Monday, August 3

Birthday Fun for the Little Guys

My readers will know that my niece, Melissa, has two boys, Griffyn and Tarryn. Griffyn turned two at the end of July and Tarryn just turned one. She decided that for this year she would have a joint birthday party.

She invited her friend, Kathy, and her four-month old son, Liam. He felt right at home in Griffyn's swing.
Here is Kathy and Liam. They enjoyed attending the party. Melissa and Kathy don't get together too often.

The boys got some presents. My mother made them some clothes, Griffyn got a Thomas the Tank Engine dvd from Dwight and I and Tarryn got a book. They got other clothes and toys as well and their parents bought them a playground set for the backyard.

Here is Brandon, Griffyn and Dwight by the playground. Not sure what they were discussing, but Brandon looks surprised.

Michelle, Brandon, Barry and Jordan. This is their family and they were all sitting together at the time, so thought I'd get a picture.

Griffyn, saying, "Hang on Tarryn, here we go. It's going to be fun."

Tarryn can climb up that slide with no problem. Griffyn can as well. Tarryn is quite a climber for his age.

"Watch me. I can do this and I'm going to... just to prove it to you."

"I can do it again. Just watch me."

"Come on, Tarryn. Let's try it one more time."

"I wonder how Dad put this thing together. Maybe I can figure out how to take it apart."

" I like my hat, but don't want to wear it right now. Let's see how far it will go if I throw it out this way."
"Aw, they made me put it back on. Mom says I have to wear it because it's really sunny out here."
"This sandbox is much more fun when it has water in it. See how much I can splash?"

" Oh, oh, big brother. You wore your sandals in the pool. Wait till Mom sees this. You're going to be in BIG trouble."
"Ah, my backside feels much cooler now that it's in the pool."

"I wonder what will happen if I jump? Great Aunt Mary says, 'no jumping, Griffyn.' "
"Mmm! Wonder if this sippy cup will float with juice in it. Might be fun to find out."

"This stump makes a great leaning post. I can lean on this and see what is going on in the entire yard."

"Bubbles are fun."

"Tarryn, see the bubbles. See if you can catch them, but don't eat them. They taste bad."

"Mom says not to climb on the table. Can't I do anything fun?"

"Well, finally. Playing ball is lots of fun."

"See, I can even hold my own with the Big Guy."
"What's a guy have to do to get some birthday cake?"]
"Ah, finally. Didn't they realize that I was starving?"
"Hey, whatever this is, it sure tastes good. I was going to sleep in the pool, but this stuff has given me lots of energy.

We all had a great time and the boys shared their first birthday party together. It was a beautiful day and we were able to stay out in the backyard for the entire time. Thanks, Melissa, for a great afternoon.


  1. Mary, it looks as if the party was a smashing success. I love attending little ones parties, they are so full of joy.

    God bless.

  2. Now that looked like it was a lot of fun!

  3. I know how you love those boys, so I know you had a great time. What fun pictures of them enjoying themselves. I liked the pictures of Michelle's family too.

  4. such beautiful babies!! Bet you had a blast

  5. Toward the end, I noticed their matching shirts. I'm slow, I guess.
    They will really enjoy each other being so close in age.
    Mama Bear

  6. Wonderful pictures Mary... I felt like I was right there enjoying the whole party... fun!!

  7. It looks like a great party. The kids are sure cute!

  8. Awwwwwwwwwww, Mary, this is such a wonderful share. Love your captions too. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  9. Oh what a fun party!! I love the swimming sandbox-so cute :)

    Your flowers are looking lovely too.

  10. A very nice celebration. Those little guys are getting big. Peace

  11. Now that looks like a fun birthday party for sure:-) I can sit there and watch kids playing all day, just love seeing their expressions! They sure looked like they were having a great time:-) I think it was a smart idea to celebrate both birthdays at the same time. Another great idea was to use the sandbox as a pool!!! Hope all is well with you, dear Mary, I have lots of catching up to do! xoxo

  12. What fun! They are so cute at those ages, too! :)

  13. Look at all those pictures and what a party...... Mercy, looks like everyone had a good time..... Those boys are just precious!

    Things here are a bit much the past few days......Dad is not well..... I will send you email tomorrow.....

    Love ya

  14. What a fun day - with great pictures and narration. The new toys look like they're a hit!

    Kristen moved this week-end and Grandpa got to take down and put up their huge swing set - again! They really love it, and the twins are already climbing UP the slide.

    Did you catch my bubble pictures in my next to the last post? Check it out! Missing you lately.

  15. Looks like it was a beautiful day.
    What a great chance to get all the family together for some fun and pictures.

  16. What a fun Birthday Party! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Everybody looks like they are really enjoying the day.
    The little boys are blessed to have a Great Grandma and a Great Aunt that cares for them like you do!!
    Hugs Carolyn

  17. What a wonderful birthday party for the two boys! Everyone looked like they were having a great time. You got lots of really good pictures Mary!

  18. Hi Mary!
    Wonderful family gathering! Watching the little ones is always so much fun! Lori