Monday, November 16

No Renovations Today

No renovations at our house today. Hubby's hips were giving him trouble from standing on the ladder yesterday and there were other, regular chores that needed doing. Laundry is all done except two loads, which I'm leaving for tomorrow.

Jordan had a Professional Development Day today and so I picked him up around 11 am and we went to the hardware store and bought the see-through 2 x 4 inch clear panel that fits into the ceiling where the flourescent light is. We came here and that was changed and what a difference that made. The old one has been here since we bought the house and it was time for a new one. Jordan was quite impressed with the difference that made in the lighting. The kitchen is actually bright.

After that we went out for a while and did a couple of errands. We actually had quite a nice talk about life in general, how he was doing at school and the difficulties he's having with French. It was a nice time spent with him one-on-one.

After Jordan went home, I came back, spent some time with Dakota and made supper. All in all it was a good day.

It's been beautiful here for over a week. Balmy temperatures have been welcomed at this time in November. It's above seasonal, but alas, all of that is ending. It's rather chilly tonight and this cool trend is to continue with rain on Thursday.


  1. Everyone needs a rest after working hard. I took French in high school. Yesterday I was watching a DVD of the old TV show the Waltons. I accidentally punched a button and it started closed captioning the show, and it was doing it in French. It was so neat, I found myself reading it through the entire show. I told my husband that I might relearn French this way.

  2. Sounds like you had a beautiful day. I'm sure Jordan enjoyed having you all to himself today. You really have some nice grandsons... so willing to help when you need them.

  3. Rest...... for sure...... I have laundry in the machine as we speak and I need to put it in the dryer....... Today was so busy...... in fact I am sitting here writing a new post for my blog..... I guess it will be tomorrow........

    Hugs to you my friend.........

  4. Ask me how cold it is HERE!?!!! I got up this morning early 'cause there was supposed to be clear skies and a meteor shower around 2-5 a.m.....I saw some, but dang it was in the low 40s!!! That's cold for us'ins!!!

    Awwwwww, French, I ♥ the language, so romantic...especially coming from a man's voice...I melt. LOLOLOL

    Take it easy with the sore hips!! That's not fun.

  5. PS....Mary, the barnacles here grow MUCH larger than 2 inches. The one in my photo is about 5-6 inches.

  6. Well, it isn't cold here. I didn't even turn up the heat when I got out of bed. It has been raining.
    I need to do something about the light in my kitchen as it does not provide enough light. Luckily, the previous owner had installed under cabinet lighting.
    Mama Bear

  7. Hello dear Mary:-)

    Gosh, I'm so behind with blogging and facebook, it's ridiculous! Been doing so many things around the house and haven't spent much time on the computer at all. Darn priorities! lol

    I just caught up with your last few posts and I can see you've been pretty busy as well. The kitchen ceiling looks terrific...amazing how just new tiles can make such a difference, doesn't it! I look forward to seeing pictures when everything is done. You have quite a couple of great helpers as well, good for you:-)

    It's been sunny here for the past week and although we had some very mild temps, it's turned cold again but I don't mind, as long as it's sunny!! Yesterday I decorated my deck at the front of the house and I think it's the first time I don't freeze my fingers while doing it! lol

    Take care of YOU!! xoxo

  8. Mary
    Everything is looking good and sounds like Dwight had really good help. Our weather has been warm for November and it is just now beginning to get a nip in the air at night. Peace

  9. Mary,
    I love the new banner and all the beautiful pictures on your side bar. Have a very Happy week..m..

  10. You have such a good relationship with the boys. Good for both you and them.

  11. Hi Mary
    I was wondering did you know you can access the new site easier by just going to rufflesribbons and roses? I have been so busy with Noelle's wedding today is the first time in three weeks I've been able to blog! I hope this finds you well. I too need a new ceiling in the kitchen but all projects are waiting till after the first of the year, I'm pooped from planning the wedding ! Take care,Lori

  12. umm, dear? could we lighten up the print a little? it's AWFULLY hard to see the dark green against that black background!!

    the stars are cool though.

  13. Mary-sounds like you are doing well-and I am glad. Bet the kitchen feels so very nice.

  14. Thank you Mary for your sweet email! You are such a neat lady and such an encouragement! I'm sorry your hubby had health problems this past year and life has been hard, but it is neat to see the Lord has brought you through and been with you every step! I hope you have a beautiful day!

    Hugs, Sharon