Friday, February 26

Friday Show and Tell

This week I have a few vintage collectibles to show. These are things I find when out and about sifting through thrift stores.

This beautiful fan shaped dish is an Avon Collectible. It came out in the 70s and was filled with fan shaped soap bars. I had one of my own in those days and this brought back a few memores.
This lovely plate is also an Avon Collectible. Wildflowers of the Southern United States. It is a beauty.

This was a rare find. An aqua colored dresser dish. I can just see this on a lovely antique vanity. It will be hard for me to part with it.
These are all things that are for sale in the Etsy Shop. Come in and browse the other wonderful vintage pieces that I have.

If you would like to see other's Show and Tell, please visit our host, Cindy, at My Romantic Home.


  1. Those are so pretty! I had an Avon perfume bottle when I was little that was shaped as a fairy with a glow in the dark wand, I wish I still had it!

  2. I used to have two of the fan-shaped dishes but be darned if I know now what ever happened to 'em. They're nice soap dishes but also, work very well for serving pickles and stuff like that too.
    The floral plate though -that's one I've never seen before and I loved it and the green dish too!

  3. I remember when Avon was selling that fan shaped dish:-) You really found some lovely treasures, dear Mary, and I can see why it would be hard to part with that aqua coloured dish, it's gorgeous!! I just finished selling a bunch of stuff on eBay, now need to get more on's just such a lot of work getting it all ready for auction!! xoxo

  4. Some great stuff Mary. If that one last one had a small handle, it'd make a great powder puff dispenser!!!

    I took the liberty of changing your blog design to St. Patty's Day Green since you left a comment on my blog how much you liked the green over there! ;o)

  5. PS...Mary, glad you liked your 'little surprise' when you opened your blog today.

    So, Michelle likes dolphins too, huh? I so enjoy spotting them playing along the coast on some days when we're out walking!!

    Have a terrific Saturday. I've been so busy reading up on the tsunami warning on our Hawai'ian islands that is supposed to hit them around 4 PM your time....I'm scared for them. They are 'killers'!!! But, I need to get offline now and get some work done. :o)

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss! I love your St. Patrick's back ground. One can't help but be happy........


  7. You find the best things!! I love the plate in the middle.

    (love the new background)

  8. I love your header, it's really neat. I have one of those Avon fan dishes with the soap still in it. It makes me feel old.

  9. Just wondering if you're okay.

  10. Love the plate with the blue morning glories. My Mother always grew that color of morning glories. Peace

  11. Hey girl!!!!! How are you? I am so far behind in the blog world...... I will be back this coming weekend..... I am just too busy this week but hope to get to the place that I can blog over the weekend........ THINKING OF YOU and miss talking to you.......

  12. I hadn't been here in I thought I would come by and see how you are.
    Love the fan at the beginning....I could totally see using that in some way on a buffet table.
    I do hope your Etsy shop is going well....what a sweet way to bring in a little extra income and get to shop on top of that! :)

  13. You found some super items. The aqua dish is especially pretty. I love to shop around second hand stores and garage sales, especially estate sales often have some great things.