Saturday, November 15

Christmas Book Swap

I've had quite a few say that they would like to take part in a Christmas book swap. This will be loads of fun and we must get the books in the mail by December 5th to be sure that everyone receives theirs before Christmas. So I'm going to make the deadline to sign up November 25th. This will give me time to partner everyone, gather the addresses and let everyone know who their partner is.

Now for the rules. The books have to be Christmas books, either fiction or non-fiction. Christmas decor and cooking magazines are fine if your partner agrees. Talk to your partner and find out the type of books they like and then send them a book or magazine that they can enjoy. Please do not send books that are not Christmas oriented.

Please, if you sign up, be sure that you send a book. What a disappointment to sign up for a swap and receive nothing after you have done your best to send your partner a book that they will enjoy.

These are the ladies that have signed up so far:

Denise at Samaritan Women

Paula at The Magic Bookcase

Sharon at Sit With Me A While

Stacey at Staceys Treasures

Amy at I Love Retro Things

Please take a copy of the above graphic and post about it so others will be able to participate if they wish. Thanks to all the ladies who have signed up so far.

The rest of my post is not such good news. Aunt May was taken to the hospital last night. She is not able to eat, or simply won't eat, saying that she doesn't want her stomach to become upset. She is very frail. Please keep her in your prayers, that the doctors will have the wisdom to allow her to go home in peace and not force her to suffer more than she already has. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I am so sorry about your aunt. My heart is with you and I will be praying for her. I know it is rough when ones we love are getting older and have such huge health issues.

  2. Will pray your aunt has a peaceful passing. Please add me to your Christmas book swap. Would love to take part

  3. Sorry to hear about your Aunt,I will keep her and you in my prayers.May the Father call her home soon for she does not suffer any more.Hugs.

  4. Hello dear Mary:-)

    I've been so busy the last couple of days, I haven't had much time for blogging. Been going into the city to do Christmas shopping, as well as spending time with mom while Ross is in the hospital.

    My prayers are with your aunt May, it's so hard to believe that she's still hanging on. Makes you realize how strong our wills can be!!

    I would love to be part of the Christmas book swap so please sign me up:-) xoxo

  5. Poor Aunt May. I wish her and the rest of you the best, whatever that might be.

    Good luck on the book exchange.

  6. Blessings to you and your family at this hard time. I pray for a quick release for your Aunt May.

  7. Wrapping dear aunt May in my prayers sweetie.

  8. Impulse makes me want to join your book swap but the fact is I'm afraid I would fail to do my part and leave some kind person empty handed. It is such a fun thing that you are doing though and we'll be anxious to hear the outcome and about the fun everyone has.

  9. You have an email I just sent to you. I pray for your Aunt May. It must be so hard to go through this, and then for the loved ones who will be left behind. May is in my prayers and thoughts. As you and your family!

  10. Hi Mary, Your Aunt May sounds like she is giving up and is ready to go home to the Father!!!My prayers are with her and your family.. Hugs,

  11. Mary
    Aunt May was in my thoughts very much this morning and now I know why. I pray that she will get to go gently in that good night.
    The book swap sounds like so much fun and maybe next year you can do it again and I will not be as snowed undered as I am now. I just had to stop for a minute and catch up with my favorite bloggers. Peace

  12. I'm sorry to hear this latest news on your aunt. I know it's been a tough road for her and I'll pray for her to be able have peace in this stage.

  13. I am sorry that Aunt Mae is having such a hard time. I hope she has a peaceful homegoing.

  14. A heartfelt prayer will go out for your Aunt. I hope she finds peace and comfort very soon.

    I ambolutely adore Christmas books and I would love to participate in your swap.

  15. Please add me to the list. I'd love to participate. I saw many Christmas books at the Lifeway store Friday.
    Mama Bear

  16. So sorry to hear about your Aunt. I will keep her in my prayers.

    Mary I will take part in your book swap if you are still looking for members. I would love to do this.

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  18. I hope your Aunt feels better soon.

    I would love to sign up for your swap. I'll email you with my info.

    Sorry I accidentally deleted my post from before.

  19. Sorry to hear about your aunt. I want to sign up for the bookswap.

  20. I'm sorry to read about your aunt ... I'm praying for all of you.
    Please add me to the book swap. It sounds like great fun!

  21. This sounds like fun, please sign me up. Hoping the best for your Aunt May.