Monday, July 20

Dakota and the Dog Park

Sunday, it was a beautiful day. Temperatures in the afternoon was 73F. Though it was overcast, we decided to take Dakota to the dog park. He was getting a little rambunctious and he needed a good run.
I tried to get some shots of him. This was the best of the lot. He is quick and I kept getting photos of the ground.

Here he is running to hubby. Even though I am the one that's with him the most, he favors Dwight. When he called, Dakota would go right to him, but ignored me completely. At home it's different. He usually obeys me more often.

There were a lot of beautiful dogs at the dog park, but many of them, like Dakota, were too fast to get a good picture. These two were enjoying each other's company. There was a beautiful malamute/golden retriever cross there. Her personality reminded me of Meeko.

It was a nice outing. We stayed about an hour and enjoyed talking to several dog owners. We enjoyed the fresh air and Dakota slept the entire evening and night away. Exercise certainly calms him down.

I wish my friends and readers a nice week. It was warmer here today, but rain is moving in overnight if the weatherman is correct.


  1. Awesome photos Mary, gosh Dakota has grown so much...

  2. I know that was so much fun! Blessings for a wonderful week...m.

  3. I have never seen a dog park but I hear about them in other places. Are they fenced? Do the dogs ever fight? The pictures alway show them playing nicely. Dakota is a handsome doggie.

  4. Like the others, I can't help but comment on how much he's grown.

  5. Dakota is getting to be a big dog but is still a puppy and I'm sure is very energetic, needs exercise. You are lucky to have the park across the road. What you said about his listening to your hubby more than you reminds me of the way children are about their parents. Or at least the way we were.
    There's a young Cardinal on the deck. I'm not sure yet if its male or female by its coloring but I think it is female. Only the daddy is feeding it. I wonder if something happened to the mother. He is very nervous and jumps at every sound. Smokey loves watching him.
    I love that you're having some warm weather, it is the same as my cooler temps but its all relative.
    Have a good week,
    Mama Bear

  6. Having met Dakota face to face, I can honestly say he's a gorgeous dog:-) I think it's so neat how they have dog parks now, the first time I'd ever heard of one was in Barrie. I'm not even sure if we have one here, will have to find out. For my invisible dog, of course! lol

    Finally getting some beautiful weather here, sunny and 24c again today but by tomorrow rain until Sunday. Sigh. Gonna grow flippers pretty soon!!

    Have a terrific day my friend. xoxo

  7. It's been in the 100's around here for what feels like forever. But we've had rain the last 2 days so maybe that will help (I'm fooling's going to be blistering here in Texas for at least the next 2 months. lol).

    The mid 70's sound like heaven to me!!

    Love the pictures of Dakota...good to know that we take the same sort of pics of the animals. I have yet to get a decent one of our chow.


  8. our doggies love the dog park!!!'
    of course our dachshund stays right under my feet when we go...if he is not on a leash he is not nearly as brave as when on one!!!

  9. Hi Mary!
    Where I live it seems everyones property is others dog parks! Hope your week started off well rested and feeling well! yesterday two appointments, too much traveling to them and today I am so pooped. I know you understand where I'm coming from! Have a good week! Hot and humid here! Well I know its humid but the heat could be me! LOL Lori

  10. Mary, Dakota is getting so big. He is absolutely beautiful.

    God bless.

  11. My camera is too slow for some of the shots I want to get, too!

    We're having such a nice summer - no oppressive heat yet. I love it.

  12. Hey girl....... That puppy has GROWN!! Glad you got out and about today.........Sounds like your weather was wonderful....... always praying for you sweet friend....

  13. I was here yesterday but got called away so I didn't comment. They grow up so fast don't they? :) I don't know how I'll get Lacie to accept that she's not a puppy anymore and that she's too big to sit on our laps. Any ideas?

  14. I wish there had been access to a dog park when our Dakota was younger. It is a great way to socialize dogs. Our old dog is intimidated my other dogs coming toward him, and that makes him more likely to hide or fight.

  15. He is getting so big!
    I'm going to have to look and see if we have dog parks around...not that I have a dog, I'm just curious.

    have a great rest of the week

    Love, Jess

  16. Handsome dog, Mary!

    Um, I wonder if Dwight might be sneaking Dakota extra snacks???