Friday, July 24

A Family Visit

The boys, Mom and I had planned to go out of town to visit Melissa on Tuesday. Last weekend I came down with a cold and ear infection, so we put it off until I was feeling better. Today we made the trip. I couldn't believe how Melissa and Jack's boys have grown. Griffyn turned two at the end of June and Tarryn will be one next week. It's been a while since I've seen them and I was amazed.

When we arrived, Tarryn was chillin' in his swing. He loves that swing and often falls asleep there.
Here is a picture of him and Jordan when Tarryn was younger. Quite a difference.

Here is Mom with Jordan, Tarryn and Griffyn. If I've counted correctly, she has twelve great-grandchildren.
I asked Griffyn if he'd stand beside his brother to have his picture taken and he happily complied. He loves having his picture taken and then he wants to see the photos on the camera.

He knows how to put in a dvd, turn on the tv and start the dvd player. He wanted Baby Einsteins.
Here he is looking very seriously as if having his picture taken is something that takes great concentration.

He showed me his basket hat and wanted me to take his picture.

Look at that smile. It does this old gal's heart good to see such a beautiful smile on a young child's face.

Jordan and Griffyn. Jordan likes his picture taken. Brandon is in the background and right now is camera shy.
He did agree to have his picture taken with Griffyn. I don't ask Brandon to smile because unless he is truly smiling, he fakes it and it doesn't turn out well.

Melissa made us burgers and fries for lunch, which suited everyone fine. The kids loved it and we had a nice visit. Tarryn was tired and didn't share any hugs or kisses but Griffyn obliged.These boys are well-behaved and are really good boys. Melissa has her hands full because they are so close together in age, but she's doing a great job.

Take time to spend time with a child this weekend. There's nothing like playing patty-cake and hearing them laugh and giggle.


  1. Hooray - you got this to post!
    The boys really are growing. I remember seeing pictures of Griffyn when he was younger. They certainly are cute!

  2. Glad blogger is working for you tonight.

    What a handsome group of young men you have there.

    God bless.

  3. Good talking to you girl...... Have a wonderful weekend and try and sneak some quiet time for yourself......

    Love ya!

  4. Family days are really the best :-)

  5. I'm happy to see you have your blog up and running again. You must have had a few laughs with that visit too. 12 Grandchildren. Truly your mom is blessed. :)

  6. Beautiful photos of beautiful children.
    Truly, it is the simple pleasures!

  7. In that last photo, the little boy reminds me of Opie Taylor on Andy Griffin.
    I gave my Jordan a haircut on Thursday. He didn't wet his hair so I used the squirt bottle to dampen it as I cut. Once are twice I squirted him in the face with it and he just burst out laughing. Made it fun.
    Lots of boys in these pictures but where are you.
    Mama Bear

  8. I missed you blogging 'cause of the glitch in Blogger...but this post was so worth the wait!!

    Fabulous Mary. I finished my lamp last week [don't know if you had time to check your emails or not but...] I posted photos today.

    Have a super Saturday!!

  9. Looks like you had a very nice visit. I remember having 2 in diapers at the same time, those were the days.

  10. What handsome boys! Looks like you had a wonderful visit. Have a great weekend

  11. Mary...I just forwarded a copy of my last email...sent Thursday. :o)

  12. Hi Mary, Well, my daughter has gone back home. Sniff Sniff!! I am fine now!! I will miss her! But it not like it was years ago. We can e-mail and talk on the phone any time!!
    Your pictures were so good! Looks like you all had a great time! The little ones are so cute!! It looks like the grandsons enjoyed them too!
    Love and hugs, Carolyn

  13. Mary-so good to see you all enjoying each other's company-it's as family should be.

  14. Glad you got to visit with your family.

    Coffee is on.

  15. Glad to see blogger is being kinder to you now. What cute little boys. I am glad you had such a nice visit. Peace

  16. Oh wow, they sure have grown since I last saw pictures of them...they're both so adorable. I don't envy Melissa, though, it's gotta be hard raising two little ones so close in age!! I guess it's a good thing I never had twins! lol Glad you had such a lovely visit with them:-) xoxo