Monday, September 15

What I've Been Doing

I haven't posted since Friday night when I posted Saturday's article What a weekend! On Friday afternoon, I picked the boys up from school and had them until just after 6pm. We went to Wal Mart to pick up a sheet set that they had on sale. I got Queen sized sheets for a bargain. Only $24.99. I'm not sure what a sheet set costs in your part of the world but here they are usually $40 and up. They didn't have much color choice, but I figured a bargain is a bargain, so I just bought beige ones.

I had the boys all day Saturday as their parents both had to work. We grabbed the baseball and bats and went to the park. We met some kids there that the boys knew from school, so we had fun playing baseball. After about an hour, it started to rain and that was a good excuse to head home for lunch. LOL This old Grandma can't play baseball like she used to and with the arthritis in my legs, I couldn't run. Jordan enjoyed being my pinch runner. When I hit the ball he would take off for first base. I actually got a couple of runs without moving away from home plate. All the kids thought this was rather fun and seemed to understand that I needed Jordan to run for me.

After lunch, Brandon and I worked on the autobiography that he has to hand in for school this morning. The specifications weren't too bad to follow. Minimum word count was 200 and maximum 600. He came in around 470. After that we added a bit about his ancestry and a couple of his accomplishments. We had the rough draft done and then Michelle will help him type it. I can't believe these kids aren't learning keyboard skills in elementary school. However, I just looked up the grade 8 cirriculum for our school board and it is choked full of all kinds of things these kids have to know to graduate. I have no qualms about Brandon meeting the qualifications but the load is fairly heavy. I guess they are preparing the kids for high school.

Brandon received an award at an assembly on Friday and this Grandma was as proud as can be. It was for achievement in the first month of school and for working hard and listening. He received the award in front of the entire student body and was the only grade 8 child to receive and award. He was a little embarrassed at being centered out but it made him feel good too.

Jordan is doing better in school so far this year. He has a spelling average of 100%. He and Brandon are both good spellers. Jordan has more trouble with math. Brandon usually does well in math.

This morning I awakened by the ringing of the phone. Seems that Michelle had forgotten she had to work today and so I had the boys again. I was supposed to go to Mom's this afternoon as a lady was coming to show her how to put a quilt on the quilting machine that she bought. I took the boys with me and she taught them how to quilt with it. They were both quite good at running the sewing machine along the lines and making their own designs. It was a learning experience for all of us and quite enjoyable. I will try to get photos of the quilting machine so you can see exactly what we are doing. Mom has over a dozen quilt tops made for all family members and she's wanting to get them quilted.

And an update on Aunt May...

Friday Aunt May went to the cancer hospital for her routine checkup. They are disappointed now that they gave her chemo as they think the radiation would have done more good. She had four x-rays that she hasn't got the results from yet and she has to go to our local hospital for an MRI. Her cancer doctor is confident he can get her in quickly.

I noticed that Aunt May is having a lot of trouble with her short term memory. She can remember things from her childhood and we had fun reminiscing on Thurday. She told me a couple of stories about the things she did when she was a kid. It was nice hearing her memories.

Now that I have you caught up on all the news, take care and have a great week. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Great bargain on the sheets, love those good finds. Glad the boy's are doing good in school. thank you for your kind words on my blog, I know you understand about pain. . with your arthritis. My back is feeling better, thanks for the prayers.

  2. You had a good weekend. What memories you are building with those boys. Not too many Grandma's play baseball with their grandkids! Thanks for the update on Aunt May.

  3. It was nice to catch up with events in your world. Even though I haven't really done a lot this past week, it seemed really busy to me.

    It's good that the boys are doing well in school. I hope they enjoy school this year, with no bullying from other kids.

    Aunt May is still in my prayers.

    I know what you mean about the arthritis. My left knee locked up twice today and is still giving me fits, as well as the rest of my body. I'm glad Ike moved out of the area, although it's moving toward your area. The low barometer with storms always makes my pain worse.

    I finally got my official diagnosis for diabetes. After so long a time I finally got my meter, test strips and lancets. I have to check my sugar twice a day, 2 hours after meals, log my results and then see my dr. in 2 weeks for her to check my levels and prescribe oral meds and/or insulin.

    Hope y'all have a blessed new week, Mary. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  4. Hey..... those sheets are a bargin in my world also...... I hate going out to buy sheets....... and BASEBALL......... you go girl.... If I lived close to you I would have been right there in the middle of it all......... What a grandma!!! I am going to make you an award...... you just wait and see!
    Your Aunt May is quite a gal and is tough...... I pray that God keep a very very close eye on her each day...... and I pray that HE remove the pain so that her remaining days will be full of peace and good memories....... My grandmother lived to be 99 and she told me once when she was somewhere around 88 or soooooooooo.. that one of the good things about growing old is that you forget a lot of things in your past...... What a wonderful way to look at it......... I look forward to forgetting!

    Love ya!

  5. It's amazing that you go and play baseball with the boys - that's great.

    Congratulations on the award! That is great. It's fun to watch our grands do things well, isn't it??

  6. It was good to get an update...
    And I am so impressed at your playing baseball with your grandsons!
    Sorry to hear what your aunt has had to go through medically in her life. Praying for her! Glad you had a nice visit though.

    We had a full week..not just our first official back to school full time here at home week but several fun events we got to go to...come over and see the pictures if you get time!

  7. Hi Mary,

    You and the boys always have such a great time together, and you are fortunate you get to spend so much time with them. I am glad they're doing so well in school.

    That was a great bargain for the sheet set at Wal-Mart!

    Prayers continue for your dear Aunt May.

    We had Ike zip through here yesterday morning, and after Ike was done paying us a visit, I had to spend most of Sunday afternoon raking up the debris it left. So, today will be lunch day with friends.

    Enjoy your week.


  8. Congrats on the AWARD ---be proud dear man! That is a great're going to go far! Keep up the good work!

    Any accolades are good. So, don't be happy. I know you are, deep down.

    As for your Aunt, Mary, I can only imagine the turmoil that goes around in her mind as she is so frail and you just know she's trying to remember and knows that she has difficulties, it must be so hard on the aged.

    Baseball...making it to first base without running? Way cool!!!!

    I like that math and spelling is such good subjects for the boys. Those are quite important in ANY time of life.

    You had a busy, but productive weekend my friend.

    Happy Monday to you.

  9. I don't know why but I didn't know that you quilted. I am convinced you would create some very beautiful ones. I also really liked that picture on your blog today. Tell your grandsons that this blogfriend is very proud of them and to keep up the great efforts. I am convinced the Lord is smiling on them for that.

  10. Mary,

    That does sound like a very good bargain on the sheets.

    What a busy weekend you've had. Congratulations to Brandon!! Way to go! Congratulations to both Brandon and Jordan for a great start to the school year! :-)

    I know what you mean about playing baseball. When I was a kid, I was a very good runner, especially for being so short. But I can't say the same anymore. LOL I bet the boys and their friends had a great time playing ball.

    I never heard of a quilting machine. I look forward to the photos. Your solution to bring the boys to your Moms is wonderful. They have such a broad range of experiences and interests that will stand them in good stead as they travel through life.


  11. Hi Mary,
    I've just been reading here and catching up on your news. How great that the boys are doing so well in school. I agree that typing (keyboarding) is a real necessity. They do have it here from grade 2 on..
    I've said a prayer for your Aunt May. Towards the end, my Grandpa had lost his short term memory but could remember the very old days. (sometimes) I loved hearing the stories and know you must love your Aunt May's memories too.

  12. Hi Mary, It is so good to hear that the boys are doing so good at school. Congrats on to Brandon! That is great!
    The sheets sound like a bargain to me!
    Sorry about your Aunt May! I will be praying about her.

    Nancy is sick this morning, up a lot last night.
    We have an appointment with the Dr. this afternoon. It is her side.
    Blessings, Carolyn

  13. Kurtis finally was discharged yesterday (Sunday) so he and Mandy are now -finally -back home and he is doing very well!
    Classes and kids -something I'd rather not think about. The almost 17-year-old here is taking "practical chemistry" this year and it boggles my mind as to what on earth this class is all about! Nothing at all like when I had to take chemistry in high school -no learning of the elements and the reactions each has to the others, etc. Just learning "measurements" -so she says. But she often doesn't interpret classes and teacher expectations very well so I'm gearing myself to an "eye-opener" when the report cards come home.
    As to your Aunt May -I think the memory issues are even more difficult to deal with than the physical aspects of just about any illness -downright scary, that is to me.

  14. Good bargain on the sheets!! What was the thread count? I always look for at least 350-400 thread count because they last longer. We give about the same amount that you listed her also.
    Grand kids!! What would we do with out them..

  15. I am still praying for you and your Aunt May. I know you had so much fun playing baseball with the boys. You are such a wonderful Grandmother.....m....

  16. Hello dear Mary:-)

    You really did get a good bargain on those sheet sets! I need to buy a couple more sets so will have to check out the sales next time I'm at the mall.

    I wish I would have been there to watch you all play baseball! hehe I would have ran for you...then probably trip over my own two feet! LOL

    Congratulations to Brandon for receiving that award...please tell him how proud of him we all are:-) That's so great that both boys are doing so well in's so important these days to have an education.

    My prayers continue for Aunt May. A fine time for the doctors to decide they should have given her radiation instead of chemo!! Sigh! Please know I'm thinking of you.

    Will give you a call next week...E is on holidays this week and then on Friday we're leaving (with my mom) to go see the boys and mom & I will attend Wendy's baby shower that her mom and sister are having for her. xoxo

  17. I am proud of your little men...tell them to keep up the great work!
    But I think you deserve a reward for all the hard work you have been up to too. I can't imagine many grandmothers out playing baseball with the kids. I can't even imagine my grandmothers holding a bat. :)
    Outside was grandad's duty...we did enjoy raking leaves with him. He'd let us jump in them before it was time to burn them. Good memories.
    A quilting cool. I started a quilt for Michael when he was little but never finished it. Good thing his great-grandmother stepped in. But I did knit a blanket for him a few years ago...I hope that counts. :)
    I am glad you got to spend some sweet time with your aunt...and I pray the results that come back are not as bad as expected. I know this has to be bittersweet times.
    Praying for you.

  18. Mary, you sure got a bargain on the sheet set. I haven't seen anything at Walmart to match that as of yet.

    Sounds like you had an awesome time with Brandon and Jordon. Building memories to last a lifetime.

    Hey if you get a chance could you email me some information, titles of good books ect. on Asperger's. The child I am working with is having a very rough time the last while and I really want to help him out.

    My prayers are with your Aunt May.

    God bless.