Friday, December 19

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Today was a pretty good day. It seems the antibiotics are working and though I am really tired, I'm feeling a little better.

I picked Brandon up from school at noon because there was a dance this afternoon and he doesn't like to go. So we went out and bought Grandpa a Christmas present and then came back here and baked some cookies. Once that was done, he showed me what he's doing on NeoPets. Both he and Jordan enjoy the site. They have adopted pets and play games, collect things and try to get their hands on the rarest items. During December there is an Advent Calender where you can get something free everyday. They have done this every year since they were very young. It is something that they really look forward to. This is a very nice site for kids.

A little Christmas decorating got done and the boys will be coming on Sunday to help decorate the tree. Hubby and I need to get it set up on Saturday and get the lights on it. The boys don't help with the lights, but they do put most of the other decorations on. We've done this as a family since they were tiny and the tradition continues.

We have about six inches of snow. It is to snow overnight and all day tomorrow. The weatherman said we could get a lot and then it is to do the same again on Sunday. So, we shall see if the predictions are correct. I sure hope not. I like snow but not so much at once. It's difficult to shovel, especially if it is wet snow. We don't have a lot of space to put it in. Some years our lawn is piled three feet deep from where we shovel the snow from the sidewalk. That makes shoveling even more difficult because you have to throw it up on top of a three-foot bank. I do want a white Christmas, but two feet of snow over the weekend is not something I look forward to. I guess I'm getting old. I used to delight in such snowstorms.

Enjoy the season. This is a stressful time of year and we just need to sit back and take a deep breath every once in a while, so we can focus on what Christmas really means. Take care and enjoy the weekend. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. You sure find some stunning graphics. I think we might miss most of this storm too. We're doing not too badly this year. We don't have much room to pile snow either, and it was higher than me (6') last year.

  2. We are supposed to get really hit by a storm, starting tonight and lasting throughout the day tomorrow. A foot of new snow is predicted and I hope they are wrong! Glad you are starting to feel better!

  3. We've had almost 4 inches of ice and sleet on the ground and today was the first day since Sunday that it's gotten above freezing, though barely. Now the temp is supposed to rise all night into the 60'sF on Friday, then nosedive again over the weekend.

    We're supposed to have some kind of frozen precip by the middle of next week, just in time for Christmas. I'm hoping we get snow this time but I'm not holding my breath. I pray the roads are okay for holiday travel!

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, Mary. I hope you're completely well in time to enjoy Christmas.

    Stay warm and safe, and Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Mary. :o)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas emails and ecards. They're gorgeous!

    Love and hugs,


  4. I am glad you are feeling better, I love you.

  5. Glad you're starting to feel a little better, Mary. I'm off to read my Christmas book now. Sweet dreams to you!

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope you don't get that much snow, it does sound like a pain to have to shovel it. I guess since I don't deal with it I've never thought of what you have to do with it to "get out". I'll be thinking of you all. It's 63 degrees here and very humid tonight. Very muggy and uncomfortable. Not good for the arthritis that's for sure. LOL

    I hope you get the tree and decorations up. You're right about the stress. I'm taking a break this weekend to take care of my hubby and get ready for next week.

    Feel better Mary.

  7. I'm going to have to look into those NeoPets and see what they are really all about.

  8. Happy you are getting some help from the antibiotics.

    We only learned of NeoPets this summer when a young friend from Kansas visited. She took me on a tour of all that was available and showed me all her registered pets. It's a pretty cool project for elementary school children.

    Tomorrow is our big Christmas celebration. I have been busy preparing and the weather could possibly defeat all my plans. Oh well, we will at least have enough food if we get locked in a blizzard.

    Blessing to you Mary.

  9. What a wonderful tradition for you and the Grandsons. Once again, I marvel how lucky the boys are to have you as a Grandma. I would love to have some of that snow here on Christmas but not as much as you will be getting. We Southerns like it to come and go quickly.
    May you Christmas be bright and your New Year happy.
    Peace to you my friend and your loved ones.

  10. Good Morning Mary!!!

    The cookie baking sounds like a lot of fun! I made my traditional Santa Boot 'filling' yesterday and filled it this morning which I will show a photo of it tomorrow for the Photo Hunt.

    Speaking of weather....I'm not liking what WE have either. COLD sounds good right now. But not too cold. LOL The last three days it's been foggy wet damp and HOT....darned hot. It's only 8:30 a.m. and the outdoor temp is 71 degrees. Oh so NOT Christmas-like at all. Erik told me over the phone last night that Houston has predicted record warm temps for now 'til Sunday and then a huge cold front is moving south...I sure hope it hits our area to the west.

    Y'all be very careful out there shoveling that white stuff's not good for us at our age.

    Pet Meeko for me. Have a terrific Friday.

  11. I am afraid your haven't missed the snow. I do hope you have some kind neighbour who will help you clear it. Sure is a nasty day, but I am glad it is snow, not ice.

  12. So glad you are feeling better!! What a beautiful graphic you have up today!! Love and hugs Grams

  13. I always love your graphics Mary. They are just sooooooo nice!

    We are suppossed to get some snow over the weekend too. We got about 5-6 inches yesterday which makes it pretty out but what's coming in sounds like a lot more then that! Yikes!

    I hope you are feeling better real soon. The antibiotics should kick in and help you out.

    Happy anniversary!

    Nice tradition having your grandsons help decorate the tree. They will always remember that!

    Take care and get well soon.

  14. Glad that you are doing better.enjoyed reading your post.did not look at the graphic,the flashing is not good for me,it can trigger a seizure.Not that you have to CHANGE ANY THING THAT YOU POST.I JUST have to make sure I donot spend too much time looking at the flashing stuff on anyone blogs.

  15. I'm glad you're feeling better and enjoyed catching up with your holiday activities and weather. Love the 'kewl' graphics ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Glad you're feeling better!

    Sorry you're getting so much snow, but it will really seem like Christmas with snow on the ground.

  17. We are still waiting for our first real snow........... and I am guessing it is not coming any time soon..... Sunday is going to be 19 for the high and 8 at night....... Too cold to snow......... bummer!
    Sorry to hear you have been under the weather..... I pray that you are feeling better...... I will email tomorrow .............

  18. I am glad you are feeling better and will be all well very soon so that you can enjoy Christmas. What a lovely tradition you have with the boys decorating your Christmas tree each year! I know they enjoy that!!! I can remember how much I loved spending time with my grandmothers when I was young like that.

    You sure do get the snow there, don't you? Send some down to us. People here in the South go crazy for snow! Just the mention of the word 'snow' closes everything down...schools, malls, everything! People panic and run to the supermarkets to get stocked up in case they get snowed or iced in! For heaven's sakes, it is usually gone by noon the next day! LOL Being from PA, we are used to it and sit back and watch them. But then I must admit, I also run to the store for extra staples and goodies to have in the house!

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  19. Glad you're feeling better. Lots of sickness here too-so far we've missed it.