Saturday, August 1

In the Garden

In the garden, some things are flourishing and others are doing poorly. The flowers in the front bed are just beginning to grow. It's taken them a long time to get a start and I don't expect anything impressive from them.

The ivy, begonias and nicotina that Brandon planted in the pot is flourishing.
The ivy has gone from a sprig to what you see in the photo above. The gerber daisy that was originally in the basket didn't make it. I noticed that the gerber daisies at the nursery are also doing poorly. They look like they are diseased and maybe they are.

The asparagus fern and begonias in the baskets on the porch railing are looking great.

The hollyhock is blooming for a second time. I picked all of the dead blossoms off when it died back, hoping that it would flower again and I wasn't disappointed.

The cabbage and carrots in the veggie garden are doing well. We've had a few baby carrots already. Dakota loves to eat them raw.

We have a lot of tomatoes coming. These are going to taste delicious. I love garden fresh tomatoes.
Brandon harvested the first one yesterday. It was a little green on one side, so I left it on the porch railing to ripen. It is going to taste wonderful.

It was a sunny, hot day here today. 29 degrees celsius, which is 84.2 F. It seemed a little hot to me, but that's because we've had temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s for most of the summer. I like cooler temperatures but was sure happy to see the sun the last three days.

Enjoy your weekend. This is the Civic holiday...some people have a long weekend while others have to work. Mainly government employees get Monday off...retail stores are open.


  1. Your garden is looking good. I love home grown tomatoes!
    It was warmer by you, than here. It was only in the low 70's. It's been quite a cool summer.

  2. Your flowers are looking good! Most of my container plants are burned out, too hot here in FL!

    Wish I had that tomato!! I love fresh tomato sandwiches!


  3. Your flowers are so pretty. I love the red flower with the varigated ivey. It looks wonderful together.
    Aand your tomato plant are so healthy looking. SDO you have a secret to make them look so good?
    Mine did awful this year.
    I love tomatoes fresh from the garden still warm from the sun, made into a sandwich with mayo and homemade bread. YUM!

  4. I adore home grown tomatoes especially with home grown corn...hugs...m.

  5. Your pictures reminded me that I have some homegrown tomatoes. I almost forgot about them. YIKES!

  6. Mary,

    I've got Hollyhock planted this year, the black color, I hope that they do well so that next year the plants will bloom. It's been so hot and dry lately - but the past few days have given us a lot of needed rain.

  7. ooh tomatoes fresh, fabulous! Love your water feature btw :-)

  8. I loved the peek at some of your plants. Your vegetables are a little ahead of ours. The broccoli grew well and fast this year, I guess it likes all the moisture we have had. It will be a while before we get ripe tomatoes. I am already trying what to do with green ones.

    I love you cistern pump on the barrel. I take it, it is ornamental. I have a real one installed on the edge of the sink in the cabin. It give us "running" water from the river. I was surprised you could still buy them new.

  9. The only time that I grew tomatoes, the squirrels had more than we did.

  10. We've picked our tomatoes as they turn yellow because something likes to eat them and we find them with bite marks. We pick them and put them in a window to ripen further.
    My Daisies have so many leaves that it is hard for water to get through to the soil but they still bloom. I notice the one on the back has yellow leaves. I think it is root bound.
    temps in the 80s would feel warm if you were used to 60s and 70s. We have such high humidity that even 70s can feel hot.
    Mama Bear

  11. Your gardens -veggie and flower -both look great to me! My garden as been growing by leaps and bounds -or so it seems. I've frozen several packs of green beans now as well as a couple packs of peas too. Tomatoes are appearing on one plant, the other plant now has blossoms so looks like we'll get some fresh tomatoes in the near future as well as some corn and cucumbers too! The cucumbers seem to have gone viral in their outreach into ALL the other vegetables range! And although it took forever it seemed for any blossoms to appear on the cucumber plants, they are absolutely loaded now with the yellow blooms so I'm liable to be overrun with cucumbers out the old yazoo! The sad thing about that is that I have nary a clue as to how to make pickles, which would be the only way to use a huge supply of cucumbers. We eat cucumbers here, yes, but not that many!
    Peace and keep growing those things!

  12. Everything is looking good up there. We have to pick our tomatoes before they get fully ripe because if we do not the birds begin to feast on them. My gerber daisy bloomed only once and that was when we got it. The gree foliage looks okay and it has been fed so I do not know what else to do to it. Peace and enjoy that ripe tomato.

  13. Your flower are so pretty, Mary!! You sure have a green thumb.
    Garden ripe tomatos, Oh Boy! They are the best!! Hugs Grams

  14. We have some tomatoes coming, and I can't wait for some BLTs with really good tomatoes.

    We had 92F today - I don't like it that warm.

    So Dakota is a vegetarian, eh? Cute!

  15. Everything is looking good. The new header is ADORABLE!!!!!

  16. Mmmmmmmmm, that tomato makes my mouth water.

    Beautiful flowers and plants have a green thumb!

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