Sunday, January 31

Etsy Interview with Niki of Pink Magic

As most of my regular readers will know, I recently started selling on Etsy. I have vintage and handmade items in my shop, called The Old and New Shop. I had created a banner for the shop, but it wasn't something that caught the eye, so I requested a custom made banner in the Alchemy section of Etsy.

It wasn't long until I had four bids. The one that was most appealing was from Niki at Pink Magic. She worked with me diligently and within one hour, I had a new banner and avatar for my shop.

I asked Niki if she would consent to be interviewed. She agreed and here is the result.

1. What circumstances brought you to opening a shop and selling on Etsy and how did you chose the name of your shop?

I decided to start selling on etsy because money has been tight. I was selling items on ebay, but decided to take it up a notch and found etsy. When thinking of a name for my store, I simply closed my eyes to see what would pop into my mind. Pink Magic was the very first thing that came to me. My favorite color is pink, so I just thought it would be a great name.

2. What medias do you use when creating the items for your shop?

I use a lot of cardstock for my paper crafts and cards. I recently started embossing and I love it! I also love to paint wooden objects, such as my mini keepsake boxes and wooden coaster sets.

3. How did you feel when your first item sold?

I was ecstatic! I posted a few Halloween die cuts, went to bed, woke up six hours later and saw that someone bought them right away! I was so happy!

4. How long have you been selling on Etsy?

I made my first sale August 27th, 2009. So, five months now.

5. Do you have a day job or is Etsy your only source of income?

I work at the hospital as a contact rep and I also fill out online surveys through cashcrate.

6. When I accepted your bid to make my banner, you had it done in approximately one hour. Do you usually give your customers such prompt service?

I try to do my best. I only accept bids if I know I have the time to make the item....especially with banners and avatars.

7. What is the most important thing you've learned about selling on Etsy?

Keep a good relationship with your regular customers. They will keep coming back and will refer you to others.

8. Do you find that the more you create, the more your artistic talent grows?

YES!! My items where pretty basic at first. Now, as I continue to grow with etsy, my projects are more detailed and more professional looking.

9. Do you sell your products locally, or is Etsy your only venue?

I only sell on etsy. I used to sell on ebay, but I just wasn't happy with the results.

10. Can you give some tips to those who might be thinking about selling on Etsy?
How do they get started and what are the most important aspects of starting a shop?

Just go for it. You never know who will love your items. Just think....something that you created is used or displayed in someones home. It's a wonderful feeling and a great way to earn money.

Thanks, Niki, for responding to my Alchemy post and for doing such a great job on my banner in such a speedy manner.


  1. Interesting interview. Now I'll have to check out your Etsy shop to see her work.

  2. Golly, I haven't been around to visit with you in a couple of days!! That's shameful. No excuse, either!

    I hope you had fun at your mother's house for the birthday dinner. And I'll go by in a bit to see your new banner at your store on Etsy.

    Have a great Monday Mary.

  3. She did a great job on your heading. This was a very informative post. I have wondered about Etsy. Do you take pay pal for payment? I have sold on eBay and in a flea market and have had yard sales. This might be a neat outlet too.

  4. That was an awesome interview and it's really making me want to open an Etsy shop now! As you know, I sell on eBay but sometimes it can be more trouble than not. The banner Niki made for you is just lovely!!

    Have a good week, my friend, and we'll try to get that phone call in! xoxo

  5. Well that was neat to do an interview with her.
    I'll go on over and see what she came up with.

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  7. Nice interview Mary. I have to go and check out your new banner and avatar.

    God bless.

  8. I enjoyed the interview! Congrats on the new shop Mary!!