Tuesday, November 4

Election Day in the USA

Today, November 4th is election day in the USA. I urge all of my American friends to go out to the polls and cast their ballets. Exercise your right to vote. This is a historical election and I pray that the voter turnout will be good and that God's hand will be on your country as your new President is elected. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I love the new header - Anni did great! I just wanted to tell you thanks for your frequent care and concern for the things that are happening here with your neighbors to the South. I appreciate it.

  2. I love the new header it is awesome!!! I am going to vote tomorrow...m...

  3. wow I can't wait to see who wins! We have to wait until Saturday for our election day.

  4. Thanks so much for your prayers for our country, dear Mary!

    (And love your new blog design!)


  5. Mary,

    Anni did do a good job on the header design. And thanks for caring about our election tomorrow. I'm not going to post anything else until elections are over.

  6. Mary, you are such a sweet heart. Thank you for your entry today!

  7. I voted this morning! Thank you for your thoughts. Mary you are a true friend to the North!!

  8. I have already voted..so I am done and boy am I glad this day has finally made it here. i want this
    OVER with for sure.
    I love your header..that is just plain darling..Anni is a great person to help us...

  9. I really like you new design. I couldn't find a post and couldn't find a way to comment before. Of course that could have just been my incompetence rather than your blog design. LOL

  10. I posted a letter to Obama a few days ago, pleading for him to rethink abortion.

    Heartbroken for our nation.

    May God have mercy on our land..

  11. Love your banner... got my voting done two wednesday's ago. I will be so glad to not hear any more of the campaign spots on TV... I hope the vote is not close...I want a clear winner... Thanks for caring about us!

  12. You are a precious, precious and dear friend Mary. But of course you know that already. I love the fact that you find it in your heart to keep up with us down south...

    I feel like a 'whore in church' today tho...I'm a nervous wreck for the outcome. The McCain/Obama points are getting closer and closer together as the day dredges on.

    You KNOW who I voted for a couple of weeks ago.

    And I hope the win is by a landslide so there is no room for lawsuits and any delays.

    [Blogger is being a real pain today...I couldn't get your blog to open up at all the first two tries...they must be doing some spot maintenance or something]

    Cheers to the BLUE party!!

  13. Love the header!
    Thanks for thinking of us today.
    Mama Bear

  14. Thank you dear friend Mary...I feel our nation is at a cross road and I pray the good Lord will have mercy on America.....

    Thanks for visiting with me...Betty

  15. Thanks for reminding folks to get out and vote today in the USA. I love your new header … it’s VERY ‘kewl’ ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. I'm still giggling at Anni's comment about feeling like a "whore in a church"! LOL It certainly will be interesting to find out the election results later on tonight!! xoxo

  17. I voted and have sense I could.

    Coffee is on.

  18. I voted last week, so that's behind me. No matter the outcome, in God I trust.

    You haven't said anything about it, so I'm assuming you haven't received my card yet, Mary. I'm thinking it may have gotten lost in the mail and I may need to send another one. I wonder if it would get there in time if I send it now?

    Love and hugs,


  19. I voted.
    I pray that God can step in and help us....we so need Him.

  20. Anni does such great things for your blog!

    Thanks for caring what happens today.