Sunday, February 22

Brandon's Trip to Quebec City

Last Tuesday, Brandon boarded the bus with his class for a four-day trip to Quebec City. He really wanted to go and his teachers agreed that he should go. So off he went.

This was the first time Brandon had ever been away without a family member. We weren't sure how it would go but his teacher, who is a great guy, assured us Brandon would be fine.

The kids were going snow tubing, dog sledding and, though we didn't realize it, snowshoeing. Brandon was definitely looking forward to the snow tubing before he left.

We knew the first day of the trip was to be long. They wouldn't arrive in Quebec City until about 6:30 pm. Then they were to check into the hotel, catch the bus for dinner and after dinner, go on a walking tour of Old Quebec. Mmm! Sounds like a long day for a boy who got up just after 4am.

Brandon is an early riser, but he also like to go to bed early. We knew that wasn't going to happen and figured he'd be exhausted. That is a long day for anyone.

Brandon had a few adventures on his trip. He got confused in the snow park the first day and sent a text to Michelle, asking what to do. That was a big step ahead for Brandon. In previous times when he was in a predicament, he would meltdown. As you know, Brandon has Asperger's Syndrome and these children have trouble controlling their emotions. I've seen big changes in Brandon in the last couple years and this was a giant leap forward for him. Instead of a meltdown, a simple phone call to Mom did the trick and he found a Tour Guide.

He had a couple of other adventures when he went dogsledding and snowshoeing. You can read about those on Michelle's blog. Be sure not to miss them. She tells a good rendition of his experiences.

Way to go, Brandon. You did us proud. Congratulations!

Have a great week and remember to take time to relax. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Great job, Brandon! I've been to Quebec City, so much to see! I was there during the summer months, so I did lots of sightseeing!
    You must be so very proud of this young man!


  2. Mary, could you tell Brandon that I am very proud of him. He did a wonderful job of being on his own.

    God bless.

  3. That is a big step forward for Brandon and is sure to boost his confidence. I read his mom's post too. I drove home from Quebec City once in a day and it is a very long drive...

  4. What a great step for Brandon. He showed some real maturity and confidence in going through this. You are right to be proud of him!

  5. Hi Mary, you must be very proud of Brandon. He'll do just fine!

    Thanks for visiting and the link to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Will take a look at the site.

    Have a blessed week!

  6. He did good!!!!!! AND I think that with all the love from and encouragement from his grandmother he has grown a lot... It is proof positive that when we are loved and cared for we can overcome anything.. You have served him well Grandma....... He is growing to be fine young man able to take control of his life...... and that is a wonderful thing!

  7. wow that's great, I hoped he would have a great time. Him being able to text his mom for help was a good idea :-)

  8. What a big accomplishment - his mom must be so proud, too. And he must be really proud of himself!

  9. He's growing up, and more importantly, he's learning to control his emotions instead of letting them control him. That's a big step toward maturity for anyone, but especially an autistic person.

    Way to go, Brandon!

    Have a great new week, Mary. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  10. I was just sitting here catching up with you a bit, Mary!

    Good for Brandon...I can just imagine how proud you are of him for doing so well on his own for this class trip!

    By the way...did you have a winner for the history contest that you did for the home school open house? Thanks so much again for doing that last week...such a wonderful idea! :)

  11. That's fantastic that he was able to make the trip and everything went quite smoothly -even the getting lost/confused but staying calm, calling his Mom and getting back to the norm for the trip! That's gotta give you and your daughter very good vibes about how well he is doing, doesn't it?

  12. So glad to read he had a good experience! You must be so proud!

    (Instead of melting down, at that age I would have been criticizing the teachers and tour guides for any and all supervisory transgressions: major or minor; real or imagined. I was not a fun Aspie child!)

  13. I don't know where I've been but I visited Michelle's blog today.

  14. Good for you, Brandon!
    So wise to place a call to ask what to do.

  15. I just KNEW he'd do a great job!!! I just knew it. I bet you're all so proud of his accomplishments....and I'm SURE he's proud of himself too.

    I missed so much over the weekend. Will try and catch up with you sometime today with an email.

    Have a super day Mary.

  16. WhooHoo Brandon! Way to go guy! This is a major achievement for any kid so Brandon has definitely gone above and beyond.

  17. Good morning dear Mary:-)

    Awwww I'm so glad that Brandon went on this trip and had such a great time! He certainly is growing up, isn't he and it truly is amazing how he can now handle situations without a meltdown. The last time I was in Quebec was with a class trip in 1975! I would love to go back one day and see it all as an adult, especially the old part of Quebec City. I'll go read what Michelle had to say:-) xoxo

  18. Hi Mary,
    What a big accomplishment for Brandon to take this trip :)
    It shows just how much he has grown up.
    I know you're all so proud of him!

  19. What a wonderful opportunity for Brandon, great that his teacher had faith in him. A good teacher can make such a difference in a childs life. Having had some rotten ones I can appreciate the good.
    Please give Brandon a high 5 for thinking through things so well and making such a good decision.
    Best to you all, Barbara

  20. And so the knot begins to loosen, just a bit.

  21. I'm sure this was a good experience for him but an anxious time for his Mother and Grandmother.
    Mama Bear

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  23. Mary, it was my daughter who won your contest! Yay! She is Green Gables Girl...she wanted to start her own blog so I helped her start a private one.
    I'll e-mail you...thanks again! :)

  24. That is a big thing for Brandon..I am sure..glad that he had a great time..Also good that you can see him changing..good for him..Sandy

  25. Girl that just does my heart good! He heard us! We prayed and He took care of your little man. :)
    I have been horrible sick for about a week with a I came by to see how you were doing and if you had posted about this.
    I'll go and check out the other post about his trip.
    Love ya girl.

  26. Brandon, what a lucky boy you are! I have always wanted to see Quebec city as my father often traveled there as a child. It sounds like a wonderful time. Mary, you must be so proud...I can 'hear' it in your writing -j

  27. Way to go Brandon. I bet he had the time of his life!!

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