Saturday, December 20

The scene outside our house looks very much like this one. Well, not the house of course, but all the snow. Yes, we got dumped on. If what's outside our side door is any inclination, we got between 8 inches to a foot of snow. That is a lot and we are to get approximately the same amount on Sunday. I'm not sure where we're going to put it all and then the weatherman is predicting 4 inches for Christmas Eve. I love to have a white Christmas but this is a little whiter than I prefer.

Friday night about 8pm, the snowplow went by and left a three-foot ridge in the middle of our street behind the driveway. I called the city and told them that hubby couldn't shovel because he has a heart condition and asked if a snowplow that was in the vicinity could clear it a little. I was flabberghasted when the snowplow driver came by, stopped, looked at the mess he'd made and then continued up the street. So much for Christmas spirit.

However, my faith in human kind was reestablished when I saw a pickup truck with a blade on the front plowing out my neighbor's driveway. I quickly donned my boots and coat and went out and asked him how much to clear the ridge from our driveway. I almost fainted when he said $40. I offered him $30 because it had to be done. Hubby has to work tonight and MUST be able to get out. I knew I couldn't clear all of that snow in that amount of time and if hubby did, he could have another heart attack. At first he said no, he had too much to do. Well, I don't give up easily and said, "Ah, come on, it's Christmas and my husband has a heart condition." He immediately agreed and I gave him the last $30 in the house. Now I have to go to the bank tomorrow. Dang!

I will try to get photos of the snow sometime today. If you live where there is a lot of snow, be careful on slippery streets and roads. Stay in where it is safe and warm, if possible. And if you have a neighbor who is elderly or disabled and you are healthy or have a snowblower, please think of them and clear their sidewalk and driveway. It will mean a lot, as they are not able to do it for themselves. The Christmas Spirit was alive and well at my house last night. I am thankful for random acts of kindness. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. We got dumped on too, then I almost got stuck in the driveway after I made it home from work. I'm glad you got things taken care of, but sorry it took the last money in the house!

  2. Same thing here in the "getting dumped on" department although not that much snow. I'd say so far we may have been blessed with about 4 inches but Sunday we are supposed to get more of what we had today. Ick! I like to look at the snow from inside but hate the thoughts of my kids having to drive to and from work in it and with Christmas Day, I'm hoping the weather is calm, roads ok so my older daughter, her fiance and my older grandson will be able to get up here for Christmas Day dinner. She has to work Christmas Eve so that changes our plans for that evening now.
    Merry Christmas Mary -to you and your family -and hope the New Year blesses you in many, many ways. (Hope you find some one with a willing attitude and a snow blower or plow too that will save you from having to pay all the time to get the snow cleared out!

  3. Sorry that the Christmas spirit does not get to every heart! That driver could have cleared that snow for nothing............ Sorry..... You have enough snow to send me some.... I guess I am going to have to move to Canada to get some snow!!!!

    Have a great weekend girl

  4. Makes me cold just hearing about your snow. So glad you were able to get the ridge removed. Stay warm!

  5. Mary,

    We've been having warm weather for a few days now - and this trend is suppose to last through Christmas.

    Georgians would go crazy to get all the snow that you have/will have for Christmas! White Christmases are rare here..:)

  6. ahh Mary I am loving your Christmas music going on here. That's sad about the snowplow not wanting to help, some people just have no idea what honest help means do they?

  7. Wish we could get some snow, love you.

  8. Oh my gosh.....I would have done it for you for nothing. I can't believe the 'non-generosity' and human kindness lacking in this story. Amazing. It boggles the mind that he would actually charge to do it for you.

    :::shaking my head in disbelief:::

    We had that happen to us several times when living in Colorado. Bud had to leave about 3 a.m. to get into the city to work, and we'd spend hours clearing the driveway to get out onto the county the time we were done, the county cleared the road and left a big ol' bank of snow right by our GATE...I called the county that day [Bud could not get out] and told them I'd call someone to clear it for us and send the County the bill for the damages done....they came out within the hour and cleared it away from our driveway...and never did it again. 'Cause the cost would have been $150 back then to have someone drive clear out in the country to do the work.

    I swear tho, this story makes me wanna say "Bah Humbug"!!!

  9. I am afraid that I fail to be thankful for our beautiful weather...
    when I see and read about your frightful winter weather...and Iam sitting in a warm sunny climate I really am thankful...I just forget to tell God thank you...

    please be safe and stay warm...
    have a blessed Holiday.

  10. Wow! Thirty bucks is steep, but at least it's done, and the guy did show a tiny bit of spirit. Around here, you pay about $300 to hire a contractor for the season. Maybe you could look into it?

  11. I cried when I read this post.. Why don't folks care about each other. To think of all that out there begging and your hubby not
    being able to do it
    May the Gift of our Saviour bring love to the world ..

    love you

  12. Oh my ... that's certainly a LOT of snow! I'm glad you got the fellow to clear your drive with your last $30 and can GET to the bank for more cash. I don't recall when I last mentioned how much I'm enjoying the gratitude list in your sidebar. I love adding something to mine each day too, though I don't know if anyone's paying attention ;--)
    Hope you stay warm and safe. Do drive carefully when you go out.
    Hugs and blessings,

  13. We are getting bits and pieces of snow out here in Saskatchewan. At least now we have a coating of snow that looks half decent. However the frigid tempertures are keeping most people inside.

    It is nice to know that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

    God bless.

  14. $40! That's what we call 'highway robbery' where I come from! He could have been extra nice and done it for you for nothing. People don't help others much anymore. Where I was raised in PA in a small community, people helped others. One year I bought a Toro SnowPup snow weighed just 8 pounds, and I could clear my long driveway in no time. Best gift I ever bought my husband for Christmas! ha-ha But that little thing would blow that snow way across the driveway. I loved it! Hubby didn't use it much, though! LOL But I do envy you the snow for Christmas!!

    You be careful when you're out now so you don't fall. That is so easy to do!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  15. Mary-I'm glad you got the drive plowed. Every year many people die trying to shovel-from heart conditions.