Saturday, February 14

I Remember Snowball

I was looking through some old files and found the button above. My friend Lynn made this for me from a photo, just after our dog Snowball passed away.

In the fall of 1987, my daughter, Michelle, and I decided we would like to have a dog. We went to the pet store at the local mall and they had some beautiful puppies that they described as American Eskimo. We decided that the male was the pup for us.

As we left the mall with our little bundle of fur, it was snowing hard. Since he was pure white, Michelle chose the name of Snowball.

Snowball was a hard puppy to train. I was driving cab and working the swing shift, which was 11 am to 2 pm. Michelle was still going to school and also working at KFC. Snowball was left alone much of the time and he certainly knew how to get into mischief.

After he was trained, he was a delight to us. Michelle has a photo of him jumping on her head while she was sleeping. I took the photo. I will ask her to scan it and post it on her blog.

I remember one winter when Snowball got out of the fenced yard after we'd moved to another property. Hubby and I went searching for him. A snow plow was backing down the side street and there was Snowball chasing it and barking for all he was worth. I was afraid that the plow would move forward and he would be gone, but that didn't happen. The snow plow driver saw us coming and stopped to find out what was happening.

Another time Snowball got out of the fence and we found him across the park right in the middle of a main intersection, going in circles. He had traffic stopped all four ways. What an experience.

Despite his adventureous nature, Snowball lived to be 13 years old. In the spring of 2000, he started peeing in the house, which he had never done. The vet told us that he had blood in his urine. He gave him a round of antibiotics. When they were finished, Snowball had to go back for another test. There was no blood. Have you ever tried getting a urine sample from a male dog. Well...that is another story.

In September, Snowball once again had blood in his urine. He was diagnosed with Renal Kidney Disease and the vet warned us that his time with us was almost over. He died in November 2000.

It wasn't long until Meeko came into our lives and then a little more than eight years later, he too has crossed Rainbow Bridge and now we have Dakota. Be assured that one dog doesn't replace another, but each find a special place in your heart. Today, I remember Snowball, who was a great companion and a good protector. I always felt safe with him in the house and I know he would have given his life for me. Rest in Peace, Old Friend, and know that I will never forget you.

If you would like to join the I Remember When meme, please visit Speaking from the Heart. It's a lot of fun stepping back in time through our memories.


  1. He was a beautiful dog.... You have such fond memories of him... Now you are working on Dakota... How is that going? I lost all my pictures in a fire in 1994 when Grandmother house burned down.... Lost all pictures of my life from 1964 till then....... soooooo I have to just bring up the memories in my mind........ but I so enjoy looking at yours!

    Did you come by and take a look at the pictures of Mom? I have it on my blog..

  2. Aw ... another fine doggie memory.

  3. Mary,

    Sorry I'm not around much these days. I have so little time until we're done with the cleanup around here.

    I remember Snowball from the Suite, but I had no idea Meeko was gone. How sad. I am sorry! And now you have Dakota? I'll have to come back and catch up with some things.

    Have a blessed Sunday. I have to get ready for church soon. We have an early service.

    Hugs and blessings,


  4. Speaking of's your little fur baby these days? I seem to recall something about money and a grandson. How did that go? :)

  5. When I was a child we had a dog named snowball. He was such a good dog. If I tried to leave the yard he would grab my shirt and hold me. If I got into trouble and was going to get a spanking Mother had to make sure Snowball wasn't able to get to me. He would try to protect me. He lived to be 17 yrs old. Not sure how many that is in dog years. Your Snowball brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh, he looks just LIKE my DAD's Spitz. His name was Hoss. I loved that dog.

    Beautiful memories of a 'best friend'

  7. You have definitely had some great dogs - what a character Snowball was!

  8. Mary I know the feeling of stopping to remember our fur babies that have passed over Rainbow Bridge. I too had a dog..Ginger who shared so many memories with us at the time of our teenagers...oh if only she could have talked the tales she would have had..and then there were my 3 beautiful felines that passed in the past few years...we never forget them do we.
    Your story of Snowball was heart warming.
    Our pets are given to us but for awhile on loan to love and care for. Smiles to you. NG

  9. They do fill our hearts with memories don't they. Wonderful post Mary.

  10. It's wonderful to remember the pets that were so much a part of our families. Some of our more precious memories come from shared times with them.
    Snowball was a beautiful dog and I'm sure he knew he was well-loved!

  11. What a sweet remember when post, Mary and Snowball was a beautiful dog.

  12. I'm like you when it comes to pets. They all have a special place in your heart.
    Snowball sure was a pretty dog glad that he had the chance to fill your family with joy.

    I didn't know you drove a cab at one time.
    If you get chance tell us about your cab driving adventures.

    Coffee is on.

  13. You must really love dogs. Snowball was a pretty dog.

  14. Snowball was a beautiful dog-and I liked hearing his story!

  15. Snowball was so beautiful and I'm glad that you had 13 years with him. They are such good companions and become part of the family. Growing up I had a dog named Scamp and oh the joy he brought us but unfortunately when I got married, I had to leave him with my parents since E wouldn't hear of me bringing him to live with us. He became dad's companion and after dad died, mom gave Scamp to a family living on a farm and from what I heard, he had a grand life there too:-) He lived to be almost 16 years old. xoxo

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