Saturday, December 19

A Bit of This and That

Friday was the boys last day of school until January. Brandon's school had a dance and he asked me to pick him up at noon, as he didn't want to attend. In the afternoon, we finished a bit of Christmas shopping and wrapped presents. Then we picked up Jordan from school and I took them home.

Today, the boys came over and Jordan wrapped his presents and then we baked peanut butter cookies. We even made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which was Brandon's idea. I used Splen*da so I could have some and they turned out great.

Tonight, I wrapped most of the Christmas presents that I had to wrap and stuffed the boys' stockings. They've always had stockings here and that tradition will continue. Hubby and I don't do stockings.

Some have been asking how it's going with the insulin. It's going great. I have the insulin pen. You just put in a new needle each time and it's easy as pie. It doesn't hurt at all and you don't even know you're poking yourself. I was a bit upset when I found out I had to go on insulin, but believe it was a blessing in disguise. I already feel better but still have a ways to go to get my levels stable. They are fluctuating through the day, especially mid-afternoon. Other than that, things are going fine.

Well, not much else to talk about here. Shopping is done. Baking is almost done. Christmas wrapping is almost done. Tomorrow afternoon, hubby and I are going to visit new-found friends for an hour or two. It was nice of them to invite us and I think I'll take them a nice poinsetta.


  1. I love you, and I am glad things are going well with your insulin. Take care sweetie.

  2. Glad it's all going well for you Mary, I have a question, do you find with Brandon that he's sociable or is he not confident about going out where there's other people? I was just wondering in regards to aspergers...

  3. I haven't seen that you posted comments @ mine, but I wanted to post here that I really am happy to hear that the insulin shots are working will take some time to get it all adjusted, I'm sure.

    I ♥ Poinsettias! When we drove through Old Mexico one year, south of San Diego...we drove way south, and along the highway there were poinsettia TREES! What a delight that was to witness. I couldn't believe the size of them...huge, tall, and beautiful.

  4. I was going to ask how the insulin was going and now you already answered me. Glad the injection part is easy for you.

  5. I'm happy that you are feeling better with your insulin. How was your visit with your new friends?

  6. We all get stockings here. You're never too old ... or, at least, we're never too old. Just kids at heart. :)

  7. Mary, I am happy that the insulin is working for you. It will take awhile for the fluctuating to settle down, I know that from my cousin who also is on insulin injections.

    Sounds as if you are ready for Christmas... almost there myself. Just have to wrap gifts and finish off the sleep pants.

    God bless.

  8. I love the gigantic poinsettia bushes in Hawaii at this time of year - just fabulous. Mine isn't doing so well this year.

    Glad you've had good times with the boys, and that you're feeling better!

  9. high protein and watch your carbs.
    glad the insulin is going well!!

    have a great christmas week

  10. Sending you holiday wishes for a peaceful happy Christmas and New Year!!

    From Bud and Me to you...

  11. Loved this post.:)Those cookies sound yummy!!Glad things are looking up for you.:)Blessings~Sharon

  12. Sounds like you've got everything under control with the Christmas preparations:) I just have my fudge to make and chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows...I always wait to make those just before Christmas. Haven't wrapped any gifts yet but don't have that many so it won't take me long:)

    Glad to hear the insulin shots are going well and hopefully you'll soon find out what the right dosage is for you.

    Hope you had a wonderful visit with your new found friends:-) xoxo

  13. Mary I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and feeling better..that makes my heart smile.
    I know it is stinky when you just don't feel right.
    Sounds like you and the boys had some fun baking...they are so blessed to have you. One day they will look back on these times and treasure the memories.
    Have a blessed you girl!
    Have fun with your new friends.

  14. I had an Open House this afternoon for some women friends. I have a gift card for $20 off of an item at my favorite store. It expires tomorrow. I'm trying to decide if I'm crazy enough to go. I have to go pick up a gift card at Home Depot, drop some items off at the car dealer and maybe go to the post office if Honey Bear's package doesn't get delivered tomorrow.(long story). Then Thursday it will be time to cook. Little Trucker got a turkey so I've been designated to cook it. It is a small one and I'm thinking of using a foil cooking bag. Then its cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'm tired already.
    Mama Bear