Wednesday, December 24

Family Photos

A few days ago, Mom gave me an early Christmas present. When she handed it to me, I assumed that it was just a Christmas card. Imagine my delight when I opened it and found some family photos inside.
Above is a photo of Grandma. She is the one that I'm always writing about. She taught me many things, including a love of God. This is Grandma when she was 23 years old. That is my mother in her arms. Mom was my grandparents' first child. Mom would be about 6 months old here. The photo was taken in the spring of 1928.

Above is Grandma as I picture her. She is wearing a housedress, which was what she wore around home everyday...and the ever-present apron tied around her waist. I remember both the dress and the apron well. Since I don't have many photos of Grandma, I was ecstatic.
Above is a photo of my great-grandmother, Minnie. We called her Grandma Min and she was my maternal grandfather's mother. This was taken at the old home place, which doesn't exist anymore. This would have been taken in the mid 1940s, just after the war.

These photos were one of the best Christmas presents that Mom could have given me. I now can have copies made so other family members can get to know the ancestors that have gone before them.

Today the boys and I went to the mall and had our photo taken with Santa. I don't have any recent photos of the boys and I together, so I thought this would be a golden opportunity. I purchased one photo and will have copies made for other members of the family. I was surprised at how well it turned out.

I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. As you celebrate with family and friends, please take time to reflect on the reason for the season. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Such a precious gift from your mom. I love the pictures. Merry Christmas my dear friend. I love you.

  2. I love old photos. I have been working on a heritage book filled with pictures of Bob's and my ancestors. Those photo's are treasures. Merry Christmas Mary!

  3. A wonderful gift from your Mom.
    Enjoy your Christmas Mary. Hope it is a good one. You deserve it.

    God bless.

  4. hey Mary, I hope you had a lovely Christmas day. What a lovely gift from your mom, things like that are things to cherish and hold onto. Here for us it's nearly evening and it's been hot but quiet :-)

  5. I enjoyed looking at your family. Every one of us have something to offer and sharing.
    I bet you heard warm and funny stories about each of them.

    Have your self a lovely Holiday season and wishing you bright New Year.

    Coffee is on.

  6. Thanks for sharing these marvelous photos ... what a lovely gift from your mom. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Sometimes, it is the little things -photos, handmade ornaments by a child's hand -that really mean so much because of the thought, the sentiment, the love -that comes with them.
    Hope you and Dwight -and your family -had a beautiful and blessed Christmas.

  8. What a beautiful gift she shared with you.............

    Merry Christmas my friend........ and Peace and joy and love throughout the year.............

  9. What a wonderful gift!!
    I have taken the liberty of borrowing three of your pictures so I can put them through photoshop as soon as I get time. Then I will send the brightened pictures back to you.
    Hope you don't mind. I won't be saving or using your photos myself.
    I hope your Christmas was precious.

  10. Old pictures are wonderful, I know many of ours have been lost and it is such a shame. You have such nice memories of your Grandmother and now pictures to go with. Hope your holiday was wonderful and the new year better yet.

  11. That was a great gift of the old photos. I love old family photos. I just finished writing a MG historical fiction story based on my grandparents in the early 1900s.