Wednesday, July 29

What's Been Happening Here

Not much has been happening here. The weather has been unseasonably cool for this area most days and we are still getting a lot of rain. On Sunday, we had torrential rains and at one point it was so bad I couldn't see across the street. Many streets were flooded, especially those that run under overpasses. Cars were marooned in water and basements and yards were flooded.

Melissa's backyard looked like a rice paddy and her basement flooded. They have only lived there a couple of months and didn't realize that the property adjoining theirs behind is elevated an entire foot more than theirs. This causes the water to pour out of the neighbour's yard into her yard. She had quite a mess to clean up. Luckily many of her friends were able to give a hand.

We live on a hill and at these times I'm very happy that we do. Though mowing the terraces is a hard job, rain doesn't run into our basement. However, the neighbour to the east gets all the run-off from up the hill because of the way her yard is sloped. She is in Nunavut and has a tenant. I sure hope he took care of her basement for her.

Not much else has been happening here. With the rainy weather, I haven't been getting out much with the boys and we are all bored to death. Hoping tomorrow is a nicer day.

I know I haven't been over to visit many of you but am hoping to stop by soon.


  1. I sure hope the sun comes out soon for you and dries everything up. Kev, up in Maine, was glad to see the sun this week, but the humidity is outrageous. We had two downpours today - but nothing like the flooding you're having. Although we have been there, done that in other years. Our basement flooded after we'd lived here 5 years - we were pretty shocked, and it ruined many things we had stored down there.

  2. Bless your heart! I'm all for the rain (since we've been in a bit of a brought here for the past 100 years or so. lol), but too much rain gets me down. Way down. I need the sunshine to feel happy. :)

    Hope your area dries up soon!


  3. I hope it dries up quickly! We need some rain here. It keeps looking like it and might rain a little, then the sun comes out.

  4. Mary, I hope it stops raining there soon. Flooding basements are not fun.

    God bless.

  5. I feel for Melissa and others who are having flooding problems. Not an easy task.
    I hope the sun shines tomorrow on you. We are suppose to get chances of rain every day dropping down to 20 per cent Saturday. Today was a wet one for us but no floods. Peace

  6. Your post has me thinking. It seems to me that basements are rare, if at all, around here. I know there are walk outs but outside of that, I really don't think so. Feel free to send some of that rain this way. We'll gladly take it. You should see my backyard Mary. The grass is brown with just a hint of green. :)

  7. Ottawa has set a July record. Apparently, we are doing worse than most.

  8. As I was reading you post just now and thinking we could use a little rain, a down pour began. I hope it is just enough and not a flood type rain.

  9. and're both making me very jealous. No, not the torrential, flooding...but all the rain you're both getting. I want some.

    This morning, when I went out early [still dark] the clouds were rolling and sunrise, they'd dissipated. Go figure.

    Have a glorious Thursday Mary.

  10. Sounds like way to much rain!! Hugs Grams

  11. I know how depressing days and days without sunshine can be. I hope you are able to get out soon. It has rained an inch here while I was away and then during the night it rain more. I've not been out to check the gauge but we needed the rain. I have lots of green tomatoes but not very many ripe ones. I guess this is good not to have more than I need but enough for a sandwich every day would be good.
    I picked up a few things while at the beach: sand, sunburn and 5 or 6 extra pounds. Ugh! I'll have to be careful for a few weeks and try to get off 10 now where before it was only 5.
    Mama Bear