Monday, December 21

Christmas Book Swap

At the end of November I hosted a Christmas book swap. Today, a parcel arrived in the mail.

It was beautifully decorated and was from Paula at On A Rainy Night, my partner.
Inside, I found a lovely handmade book bag.

Inside was Debbie Macober's Christmas Letters. Paula also sent along another great book Fall on Your Knees. It is the story of sisters in New Waterford, Nova Scotia, the mining town where my friend, Jo Ann, was born and raised. I'm looking forward to reading both books.

Thank you, Paula. You made great choices and I'm looking forward to reading both books. Special thanks for the beautiful handmade book bag with the dog paw button. Whoohoo!!!

Added Note: Please keep my friend, Jo Ann, in your prayers. She was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw in November and will be in surgery Tuesday December 22nd at 8am.

I've neglected to keep you updated on our roofing situation. Last Tuesday, this truck appeared in our driveway about 9:30 am. It was the roofers. I fired the company that we had initially agreed to go with because they didn't show up and didn't return my calls.

So, another young man that is just starting his company got the opportunity to do the job. Here he is on the roof.
There's no way the upstairs ceiling will be repaired before Christmas, but at least it's not leaking anymore. We are blessed for Tyler, a hard working young man who solved all of our roofing problems.


  1. What a nice package - better than a bill!
    I'm so happy that the roof is finally being fixed~!

  2. How nice to find a workman who is willing to work! Hope the patch (if that's what it is) holds up for the winter.

  3. Paula sure does excel at making the cutest crafty things, doesn't she?
    Things are moving right along for your roof repair and let's hope it keeps on going that way. And for sure, will keep your friend in thought and prayer for only the best results from the surgery and speedy recovery thereafter too!
    Peace and God Jul!

  4. Such nice gifts sweetie. I am glad your roof is finally getting fixed. I will be praying for your friend Jo Ann. I love you.

  5. Such a nice book swap! I need to take pictures of mine.. I have a stocking swap also to take pictures of .......

    Glad the roof is going well and I will remember your friend Jo Ann tomorrow.....

  6. You hit the jackpot with your book swap! ;o)

    Glad your roof is repaired. I know that's a load off your mind.

    I wish you a blessed and joyous Christmas, dear friend.

    Love and big Christmas hugs,


  7. Lovely books Mary. Hope you enjoy reading yours as much as I will enjoy mine. Thanks so much for hosting the book swap once again.

    Glad to know you are going to get your roof fixed.

    God bless.

  8. I received my book swap from Peggy and just love it!! Thank you so much for hosting it again this year, Mary, it's something I so look forward to every year:-)

    Glad you were able to get someone to come fix your roof. It's terrible how that other company acted, makes you wonder how they can keep customers! xoxo

  9. Hi Mary! So glad that your books came and that you like your bag. It's recycled from a wool sweater that I felted.
    Putting your friend JoAnn on my prayer list. I sure hope she's doing well after her surgery today.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.