Monday, June 15

A Little Gardening with Jordan

Jordan came over today and helped me do a little gardening. Here he is at the front bed, getting ready to finish the planting.
He planted coleus and we now have two astilbe, one cream and the other pink, or so the label said. The one is flowering the other isn't yet. There is a foxglove on the right of the photo. They are absolutely gorgeous. The spiderwort is nice. It was gift from Michelle last year and if it is like hers, it will spread.

Hubby had planted this yellow trumpet vine and Jordan put the white rocks around it. It keeps the feral cats away and also helps the plant retain moisture.

It was really hot here today working out in the garden, so we finished up the front and then came in for a cold drink and enjoyed the air conditioner. I took him home around 3pm and tonight he attended his DARE graduation, which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance and Education. Grandma is quite proud that both of the boys graduated through this program.
Enjoy your week. It's going to be hot here, but Wednesday the rain is to be back. That will probably make it very humid. Not looking forward to it.


  1. My kids all graduated from the DARE program too. It really is a good one!

  2. Your flowerbeds will look so beautiful once everything has filled out, you really do have some gorgeous flowers in there. I think it's awesome that both boys have been helping you with it:-)

    Good for them for having graduated from the DARE program, it's no wonder you're so proud of them!!

    It was gorgeous here too today...I got home around 10 p.m. last night and it rained almost the whole way home. Figures it stopped when I got home! lol xoxo

  3. Congrats to them, the dare program is really wonderful.

  4. I don't know anything about the DARE program but I have no doubt you're very proud of your grandsons no matter what they do. They are well loved by Grandma that's for sure.

  5. Lovely garden, it's coming together nicely. Is there anything better than gardening with grandchildren? My grandgirls tell their mom, "we like to get dirty like Nana do".
    Congrats for DARE graduation, it is such a fine program!!!!

  6. I believe they must have dropped the DARE program out of the budget around here - unfortunate, since drugs have become an increasing problem in or area - especially meth. And you know how it has impacted our lives in a very up close and personal way. I have every hope that your boys will stay clean!

    The garden is looking so nice and those boys are such a big help to you - and you to them!

  7. The Dare program sounds very intersting. And your garden looks prettier every time I see it!

  8. THANK YOU MARY! I have this strange plant in my garden. I have had it for years and love it but no idea of where it came from. I think it was in a yard in Springfield and when flipping the house I liked it so much I dug it up and put it in a bucket. I have enjoyed it year after year but had NO idea what it was! Now I know! You have one in the first picture that you posted and it is called a Spiderwort! YEAH! Now I can buy more ! Wonder if they come in different colors?
    You have a lovely garden girl! Enjoy!

  9. How nice that the boys help you with your planting! It will be gorgeous once the flowers have grown into mature plants. Hope you will share pics of us all later on, too!

    I can tell you are a proud grandma for the boys graduating from the DARE program!!! And rightfully so!!! Congrats and hugs to them!!!

    ((( HUGS )))

  10. Good afternoon now I guess..just looked at the clock and it is noon already!! i am at work and the morning has been going pretty good so far..Nice catching up with you..

  11. They have the DARE programs around here too! Glad you got to spend some gardening time with Jordan. All of my foxglove have died off. I use to grow them over the winter in my basement along with many other flowers and I would have tons to plant in the spring. I haven't grown by seed for the last couple of years but maybe this winter I will pick that up again.

  12. Hi Mary
    Precious grandson to help his Nana garden! Oh you, I am so jealous of your trip with Pea!! I long for the day her and I can sit down and giggle away!!! Oh and bake too! You take care doll, Love,Lori

  13. You are blessed to have little helpers. I have to bribe my son into getting him plant the plants he likes to eat, ie tomatoes and potatoes. He had to water them himself. he was lucky to get some tomatoes and a little potaotes.

    Thanks about the little rocks, now I know what they are for.

  14. The garden will look even nicer in a month. I haven't turned on the AC yet as I don't believe the temperatures have even hit 25C yet this month here. This morning is chilly again.

  15. Thanks for signing up for my Pay It Forward ........ I had a little something in mind for you anyway! :) So it will be late in the year for you ! But I am so happy to do it.. Hope you get some good ladies to sign up for yours!

    My Samaritan Women is going to be pretty but the backgrounds are not loading so I have emailed the gal that built it....... See if I can get it up and running by tonight!

    Love ya and have a blessed Wednesday!

  16. How wonderful to have Jordan to help with the flowers. It was so HUMID TODAY you could wear the air here. Friday we are suppose to have a heat index of 105. I guess we are getting ready for JULY. Stay cool. Peace

  17. Hi Mary. Jordan looks adorable! He is a cutie!! Your garden is so pretty!!
    It is 90 here today the hottest it has been so far this year! Summer is here!! hugs Grams

  18. Jordan is really growing!

    Your yard looks good!

    Love, Jess

  19. It's pretty neat that the kids want to garden.

  20. Great to see your garden and to see Jordan so happy. Teach those grands to love gardening..My Caleb, love to help
    he's the lil sweet ornery one..