Sunday, July 26

Memories of Mom and Dad.

On July 24th Mom and Dad would have been married 64 years. Unfortunately, Dad passed away suddenly in 1981, leaving Mom a widow at the age of 54. Since then, Mom has lived alone, nuturing and caring for her family. She's never went out with another man nor has she even considered it. Dad was her only love and I know from things she says that she still misses him dearly.

The above photo is not one of their wedding, but it is of them in their younger years. That is the suit that Dad bought especially for their big day and he wore it to weddings and funerals for years. It was also the one he wore for his burial.

Mom and Dad met when Mom was quite young. He was eleven years older than she was. They married when she was 17 and he was 26. He worked from dawn to dusk and sometimes wasn't home when we kids went to bed. He brought home the paycheck and gave it to Mom to care for the house. They never believed in credit, so it was her job to save for what was needed, buy the groceries, make sure we had clothes and pay the household bills.

I only remember Mom and Dad having one argument in the entire time he was with us. They got along well and had a good marriage. For years they struggled financially but in later years were able to turn the tiny four-room clapboard house that Dad bought for $200 into a ranch style that had six large rooms.

I hope you enjoyed walking down Memory Lane with me. One thing I know that I'm going to do and that's ask Mom for a copy of their wedding picture.


  1. lovely post. you most obviously are one blessed lady to have such fine parents!
    Thank you for sharing this glimpse of you!

  2. My parents did make to 60 and beyond. Cuppa got congratulatory letters from the queen etc etc.

  3. Mary, No wonder we feel so close, My Dad died when he was 60 and when my Mother was 58 and Mom lived another 30 years going home on July 1, 1992.
    She never went out with anyone either or even thought about it! Thanks for sharing about your dear folks!
    Karen and Kelly got home from camping after midnight and are at church right now!
    I bet there will be some napping going on this afternoon!!!
    I don't need to go camping to want a little nap! LOL
    Have a nice Sunday. Love and hugs, Carolyn

  4. I always enjoy your memories. What a blessing to have wonderful parents!

  5. Precious post. Your mother's love for her husband is inspiring and I know she must miss him. 54 years old is a young age to be a widow.

    Mary I appreciate you for posting the Positive Day button on your sidebar. It really means a lot to me.

    Be blessed!

  6. I love seeing this old picture of your parents and hearing your memories.

    We are celebrating my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary next weekend. Incredible!

  7. I love your memory walks Mary. I've been doing that quite a bit lately..thanks for sharing such a lovely story and beautiful picture..;p

  8. I did...I did much. If only the newer generations were like our elders, the world would be a better place.

    I loved this Mary.

  9. What a beautiful couple! I can see the love and energy they projected on each other and on their family. My parents were that kind of couple. I never saw them argue.

    During the early stages of my first marriage I talked to my dad about the fights my spouse and I had. I said to dad, "You and mother never fought!" and he laughed and said, "Oh yes we did, only we vowed never to disagree or argue in front of our chidren."

  10. Such a lovely post, dear Mary, and it's no doubt that your mom still misses him very much. I never saw or heard my parents argue, they were always very careful not to do so in front of us kids. My mom was 16 and my dad was 17 when they met and married two years later...I guess it was a good thing they met so young since my dad passed away at 48 years old. At least they had over 28 years together:-) Love that picture of your parents!! xoxo

  11. That was a wonderful tribute to your parents. Peace

  12. Loved reading about your parents. My mom was the same way. Never even thought about another man. Said it was the first time in her life that she was her own boss..LOL

  13. That was sweet.
    I am glad that you grew up with such a great picture of what marriage should be like. Family is so important.
    Hope you are feeling better and getting a little rest.

  14. That is such a sweet story. It always makes my heart a little sad when I think of two people so much in love being seperated like that. But then I feel soothed at the thought of how strong a bond they must have with one another - to hold on from this world to the next.


  15. Ahh, thanks for sharing this lovely memory with us Mary. You were blessed to have such loving parents.

    God bless.

  16. What wonderful memory!

    Thanks for sharing
    Love, Jess

  17. Mary-I loved your walk down memory lane. Very precious.

  18. Lovely post Mary! If only the young people these days would work at their marriages the way ours did and not give up on things in just a couple of years. We wouldn't have the high divorce rate that we have now. Again, great post, I really enjoyed it!

  19. Good-looking parents, Mary - and a sweet story...:)