Friday, January 9

Today at the Optometrist

I found this photo of a woman in an old box of clippings that came from an auction sale some time ago. I thought it was a nice likeness and since I like old photos. I kept it. I'm sure that a family member would love to have it.


  1. I would love to have it if she were my grandma or great great aunt!

  2. I got confused...your date header shows January 9th...I thought I'd become lost and needed to upgrade by blogger GPS! [kidding!]

    That photo is super. I think I would have done the same thing and kept it. What a beautiful lady.

  3. Whenever I see old photos are letters at an antique shop, I wonder why a family memeber didn't want to keep them. Even if the didn't know who they were, they were known to someone in the family at one time. I love yours and I think I'd frame it and hang it somewhere.
    Mama Bear

  4. I have some old photos of people I don't know too! I once told my family that I was going to buy me some old ancestor pictures... there are none of my mom's family that we can find... I could claim anyone as my great aunt, etc... and no one would know the difference... I cannot stand to see a photo thrown away... So far I have not framed any...LOL