Sunday, December 21

Snow Fun with Meeko

In my previous post I mentioned that we got dumped on. Saturday morning when I got up, the world was a winter wonderland. Hubby took Meeko for his early morning walk and about noon, I put on his leash, my warm winter clothes and we set out on a walk.
This is the street that runs along the canal. I was going to take a picture of Meeko walking in the snow, but he walked toward me just as I snapped the picture, so I only have a bit of him. I swear that dog hates to have his picture taken.

Here's a better one of him in the snow. I tried to get him to walk along the snow ridge while I walked on the street. That was easier for me and he had fun plunging through snow drifts.

He also likes to roll in the snow. I guess it cools him off. Here he is enjoying life to the fullest.

All the way over three times. He sure knows how to enjoy the finer things in life.
When we got back to the house, I put him out in the yard. He loves sitting or laying in the snow.

In the photo above, Meeko is watching the kids up the street playing in the snow. He would love to run and play with them, but he can't be trusted off-leash.

Above is where the pickup truck driver pushed the snow from the end of our driveway last night. It's quite a pile.

I got the red bows put up on each side of the porch steps. The Christmas tree is on the porch at this point. We brought it in later, cleaned the snow off of the porch and shook the snow out of Meeko's blanket. We put it there so he doesn't have to lay on the cold cement.
This reindeer lights up at night. This was a gift from Brandon and Jordan three years ago.
The boys love penguins and so this year we added this guy to our outdoor decorations. He looks great when I light him up at night.
The kids up the street playing in the snow. It was such a beautiful day. I was glad to see them outside enjoying themselves.
We are supposed to get more snow overnight tonight and then again tomorrow. I'm not sure where we'll put it, but we'll face that dilemma when we get to it. Take care and enjoy a pleasant day. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Nice photos thanks for sharing them. Big time Hugs.

  2. Your weather sounds just like ours. We got dumped on but today was sunny. Now we are under another storm warning and it's snowing like crazy out! I enjoyed my walk with Meeko. He is a beautiful dog!

  3. So our dog is not the only one who likes to roll in the snow! Great pictures. You got as much snow as we did. Get ready for the next storm...

  4. oh you have a lovely dog! Huskies apparentl live in the snow anyway so maybe that's why he loves it.

  5. Love the pictures and that Meeko is a handsome thing...... My schnauzer Zeke tip toes when we take him out in the cold ..let alone snow....... I swear he is a cat! hahahhaha and YES I want to come and walk with you and Meeko.... how long does it take to drive ?

  6. Looks like Christmas there! And Meeko is such a grand and beautiful dog!!! He knows how to enjoy the simple things in life as we all should.

    I enjoyed the snow we rarely see snow here in South Carolina.

    Stay warm, and a very Merry Christmas to you, Mary!

    Love and Hugs,

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Meeko is just too sweet. I bet he enjoyed that walk immensely. Just look how he rolls around on the snow...with his thick winter coat, I'm just sure it felt so good to him. Love him sitting so pretty in the yard watching and listening to the kids down the street.

    And, love the reindeer. That is so darned cute.

    Here you are having snow...I posted about the hot warm foggy day at the beach.

    Have a wonderful time having the boys decorate the tree.

  8. Yes, Meeko weather for sure. I know what you mean about not being trustworthy off the leash. My son brought a beautiful Sable Husky back from Alaska one year. She was so loveable, but also incredibly destructive. It was impossible to keep her in the yard, and so strong. I finally had to give her to a breeder who had the facilities to contain her. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas holiday.

  9. Oh my you do have lots of snow and I thought we had lots.
    How pretty in the sun and blue sky which we haven't seen in weeks. Meeko is cute and he looks like he is having fun in the snow.
    Love your Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas to you

  10. Thanks for the walk with Meeko and for showing us around a bit.

  11. I do not envy you the tons of snow you get in the winter. I'm proud of you for getting out there and walking. I just read in Southern Living Magazine's Living Well section: Walk the dog twice a day, even if you don't have one. Having one makes the excuses impossible, I bet.
    Mama Bear

  12. Things definitely look like a winter wonderland your way.

    Your Meeko is beautiful.

  13. We had a furry beast like that name "Butch" and he just loved the snow and cold.
    He would like to stick his head in the snow bank.
    We would go for walks on days like this.
    The dog (Daisy) is just the opposite. It sunshine and the beach for this girl.

    Coffee is on.

  14. Meeko is a snow loving dog! DOn't you wish we could turn them loose and let them run and frolic in the snow? I was abler to let my big dog do that for a while but the street where I live hace had some new homes added and it is just too populated to be safe anymore.
    I have lots of snow too. At least a foot now and more expected each day till Christmas. It's pretty but so dangerous to drive or walk on.
    I'm ready for SPRING!!!
    Have a nice week.

  15. Okay, do you happen to own a large sled? That way Meeko can pull you guys out if the snow gets too high! Wonderful pictures -- Wonderful wonder land.

  16. Love the snow and your decorations! Meeko is so handsome!

  17. Thank you for sharing your snow. I loved going on the walk with Meeko. Wish I could roll around in the snow with him! LOL

  18. Meeko is a beautiful doggie, and your blog design is wonderful!
    You surely did get some snow. I'd freeze to death if I rolled in the snow like Meeko does.
    You are set for a wintry white Christmas. Your decorations are cute and fun.
    Enjoy this Christmas to the fullest!

  19. Looks like you'll have a nice white Christmas! Meeko is definitely winter-loving dog. Really cute pictures!

    Our company is about to arrive, so let the fun times and chaos begin!

  20. What beautiful picture of snow and your dog. He does look like he was having some fun.
    Love all the snow but I could see how ya'll could get tired of it really fast. It does cause such a mess here when we get it....I spend so much more time cleaning the floor.
    Just wanted to stop in and let you know I was thinking of you and send you a little love. :)

  21. Well I'm glad to see that the snow I sent you finally made it there! hehe We've had snow like that since early November and it hasn't gone away at all...makes for a very longgggg winter!! Love all your pictures, Meeko certainly does love the snow:-) There's a storm watch for here's all we need, more snow! lol xoxo

  22. Oops, meant to also say how much I love your outside decorations! That reindeer is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! xoxo

  23. Love the pictures of Meeko in the snow! He's such a pretty dog.
    We have about the same amount of snow as you do, which is REALLY strange for here. It's been snowing for a week and a half now and is even as I type this. We live in the coastal rainforest and don't get snow, so nobody knows how to act! It's been quite fun!

  24. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day. Mine was lovely ... and I'm catching up a bit before I retire for the evening. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of Meeko enjoying the snow and of your holiday decorations.
    Hugs and blessings,