Friday, August 14

Fun at Niagara Falls

This week the boys' parents have been on holidays. On Thursday they went to Niagara Falls for the day and had some family fun. Michelle knows I stole borrowed these photos. They actually took the elevator down into the earth and spent some time behind the Falls. Since blogger is giving me a hard time, these aren't in order.

Michelle and the boys all dressed up in the raincoats that they give you to keep you dry while you're behind the Falls. They are squinting because of the mist.

The area where you look out onto the Falls is like a fortress and is made of rock. I remember many years ago, probably in the 70s, when I went on this tour. At that time the raincoats were yellow.

Maid of the Mist taken from behind the Falls. You can see these people are wearing the identical rain gear and heading right into the rainbow.

Brandon, taking in the sights and if I know him, doing a bit of deep thinking. He is camera shy at this age.
Jordan with the Falls in the background. He enjoys having his picture taken. I think both of these photos are nice. Behind Brandon is the American Falls and the Niagara River. Behind Jordan, the Horseshoe Falls, which are on the Canadian side.

The Horseshoe Falls from behind the Falls. The water sounds like thunder at this vantage point. 150,000 gallons per second go over the American Falls...600,000 gallons per second over the Horseshoe Falls. No wonder the Native Peoples of the area called it "Ongniaahra," meaning Thunder of Waters.

This is part of the Niagara Escarpment. On the right of the photo is the Niagara River. The water in the River always looks turquoise.

Another glimpse of the Falls from the tour.

And this one. The experience of going into the bowels of the Earth and viewing the Falls from behind is awesome...something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

This one shows the rocks behind the Falls. You can even see the mist coming off the water. Michelle told me it was very misty that day. No matter what the day is like there is always mist coming off the Falls. The wind direction carries the mist to either the American or Canadian side. I've been at the Falls on days when the mist was so heavy you'd think it was raining.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Niagara Falls from behind on the Canadian side. It's a place I never tire of.


  1. Mary, I have really enjoyed your posts summery and enjoyable.

    You know one of my dreams is to go to Niagara Falls...and this was awesome. I almost cry when I see your and Pea's pictures....I just want to see it sooo bad.

    Thanks for bringing me a piece of my dreams tonight.

    love, Jess

  2. Those are some great photos! I went to the Falls once, but didn't get to go behind them. Maybe next time.

  3. Hi Mary,

    may be you and I were at the Canadian side of the Niagara at the same time back in 1976. LOl

    Thanks for good memories, I was with my uni friends and we couldn't afford the cruise. But I remember clearly looking down and seeing how small the vessels were.

  4. I enjoyed this. We had a nice time at the Falls last year but didn't get behind them. I'm sure it would be just as spectacular. Please tell the boys that I am proud of them for the yard work they did. It was very nice of them to do that and very "manly" too. :)

  5. I did!! I did enjoy this!

    What an experience. And such great photos to boot! I could almost HEAR the thunder.

  6. A good day for all, it looks like.
    Mama Bear

  7. I loved these pictures. Someday I really want to go there.

  8. All my life I have wanted to go there and have yet made it..Maybe one day!! Thanks for sharing so that I can at least "see" a little bit of what it is like.

  9. Ah what a great trip. Ya'll are so lucky to have it in drivin distance. It is on my bucket list. Peace

  10. This is one of the places I would truly like to visit. Great photos...

  11. mary...awesome photos! Hubster and I were at Niagra last Saturday...amazing!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing these photos!

  12. I used to love going to the "Falls" growing up. It is such a wonderful trip. It looks as if the boys are having a great time.

    God bless.

  13. I love those pictures. Maybe someday I'll get to visit them.

  14. Great post, Mary... I think my favorite Aunt went to see the falls on her honeymoon... and my neighbors across the road.. went last summer... thanks for this post...maybe I'll get to see them one day...

  15. My Mom's younger sister lived in Niagara Falls (US) for many years and her husband grew up there there. His family home was just above the whirlpool area. The last time I was up to the Falls was in the summer of 1957 and on that occasion, Mom and I took the elevator to the foot of the falls. When we got back to my aunt and uncle's home and told them what we had done, my uncle about went into cardiac arrest as he told us he had NEVER in all his years of living there, gone on the elevator or any of the other "tourist" things around the Falls. He actually considered them to be way to dangerous. Go figure, considering he claimed that he and his brother used to swim in the river -by the whirlpool! Not sure if that was fact or fiction though.

  16. Hi Mary, I have never been to Niagara Falls but Karen and Kelly have a few years ago. They said it was very beautiful!

    Someday maybe I will get to see it! But with pictures like this I feel like I had a tour! The boys look like they were enjoying theirselves! Hugs Grams

  17. Steve and I really enjoyed going on the Journey Behind the Falls this summer and we want to go again one day. It's an absolutely awesome feeling being there. I'm so glad that your daughter and her family were able to experience it, no doubt they all loved it:-) xoxo