Saturday, October 11

Our Mini Vacation Day 2 Continued

Yesterday when I finished my post, we were just getting on the little steam train that ran in the Huntsville area from 1904 to 1959.

As the train rounded the first bend, we saw a beautiful view of the Muskoka River.
And from another point it was just as beautiful.
Then we went up a hill and around a bend and (now Pea, this is especially for you) Fairy Lake. There was also a Fairy Street in Huntsville.

Then the train stopped at a depot and they allowed us about 15 minutes to learn more about the train, watch the brakeman switch the track for the return trip and to take photos.
The conductor's name was Bob and I guess he thought I should have some fun as well. He took off his hat and plunked it on my head. Then he offered to take a photo of the three of us. This will make a nice memory for Brandon.
After we return to the main depot, the little train backed down the track where we got a front view.
Then we drove up a very steep hill to the lookout. Brandon thought these rocks were quite unique.
Brandon and Great-Grandma taking in the scenery. That is Fairy Lake from a higher view.
Brandon and I having a little fun. I was trying to stand on the rock so I would look taller than him and he insisted on standing on the higher side. He is quite proud that he is the tallest in our family. Yes, he is taller than his father.
A man came along and offered to take a photo of the three of us, which was very nice of him.
This is a view of Fairy Lake from the lookout. Notice that little island. That's where I want to live.
This is a closer view. This was just breathtaking and would be at any time of year.
From the lookout. Fairy Lake is in the background. This area was ablaze with color.
Mom thought this little house was very unique sitting amongst the maples and surrounded by color.Another view of Fairy Lake. It is a beautiful place to visit. Pea, you have to take time to stop one of these days.
From the lookout you could see downtown Huntsville. Brandon could pick out Zellers and a lot of other businesses.
While we were enjoying the view, two bluejays swooped and played nearby. I was able to capture one of them.

We left the lookout and headed back downtown to pick up my meds. They weren't quite ready and I had to wait about 15 minutes.
Outside the drugstore at the end of the parking lot was the tree above. Notice the bird's nest. It was huge and shaped like a cornicopia. Brandon said his teacher had described a nest like this and he thought it was a weaver's nest. I'm not sure. If anyone knows, please let me know.
After picking up the meds, we headed to Highway 11 South. We saw this beautiful gateway back into Huntsville.

After getting onto the highway, it only took us about a half hour to get to Gravenhurst. This is a smaller town than Huntsville. We stopped to browse in Stedman's and stretch our legs.
Right next door to Stedman's was the Goofy Moose. The moose is wooden and a lady told us it draws a lot of comments.
Across the street from Stedman's was this small building that was decorated with cornstalks, mum plants and a beautifully colored maple tree right out front. The photo doesn't do it justice.
These cornstalks with the ribbons were at every lamp post. They certainly added to the autumn atmosphere.

We returned to the car, went for a bowl of soup and a sandwich and then found a motel for the night. It was the same price as the night before, but we got an entire suite. One bedroom with two beds and in the living room was a pull-out couch. Brandon and I spent an hour or so fishing off the dock, but didn't catch any fish. However, the scenery was quite nice and it was enjoyable spending time in the great outdoors.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sights, sounds and fragrances of Autumn. Tomorrow I will be posting about a surprise I received in the mail. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Well, conductor Mary, I love the hat on you!! Wish I could have been there with you, such lovely pictures.

  2. Mary,thank you for the tour.I enjoyed it.

  3. I think the fall colours are exceptional this year. You sure enjoyed lovely weather on this interesting trip.

  4. Fairy Lake??? Omigosh, I HAVE to go there! hehe Oh Mary, such beautiful pictures and you certainly went there at the right time, the colours were at their peak!! Just breathtaking! I could sit there all day and just admire the scenery, especially around Fairy Lake!! xoxo

  5. such beauty you are seeing all along the way... I'm sure you, your mom, and Brandon will have many enjoyable moments to remember.

  6. totally awesome..the boys's just beautiful there..further along in color change than here.

    I have never seen a nest like's awesome

    love you..Deena

  7. Wow Mary! Thanks for the "virtual" tour. That was awesome!

  8. Mary - I so enjoyed this little picture tour. What a beautiful trip. I think it's great that Brandon was able to do this with his Grandma and Great Grandma!

  9. What a wonderful vacation! I loved seeing the beautiful colors on the trees. You make a grat conductor! LOL

  10. I've so enjoyed seeing all your beautiful fall colors and lovely scenery from your getaway Mary :)
    The picture of the three of you while wearing the conductor's cap is one that Brandon will truly treasure in years to come!
    Thanks for the button :) (I just opened your email)
    You're so sweet to make this for me!

  11. I love your tour! You and Brandon and your Mom look so cute in the pictures!!

    I have given a lovely award today and I want to share it with you!

    It is the Faithful Servant award! This made me stop and think! I hope HE thinks so!! That is what counts!! Any way when you get time come on over and pick it up!! Hugs and Happy Birthday tomorrow!!

  12. Once again, fabulous! I'm so glad you all got to go on the mini-trip! What beautiful countryside. I got a kick out of Brandon enjoying the fact that he's the tallest! And you look mighty dapper in the conductor's cap Mary!! But....oh I'd give my two ovaries [if I had them] to have that house nestled amongst the maple

    [ps...I've been emailing you for a couple of days now that you're back home...are you getting them? How's the carpeting coming along? :::hello?::: *giggles*]

  13. I had to laugh when I read PEA's comment! She does need to go visit that lake.!!!!! The pictures are beautiful and you will make a great Conductor! hahhahaha

    as for my blog........ Yes you are right....... we are watching prophecy unfold before our very eyes......... We will see the Lord face to face soon........

  14. The fall colors are great. I did enjoy checking them out. Thanks for the invite. I especially like the house sitting amongst the maples.

    The boys got home on Monday. So Sunday will be our day to spend time with them for the 1st time in over 2 months.

    Have a good weekend and good luck on the election!

  15. Beautiful just beautiful!! Lovin those Fall colors.

  16. Thanks for the comments on my blog and for allowing me to join you on the mini vacation.Lovely colors and sights.

  17. This is so delightful and I am so glad you shared this vacation with us. Ah, Fairy Lake is fanciful and gorgeous.

  18. Hi Mary, thanks for taking us along on the train ride to enjoy all of the Fall colors and great views...I love the little house surrounded by such beauty..hugs, baba

  19. More and more place I see on the blog I sure want to see and Fairy lake would be one of them.

    Coffee is on.

  20. How delightful to share your trip vicariously through your photos! The countryside is BEAUTIFUL and you seem to be having a wonderful time. I especially love the fall colors.
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Awesome photos! Thanks for your prayers.


  22. The maples surrounding the cottage are just breathtaking.
    We went to an old mining town in tennessee once on a train that made the trip there and back like your train did.
    This is such a good memory for Brandon and for you of time spent with your MOM.
    Mama Bear

  23. Your photos are just beautiful I wish we had that kind of fall color here but it seems the trees around my place just turn brown and fall off the tree. UGH!
    I love seeing your pictures as it gives me a glimpse of what my Ancestors saw. They were from Ontario.
    Thanks for posting them.

  24. Gorgeous scenery again, Mary. And it was nice to see some pics of you! I know you're usually the one wielding the camera so aren't in many of your pics. I'm in the same boat when it comes to pics of me.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  25. Mary, how wonderful that you could take this trip with your mom and grandkids! The blue color of the sky and lake is so beautiful in those first pictures- Fairy Lake is such a great name for it- so beautiful.
    And the fall colors in the other pictures are breathtaking!
    Thank you for taking us along with you! :D

  26. ::singing::

    I showed something from you on my Sunday blog!

    Have a super celebration dear friend.

  27. Mary,

    The pictures are just gorgeous! What a beautiful area. Loved the picture of Brandon, you in the conductors hat and your dear Mom.

    Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is wonderful!

    Got to get ready for church soon. The morning just flies by around here.

    Have a Happy Birthday as well, my friend.

    Love and best wishes,


  28. What a beautiful vacation you all had!!! Your photos are just gorgeous of the Fall colors. Loved the conductor hat on you!!! How nice that you could take your mother along, too! Looks like you all had a fun time!

    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))