. Love the bird picture-and the image of you watching all the others too.

    Glad their estimate was reasonable-and you got it all done!!

  8. My girls and I have taken an interest in bird watching lately...but how nice to be able to see all the kinds you mentioned! That picture is so beautiful!

  9. Mary, that is a spectacular photo of a baltimore oriole. Just gorgeous!! I love it!

    I'm glad you were finally able to get someone to do that messy job at a reasonable price. I can imagine how relieved you must be to have that part done!

    Love & hugs,

  10. That is a wonderful picture of the Baltimore Oriole - I don't believe I've ever seen one!

    Sounds like a wonder evening of enjoying God's beautiful creation!

  11. Beautiful bird picture,looks like he was posing,just for you.GREAT.

  12. You and my sweet DH ..... both love taking pictures of birds..He has really gotten into the bird watching...I bought him a spotting scope for his birthday in June and he is loving it.......... You do soooooooooo good at taking pictures...........


  13. Mary,

    That is a great shot of the Baltimore Oriole! I just love it. Did you know they like to drink the nectar from hummingbird feeders? It's true!

    So glad you found someone to clean up the mess for a resonable price.

    Hey, your red hair decision reminded me when we first met in Writers Write chat, back in the late 90s, your nickname was Red. Remember that?

    I enjoyed my visit with you today. Sorry I'm always late. Never seems to be enough time in the day anymore.

    Take care, dear "Red" and have a wonderful week.