Sunday, December 13

Making Candy and Cookies

On Saturday, the boys came to help make our traditional Christmas chocolates and to do a bit of baking. We made the centers for the chocolates, which takes the best part of the afternoon. They asked if we could leave the baking for another day, as they were tired. It does take a bit to make the chocolates. We were about three hours making one batch, which equalled 16 dozen. It is a large recipe. Grandma and her daughters and daughters-in-law used to make them together and then divide them between the families. I plan to share them and to give some away as gifts.

Today hubby and I dipped them. It doesn't take long once you have the semi-sweet and milk chocolate melted. Here is half of the total batch. They look so good, but not something I can have much of. I did treat myself to one chocolate and hubby also had one.

Now, back to Saturday. After the boys left at 6:30 pm, I decided to try a new recipe that my friend, Jo Ann, gave me. It was for Pineapple Snowballs, and this is the end result. Here is the recipe:
1 block of Philadelphia* cream cheese (250 grams or approximately 8 ounces)
1 can crushed pineapple, well drained
2 cups shredded cocoanut
*Soften cream cheese
*Place in mixing bowl
* Add drained pineapple
* Mix well
* Add 1 cup cocoanut
* Mix thoroughly
* Chill for 1 hour
* Form into balls
* Roll in remainder of cocoanut
* Chill for 6 hours
* Serve
These are very tasty and diabetics can partake of this treat. I used light cream cheese, but either that or regular is fine to use. Enjoy!


  1. Your chocolates look so nice. I hate dipping them, and mine never end up as pretty as yours!

  2. Your chocolates look lovely. I am still busy making mine, and I am going to add the Pineapple Snowballs to the mixture this year. Just have to get some more cream cheese.

    God bless.

  3. Yummy ... can you send one to me electronically??? Pretty please ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Wow those look great!
    I will do my normal fudge,pumpkin bread, and pralines...and I may just have to try your pineapple treats. I can't believe you did not have to add sugar...that is great.
    I do love the baking during the holiday season...and I need to get started soon.
    You are making great memories with your grand-kids.:)

  5. Everything looks wonderful Mary. Those chocolates are quite a chore then, huh? But I bet the boys loved lending a're making sweet memories for them in the years to come.

  6. Those pineapple snow balls look very good. I like that they are diabetic-friendly.

  7. Hi Miss Mary,
    I love coming to visit and see what you and the boys have been up to. You are making such wonderful memories with those boys. I need to get baking, sewing, painting. Time gets away from me and then I have to kick into high gear here.
    I have not tried making candy, but it is on a future list. Enjoy you wonderful person you,
    PS Annie did a super job on your header, love it.

  8. As Kelly walked by the computer and saw the Snowball Cookies she said "wow" what are those!! I said Mary's cookies!! They look so good! I am so glad you can enjoy the boys coming over and helping. Bill's kids who came over over every year for years, well, Sarah is married now and Jake is 22 and in college so enjoy every single minute of this special time!!! Love and hugs Carolyn

  9. Wow, you have been very busy. It's fun baking with kids, they enjoy helping so much.

  10. Everything looks really yummy. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas card, love you.

  11. PS....another day. Another Blog. LOL

    Just wanted you to know that I posted the Christmas Survey meme on my blog today along with a picture of the Toffee.

    Come by...hope all's well with you today Mary.

  12. I have been looking for something that a diabetic could eat and Bless you, you have published a coconut treat. I love coconut. Thanks, I will pick up some coconut when I go to the grocery and make some. Those chocolates look YUMMY. My numbers were not good the last time I went to the Dr. so my meds have been increased. Rats but at least something can be done. Peace

  13. Oh, I like the sound of the coconut ones. And I have all of the ingredients on hand, I believe.
    Thanks, Mary.
    Mama Bear

  14. And where were the boys when I was making my chocolates???? lol You have some good helpers there, dear Mary:-) Your chocolates look so delicious!! Those pineapple snowballs also look yummy and I'm going to copy the recipe and give them a try. I love anything with pineapple and coconut. xoxo

  15. Mary isn't it nice how something as simple as making cookies can add to our Christmas joy. I'm glad the boys enjoying helping you.

  16. Oh those chocolates look so yummy Mary and what fun to have the boys help you make them!!!!! Are those peanut butter balls? I could eat them by the dozen but can't any more, my sugar is high too. The coconut ones look delish, anything with cream cheese in it has to be good! I too will be copying the recipe! :o)

    I read your Christmas meme, very good, I enjoyed your answers. If I weren't so lazy about copying it I would do it!! Can you copy and paste it so you just add the answers?

    I hope you have a simply lovely Christmas celebrating the birth of the Saviour! xoxox