Monday, February 16

Home School Open House Quiz and Giveaway

Tammy at Lattes and Lollipops invited me to take part in the Home School Open House. She mentioned that I might like to focus on black history, since February is Black History Month.

I've made up a little black history quiz for the kids and their parents or caregivers to have some fun with. The winner will receive a copy of 7 Secrets of Highly Successful Kids by Peter Kuitenbrouwer. Adults are welcome to play along.

1. Booker T. Washington was a famous educator and author and the first black person to have his likeness appear on a postage stamp. The stamp portraying Washington was issued in 1940 by the United States Postal Service - 93 years after the first postage stamp was issued.
Question: What year was the first postage stamp issued?

2. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1820. She worked as a spy during the Civil War and was an abolishionist. She made a total of thirteen missions into the South to lead over seventy slaves to freedom.

What nickname was given to Harriet Tubman for her role in leading her people to freedom?

3. Mary Ann Shadd Cary first lived in the United States and then immigrated to Canada. Mary Ann became the first female newspaper editor in that country.

What was the name of the newspaper that she established?

4. Frederick Douglas was born into slavery in 1818. He believed that all people were created equal and worked to abolish slavery. He was the first African American nominated as a Vice Presidential candidate on the Equal Rights Party ticket.

On what special day was Frederick Douglas born?

5. Barack Obama was elected President of the United States on November 4, 2008 and was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. Write a paragraph, in your own words, telling me if you saw the inauguration on TV and what historical milestone was reached.

Have fun with the quiz and please post your answers in the comments. I will announce the winner of the book on Friday. Be sure to get your answers in by Thursday at midnight EST. An adult is allowed to help. All of the answers can be found online.


  1. I am em brassed to say the only answer I am sure of is #1...1847

  2. I'm not participating, but I so wanted to visit you and tell you that i have really missed blogging with you lately. Thank you so much for keeping up with me through this time and for all the encouragement.

    Lots of love to you...How's the new pooch?

    Hope all is well with you

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  4. Oh a quiz!! Way cool. I'll be researching this now, I love history stuff you know.

    1] I'm not sure if you mean USA or world wide on this, but wikipedia states: postage stamps were first introduced in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in May 1, 1840 -USA it states that it was: the first official stamps came in 1847

    2]Nickname for Harriet Tubman is:She was called "Moses," because she led her people from bondage to freedom.

    3]Newspaper - Provincial Freeman

    4]Birthday Valentine's Day

    5] A paragraph of Obama? Well, you really KNOW how I feel. So, I'll forgo this section and let others write this paragraph for the winning draw!!!

    AND!!! I did a bit of Black History today for the Heads or Tails prompt for the weekly meme! The prompt was 'legend'.

    Have a super day. This is a great idea for a blog entry. I really enjoyed the challenge Mary.

  5. Very interesting. I hope more children participate.
    Mama Bear

  6. Good morning dear Mary:-) I'm finally back to blogging and will spend the day trying to catch up with everyone!! I think the kids and adults will enjoy this quiz today, such a great idea for the Home School Open House! xoxo

  7. Mary,

    I've never read the book you're giving away but it sounds wonderful! I'll have to see if my daughter would like to participate!

    Have a great day!

  8. Gonna leave the quiz for others but so interesting to read....... I hope to get an email off to you soon.......


  9. This was just wonderful, Mary! Thanks so much for participating!

    OK...I'll hand the computer over to my nine yr old daughter, now...:)

    You don't know me very well,but with a little help from my mom, I anwsered these questions. :)
    Here it goes!

    1. 1847
    2. Moses
    3. provincial freeman
    4. Valentines day

    Here is my paragraph I wrote:

    I saw the inauguration for the president Barack Obama.
    It was really exciting for me to watch it, since I wasn't really old enough before to understand the process.
    Although I don't agree with a lot of the things he stands for, it was still very exciting for me to be alive when the first black person to become president.

    Well, that's the best I can do!
    Hope you liked it!

  10. Green Gable Girl's Daughter,

    Thank you for participating in the quiz. You've done an excellent job and I'm glad that you were able to watch President Obama's inauguration. History was made that day and you were a part of it.

    If you win, I will let Tammy know, as I can't access your mother's blog.

    Have a wonderful week.

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