Monday, October 6

Griffyn and Tarryn

On the weekend, Melissa, Griffyn and Tarryn came to visit Michelle and the boys. Barry was working all weekend, so the girls were able to visit and have a bit of fun.

On Sunday morning, Melissa phoned and asked me if I was coming over to see the boys. I was happy to oblige. I love Griffyn and I have only seen Tarryn once before.

When I got there, Griffyn was just having a snack. A Tim Hort*ons timbit - the old fashioned kind with no glaze or sugar. Melissa is very good with him and doesn't allow him to have candy or a lot of sugar.
Griffyn is not only walking, but running and has been for some time. It's amazing how fast they grow. He is cutting teeth and likes to chew on his finger. Notice his tiger on the coffee table. He has several of these animals and loves them all.
Tarryn loves laying on the floor and watching all the things above him. I forget what these are called, but I remember Brandon having one. Both he and Jordan loved it. They are good entertainment for infants. Tarry looks at everything already. He's discovering the world.Well, Tarryn has been fed and is out like a light. I'm not sure how Melissa got so lucky but both of these boys are good kids. Griffyn obeys commands most of the time. He did get a one minute time-out while I was there for opening the drawers on Michelle's desk. Of course he is curious but Melissa doesn't let him away with anything. She is very gentle in her speaking tone and just says no, no. If Griffyn doesn 't obey after being told a couple of times, it's time out and he is learning.

Brandon was very good with the boys. He held and burped Tarryn and read Griffyn several stories over the weekend. On Saturday Griffyn crawled into his lap to listen him read. I wish I had seen that. I bet Brandon was ecstatic, though the on ly indication of this would have been a grin.

Jordan wanted to hold Tarryn and have his picture taken. He had some fun with both boys. Brandon didn't want his picture taken at the time, so I didn't force him. Melissa was teaching him how to do something on the computer.

I enjoyed the visit with all the kids. I held Griffyn and he offered to share his snack and his drink with me. I think Melissa is doing an excellent job with these boys who are only a year and one month apart. It can't be easy taking care of a 15 month old and a 2 month old.

As you read this, I am away with Brandon and Mom. We are going up north to see the autumn colors and Brandon and I are going to do a bit of fishing. I will be back Wednesday, but not sure what time. I have scheduled this to publish at 12:01 AM and hope it works.

Enjoy your week and enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of the season. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hope y'all have a gran time up north. Cute little boys. oops do not let Jordan see this comment. Peace

  2. Such cute boys and I'm sure they are a handful! Hope you have a good time on your trip-and catch a lot of fish!

  3. What a lovely family you have Mary! Yes, it’s amazing how quickly they grow, and I enjoy the way you share these gatherings with us here.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Have a happy time fishing! I want to go fishing! I really do..... Your pictures are toooooooooo cute and I love the one with that precious little baby sound asleep!

    We will chat soon!

  5. Hope you are having fun and taking lots of pictures.

  6. Mary I know you will have a good time. Please take pictures of all the pretty colors and all the fish you catch...Blessings for safe travel..m..

  7. Love the photos Mary.

    I do hope you're all having a glorious road trip viewing the Autumn colors and fishing! Go Brandon...catch the biggest one!!

    And these boys...boy how they've grown already. Amazing how time just doesn't stand still. It'd be nice to have them stay small and all for a longer time sometimes, y'know?

    Talk atcha later...
    Safe driving!!!

  8. First I am glad you got to have such a great visit with your family. I guess Mom went through the same things as this Mom because my brother and I were just 14 months apart. It is a tough job I am sure!

    Next, can't wait to see your pictures of the trip. I know you will get some incredible pictures of the foliage.
    Ours are really starting to turn and it is so cool to see all the brilliant colors.
    I would say- have a great trip..but I am sure you already are. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing this visit with us. I like the photo of Griffyn where he has his finger in his mouth. He's wearing my team colors. And the one of the baby asleep on Mommys shoulder is just divine. Enjoy your trip. I'll be waiting to hear all about it.
    Mama Bear

  10. I can't get over how much Griffyn and Tarryn have grown since you last showed pictures of them...both adorable little boys. As you say, it can't be easy raising two young kids like that but Melissa seems to be handling it well:-) Too many young moms these days let the kids get away with everything, there is no discipline at all.

    Hope you're having a wonderful time and taking lots of pictures!! I bet it's looking gorgeous with the Autumn colours there right now. xoxo

  11. It amazing where babies can sleep.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Have fun on that trip...
    such cute boys!
    love, bj

  13. So the pictures!

    Mary, come over and check out my 350th post giveaway- (and I mentioned you, too!)


  14. What a delightful post! :-)

  15. I hope you are having a great time!
    The pictures are so cute of the boys! Hugs, Grams

  16. ok ok......... You have gone fishing! Ok, I guess I just forgot.... Miss you when you are gone! Hope you had a great time!