Wednesday, November 5

I've Got Mail

The mail lady must have wondered if Christmas had came early this morning when she delivered our mail. Hubby came into the house with this beautiful pink package.
A few weeks ago, Stephanie at Mississippi Songbird had a giveaway. I entered and lo and behold, I won.
Inside the parcel was this little Avon box that said, Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.
Inside was a beautiful breast cancer Christmas decoration and a breast cancer key chain. They are beautiful!
A better look. This is going to have a place of honor on my Christmas tree this year and the key chain will hold my house keys. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for hosting this great giveaway.
That wasn't all the mail I received today. There were more envelopes and one large one. Remember the card shower that I'm putting on for my soldier that I write to through Angels n' Camouflage? Well the cards are beginning to roll in. Yesterday I received some and then again today.


These are the cards that I've received so far. Thank you Pea, Tipper and Susie. I so appreciate your love and support for S. She will be thrilled when all of these cards reaches her just before Christmas.

As the cards come in, I will post frequent updates. Just before I mail them out to S, I will remove them from their envelopes and take a photo so you can all see how beautiful they are.
If you would like to participate in the card shower, there's still time. Just make or buy a Christmas card for S, who is a young deployed American female soldier. Find instructions just under my blog header. Your participation will be very much appreciated.

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the election and becoming the President Elect of the US. I saw his speech and thought he did a marvelous job of expressing his feelings about his dream for America. I will pray for this man and for the United States.

I also saw John McCain's speech congratulating Mr. Obama on his win and I thought he did an excellent job. I would also like to congratulate the people of the US for exercising their right to vote. No matter who you voted for, the important thing is, you voted. My prayers are with your country as you make the transition from President Bush to President Obama. May God Bless America at this time in history.~Blessings, Mary~


  1. My granddaughter and I made our card today.e e-mail me with the address to send it to you...m..

  2. Congratulations on the give-away...what a beautiful gift!

    I thought both of the speeches tonight were very heartfelt. I also pray that Obama will be exactly what our country needs at this time and place in history.

    I will be mailing my card tomorrow...I'm anxious to see them all together...;)

  3. Thanks Mary. I went to make up my card last night but got sidetracked. I'll finish it later this morning. I'm going to try and get back to sleep.

  4. Lovely gifts you received Mary! And what a wonderful gift our country to the south of yours received too! I agree completely with your comments about the speeches of both Sen. McCain and President-Elect Obama. Both very eloquent. Cheers and Peace!

  5. I will get a card in the mail post haste.
    Thank you for your prayers. I so hope our economy makes a turn around now that the election is over. I know God has a buyer for my house and will send them in His time.
    Lovely gift! Aren't you the lucky one. I'm going to post my give away again so everyone gets another chance to enter before I draw a winner.
    Mama Bear

  6. Congrats on winning the giveaway! I have to get going on finding a Christmas card.

  7. I mailed my card for S last Saturday... hope you receive it soon.. if not, I will find another.. let me know..

  8. My card is on the way. The ornament is lovely!

    I am not happy today, but will be praying diligently for our country.

  9. Thank you for the prayers for our country. I think the body of Christ in a whole will hopefully be doing a tad more praying for our leader who will be taking on the mess we are in.

    I love the will look beautiful on your tree.Congrats!

  10. I've been up since yesterday morning...I'm beginning to drag along this afternoon. I've been just too hyper 'my man' won! I had a champagne breakfast in the wee hours this morning.

    That gift is lovely. Congratulations.

    That's super to be receiving so many cards for your soldier gal! How awesome.

    Hope your day was as good as mine was...I'm gonna be in bed in a couple of hours tho...LOLOLOL

  11. Oh Mary, that Christmas ornament is just gorgeous and has so much meaning behind it, doesn't it!! It's no wonder it will hold a special place on your Christmas tree:-)

    I'm glad that my card reached you safely...I happened to be at the drug store when these two ladies were talking to the manager, showing them Christmas cards they had made, using photographs they had taken of the Sudbury area last winter. They were quite pleased that the manager agreed to sell them and that I was their first customer! lol xoxo

  12. Mary... just wanted to come by and tell you thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment on my post.

    I have really enjoyed your blog and latest post. I will definitely be back to visit, and I am putting you on my blogroll.

    Thanks again for you visit and comments.

    have a great rest of the week

  13. I love your new header, Mary. Just perfect!

  14. Hey... I got mail today... my card returned to me... I've fixed it and it will be in the mail tomorrow... maybe it will get there in time...

  15. Congrats on the prize! And so glad your getting cards for the solider!

  16. Congratulations on your prize! You got some great things there! It is always so fun to get stuff in the mail!

    Hugs, Sharon

  17. Beautiful gift........ and I will get that card in the mail this weekend...........

    Have a blessed day girl !

  18. I'm so glad you liked the gift.. and i enjoyed your posts.. God Bless you and all of our troops!

  19. Congrats on the award! It is really very lovely!

    Could you email me your address so I can send a Christmas card for S.? My email is on my profile page. I couldn't imagine being that far away from home on Christmas...May God keep her safe and return her home safely.

    (((((( HUGS ))))))