Tuesday, March 24

Spring Cleaning

Unlike Maxine, I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. I've been doing it in bits and pieces and today I cleaned another corner of my computer room. I hate when this room gets cluttered and disorganized and that may be some of the reason I've had trouble concentrating on my writing lately. Last week I started in the worst corner and got that done. Today I looked through some old manuscripts and boxed them up. I don't want to throw them away because just when I do, someone will want exactly what I've just thrown out.

I need to purchase a nice cupboard for this room. A solid one that can hold manuscripts, writing supplies and a few other things. However, since we've had a good sized cut to our finances this year, it will have to wait. There are more pressing things to take care of for the time being. But...I will have that cupboard one day. Just something to look forward to.

I also washed the floors, did a load of laundry and did a few other menial tasks. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get this room even more organized. I must stay focused. If I took Maxine's advice, I'd be lost in a world of clutter.

From the garden...my snowdrops are blooming and my tulips and daffodils are about 4 inches high. It gives me hope that soon I will be out in the garden.

Enjoy the rest of the week. We're to have some spring weather tomorrow, but then it's to rain for five days out of seven. Guess those April showers are coming early. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. You are a busy bee my friend, love you.

  2. My room -bedroom, of sorts, that is -is very small and also extremely crowded too! What I really need is to be able to figure out a way that I could convince my son-in-law to build me storage shelves -some open, some with drawers -right against the walls, from floor to ceiling and then, maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to find ways to store my clothes along with the many totes and other boxes I have stacked in there, one on top of the other! Wonder if that would work? I'd like to think it would at least help -a lot! Then he would have to do the same thing in the living room at least on the wall where my computer desk sits. Build a desk into the wall, lots of shelves, a few extra roomy drawers too and boy, what a difference that would make in keeping this corner, at least, looking a hell of a lot better!

  3. Wow - you've been busy! Our bulbs are barely poking out of the ground - glad yours are doing so well!

  4. Hello Mary
    Popped over from Marla's blog.
    Maxine is one of my favourites and she always says what we wish we had the 'guts' to say LOL
    My computer area sounds like yours and could do with a spring clean as well 'cept it will be a few months till Spring is here:)
    Take care

  5. I am still awaiting the Spring Cleaning bug to bite me. After having the grandchildren here for nine days, all I want to do now is sleep!

    Thank you for the story writing idea in your March 17th post. I gave each of the children a sentence and they wrote amazing stories while they were here.

  6. I will be inspired to clean in the first sunny day that is warm enough to leave the windows open. (Maybe!)

  7. So far I'm just reading about others doing their spring cleaning.

    My first thing is going to be moving my plants back outside. I have a fern that is shedding all over my dining room and a ficus tree in one of the bedrooms that has shed a bunch of leaves. They are going out on the back porch and will just have to take their chances. I'll have blankets to throw over them if it gets really cold.

    So much to do ...

  8. I'm a lot like Maxine! I have been amazed by some of the massive cleanings going on out there in blogland. I'm glad your flowers are starting to show their little faces. You must not be as close to Pea as I thought, because she is still covered with snow at her house.

    Maybe you can find a good cupboard at a thrift shop or yard sale someday when it gets nice outside??

  9. Mary!!!! I have missed you!!!! I am up and running now. Seems that all is well here and my headache is just about gone.. I am the same way about my shop..... I spent all day Monday cleaning! People come and go through my shop and it gets cluttered..... and then I cannot work! It is spic and span now and I enjoy going out there...... I am so very backed up in my jobs and need to really hit it this week.. I hate the work but love the money.....ha!

    Love you my friend and so sorry that I have been MIA!

    Have a blessed Wednesday!

  10. Mary
    Spring cleaning time is when I wish I had inherited my Grandma Christian's cleaning gene. I have been working at it for over a month and still see no end in sight. I think I will rename it as Yearly cleaning because it is a year round job that no one I know likes to do. Grandma's house always sparkled like a clean glass. Come join me in my stroll around the park the next few days.
    BTW I feel like a kid each time I come tovisit and discover the new Easter postcard you have put in your header. Thanks for the feeling. Peace

  11. I'm the same about my studio. When I'm in the midst of a project, the room is a mess but I can't clean it up until I get everything done. That's why I like having the curtains over the doorway, hides it a little. I read a quote about a cluttered desk being the sign of a creative mind.
    Oh how I wish I could unpack those boxes and finally put my picutes up......
    I am going to do some work in the garage soon. Honey Bear brings a car load of items back every time he spends a week in Memphis. Most never get past the garage.
    Mama Bear

  12. Cleaning? Oh.........I love to get the organizing done too. But when it IS done, it sure doesn't take long to have it all cluttered again. Hope you find a good cabinet to hold all your manuscripts. I know they're priceless.

    And gardening....that's my passion this time of year. I so love to get outside and work. It's relaxing yet work. But so much can be accomplished.

  13. It feels so nice-after you do some spring cleaning. It's just the getting started that I have trouble with :)

  14. Flowers blooming!? We're in the middle of a huge snow storm here! Oh well, if I had flowers blooming I'd be outside, and I wouldn't have had time to write your song....come on over and check it out.

  15. I know what you mean!! I try to de clutter all the time. Do not like a mess. Also I learned after my dad died and we cleaned out his house, I will never have a mess like that for my kids if something should happen to me. He saved EVERYTHING!!! So now I am try to toss everything or give a way:)

  16. It's a lot of work to declutter a room but omigosh, it sure does feel good once it's done:-) I need to get started on my Spring cleaning, go through closets and such once again and get rid of what I haven't used since last year. I've got a new motto now, if it hasn't been used in a year, out it goes! lol

    We still have tons of snow here so my flowerbeds are still covered and I can't see if anything is growing yet. Today it's pouring rain so that will help get rid of some of the snow. It's supposed to turn to freezing rain afterwards, ugh!

    Going to NF for our latest trip was a decision we made practically at the last minute! lol How neat it would have been to meet Michelle there:-) xoxo

  17. I understand how these chores keep one from the important things, like writing. I wish I didn't, but I do.

  18. declutter and organizing a room takes a lot of work.
    I haven't done real any spring cleaning it sure don't seem like spring. It actual snowed again.

    Your bulbs are head of mine.

    Coffee is on.

  19. Maxine may not like Spring cleaning, but she makes us laugh. doesn't she?

    I, too, am working my way through my home, sorting and such. I am still working on my guest bath...just can't seem to get myself in the painting mood! LOL Maybe this weekend! I am dying to start laying the ceramic floor, though....I get lazy or maybe I am just burned out for the time being. LOL A little each day, and, eventually, it will all get done!

    ((( HUGS )))

  20. I hate housework. I have been working my way through my house, one room at a time. Two bedrooms down, one to go. I'm a pack rat, but I'm getting rid of a lot now. I'm so much happier in an uncluttered house. I would check out want ads, thrift stores, yard sales and such for a cabinet. Sometimes you can get a real bargain.