Tuesday, February 2

Monday and Tuesday Happenings

Monday morning I went and picked up Brandon and he came to spend the day. We did quite a few things together. He went on the computer and showed me what he was doing on FB. He played a few games on there, then had a game of Mar*io Base*ball with Grandpa. We had lunch and played Uno and War. I beat him good at Uno, but he really skunked me at War. However, it was a lot of fun.

About 4pm, Grandpa took him home and went to get some gas while I started thinking about supper. All in all, it was a good and fun day.

Today I did a few things around the house. Yes, I'm still decluttering and getting rid of things we haven't used in years. How do we accumulate the stuff we do? What in our nature makes us hate to throw things out because they might be useful at some time in the future. Tomorrow, I am going to fill a garbage bag full of gently used clothes that I have and drop them at the Salva*tion Ar*my. I'm sure there's someone that could use them. I don't have a lot of clothes but these are things I haven't worn in a long time. For everything there is a season and it's time to let them go. Can you believe I still have sleeveless top I wore in high school?

After lunch, hubby and I went out to a craft store and I bought a pair of tiny sharp pointed scissors. I've been wanting a pair for a long time and just happened to spot them. I'm working on another project and it would be impossible to make it work without them. When the project is finished I'll post about it.

It was a beautiful day here today. Much more mild than it has been and the sun was shining brightly most of the day. We had a few flurries but they didn't amount to anything.


  1. Sounds really nice, you are such a great grandmother. I love you.

  2. sounds like Grandma and Grampa are glad to have hte grand children around.

  3. We had one of our grands today. There are not many words as sweet as hearing Granny. Have a sweet blessed week...m.

  4. I miss the times of playing board games with my grandchildren. Now they are all too big for such silly games and only want to talk about their social lives. Our youngest grandchild named Hope is my last hope but she is only interested in mimicking the big kids. Enjoy those boys while they're not too cool for Grandma.

  5. Beautiful day? Ha!!! You're living right Mary. Around here it's nasty again. Been raining since about 9pm. I WANT Spring.

    I was just wondering the other day if you were working on your kitchen still...that was put on the back burner then? With the reds/new curtains/ceiling tiles and such?

    FB?!!!! What's that? Is that Facebook then? I'm blond y'know.

  6. Mary
    I had to lol when you mention decluttering and holding on to something as it might be useful. I think the depression era made some of the last one and then we farm girls had to hold on to things as we might need it in the future as we did not have a walmart in those days.
    I need to do the same as I have clothes from that era also. Most of mine are the ones Mother made me and I just cannot give those up knowing her loving hands worked on these.
    Well I am off to conquer the daily chores.

  7. Sounds like a good day Mary. Cleaning out always makes me feel so good : )

  8. I can't believe you have something you wore in high school. I have trouble letting clothes go but I had to take some action because my closet was just too crowded. I may whittle it down even more. My discards are in the car so next time I drive by the thrift store, I can drop them off.
    Daughter and I saw "When In Rome" today. It was a cute chick flick and then had lunch. I've blown my weight loss program this week.
    Mama Bear

  9. Sounds like lovely days, dear Mary. I'm so glad that you're able to spend time with the boys and no doubt they love coming over:-)

    Decluttering seems to be a neverending job, doesn't it! I'm still doing that too. I had taken a break for a few days but now I've resumed again and like you, always wonder why we keep so much stuff. One thing I don't have though, are tops from when I was in high school! lol

    It was another sunny day here but darn it, it's cold, although -7c doesn't seem that bad compared to other days:-) It's the wind that makes it seem so much more frigid.

    Have a great evening, dear Mary. xoxo

  10. I have wondered why you always star things such as Mar*io Base*ball. Is it just to keep random passersby away? I tend to not use popular terms in the title, but otherwise I don't have a problem with it.

  11. A sleevless top from High School? You do know it's vintage now, right? LOL! Actually I have my senior year t-shirt still and my FFA jacket. Fun to pull them out every now and again.

  12. Glad to see that you are getting some time in with your boys....I know they love it too.
    I am with you on de-cluttering.I heard someone say the other day that each time we bring something new in we ought to be getting rid of something. Makes sense....maybe some day I will get that down pat. ;)

  13. Sounds like you are as bad about keeping things as we are. I also have an outfit from high school, I couldn't fit in it if I had to, I was so little then. We've got another snow storm coming our way tomorrow and Saturday. It's really been a bad winter.

  14. I think you had a wonderful day. While I don't have any clothing from my high school days, I do have all my report cards and many of the essays I wrote.

    God bless.

  15. Hi mary. Your sandwich plates are really pretty. I love things like this but have several boxes of it packed away upstaird because I hav eno place to display it. I need to find a nice, big china closet.

    My grandson and a special friend live on the east coast and they are expecting a couple feet of snow tomorrow. I know winter isn't over yet but we have had some beautiful sunny, spring like weather here. I hope it lasts!