Wednesday, February 11

Flash Fiction Writing Contest Results

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the Flash Fiction Writing Contest at Pix n' Pens? Well, it was close between me and a lovely woman named Cleda of another Cleda's Cafe. Congratulations, Cleda.

The contest judge was Miralee Ferrell and the prize was her book, Love Finds You in Last Chance. The contestants were to write a historical story of 300 words or less and use the words, cougar, stampede and riding breeches. I wrote up a little story and submitted it. Here it is for your reading enjoyment.

In the Nick of Time by Mary M. Alward

A flash of bronze streaked from a thicket toward the herd of cattle. Luke turned his horse with a flick of the reins.

“Cougar!” he yelled.

Luke knew if the cougar reached the herd, the cattle would panic and stampede. The ranch hands certainly didn’t need that to contend with on top of everything else that had happened lately.

He dug his spurs into the sides of his horse and headed toward the cougar at full gallop. His friend, Charley, was riding hard from the opposite direction, rifle poised. Luke hoped that Charley was quick enough to avert disaster.

A shot rang out! The cougar tumbled, regained its footing and vanished behind an outcropping of rock.

Luke reined in his horse as he approached Charley and slid from the saddle. Charley dismounted and dusted off his riding breeches.

Luke slapped Charley on the back. “Good work,” he exclaimed. “and just in the nick of time.”

~The End~

Miralee Ferrell was such a good sport about the entire contest. Not only did she contribute the prize of her book, but she commented on each of our entries. Here's what she had to say about Cleda's and mine.

It was almost a tie between Cleda and Mary and a very tough choice. I liked both equally well, but there was one thing that pushed me toward Cleda's....she evoked an emotional response while I read hers and I liked the originality of using Cougar as a first name. I would have loved to have seen Mary's a little longer as her writing is quite strong.

What a lovely complement to say that my writing is strong. That was very encouraging and I certainly enjoyed the light critique that she gave.

Thank you Miralee Ferrell. If you would like to check out some of Miralee's books, follow the link to her official site and do a little exploring. You just may find something there that you'd love to read. There's nothing in the world like snuggling up with a great book. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. That is quite a compliment Mary. Nice job!

  2. Nothing wrong with SECOND.... good work Mary..... I loved your little story and would like to try my hand at something like that one of these days....... but,,,,,,,,Congrats girl. You are one smart cookie! I have an email started for you , will try to wrap it up tomorrow and send.....


  3. Hi Mary....and I meant every word of it! I didn't see the link you mentioned to my site, but I'll look again. Thank you so much for mentioning my book, you're a sweetie! Miralee Ferrell

  4. are indeed a lady of grace and extreme talent!


  5. I think your story should have been #1!!! It was really wonderful!!! It had my interest from the very first paragraph! It was still a great honor to come in second, as I'm sure there were many entries. I would imagine that it would be very difficult to judge something like that. You did verrrry well!!!! We are so proud of you!!!

    ((( HUGS )))

  6. Yep, you had me from the first word... so proud to know you, Mary! Congrats!!

  7. Well done! I have never had a knack for writing fiction. Good job.

  8. What a great compliment she gave you!! I have read your writing through this blog and I KNOW that you are a very accomplished author. Keep it up....I know one day you could have a best seller on your hands. Or should I say 'from your hands'.

    And being 2nd and near a tie in the 'evaluation'...hey, that's so great.

  9. That is great Mary. How nice to have the strength of your writing affirmed right now. That ought to help you mentally while dealing with your project. :)
    Looking forward to reading some more.
    Praying for you!

  10. Loved your story about the Cougar. Sounds like a fun and rewarding contest.

  11. Great story Mary! I wish it could have gone on longer as I like any book with horses in it! Congratulations on second, I think that is quite an honor!!

  12. What a wonderful story. I'm so happy that you're able to put your literary talent out there for all of us to enjoy. Great work!

  13. Good job Mary!! You have a gift for sure!! I just love reading!! My Mom did too!! She read to me when I was little and then when I was about 12, one summer when my eyes were bad she read so many books to me!
    I have been out of the loop so long that I am behind!! I am going to get a e-mail off to you real soon and catch you up on everything!! Congrants again!! Love and hugs Grams

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