Tuesday, February 23

A Nice Thrift Shop Find

Hubby and I did a little thrifting today. We didn`t find a lot, but this beautiful fabric, featuring the art work of Bessie Pease Gutmann was a great bargain.

From Wikipedia:
Bessie Pease Gutmann (1876-1960) was an American artist and illustrator most noted for her paintings of cherubs, infants and young children. During the early 1900s Gutmann was considered one of the better-known magazine and book illustrators in the United States. Her artwork was featured on 22 magazine covers such as Woman's Home Companion and McCall's between 1906 and 1920. She also illustrated popular children's books including a notable 1907 edition of Alice in Wonderland. Although the commercial popularity of Guttman's art declined during World War II, there was renewed interest in her illustrations from collectors by the late 20th century.

I have some ideas on what to do with this lovely fabric. Anything that was sewn from it would be a great addition to any nursery. The artwork could also be used for framing.
I think this one of the baby in its bed is my favorite, but I love every one of the scenes on the fabric.

I remember buttoning this type of pajama. It was a little difficult as a young child to get them unbuttoned and buttoned when it was time to take care of business.
Rocking her dolly while her puppy sleeps near her side. This little girl is delightful.

Adorable little girl holding her kitty and puppy. If anyone has suggestions of what could be done with this fabric, I am open to ideas.


  1. You are so knowledgeable about these old things! The children on the fabric reminds me of the Northern girls!

  2. sweet, I would have walked right by it..;p

  3. What a great find that material is, the images on it are just adorable! Oh yes, I remember those pj's as well and even remember one pair that had the "bottom flap"! lol I have no doubt that whatever you decide to make with that material, it will be beautiful:-)

    Hope you're feeling much better these days, dear Mary. xoxo

  4. That is pretty material. I don't know how big the material is, but maybe it could be made into a throw.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a great find. I love those illustrations! So cute! It almost makes me want to have a third so I can do a nursery with something like that. Almost...LOL!

  6. Mary,
    You did indeed find a 'find'...I've never seen the material but I have seen many of the pictures and think they are precious...

    Congratulations on your weight loss...you can do it!


  7. What a precious find!! I would be tempted to make a wall hanging from it by cutting out each scene and placing them on a backing that would compliment them. This would be really cute hanging above a doll collection.
    I hope I can find something so fun when garage sales begin here.

  8. I've seen these works of art...but never ever on material. What a great buy.

  9. You didn't say how large the piece was but if it is large enough for a baby blanket, you might consider making a whole cloth quilt. You could buy some matching fabric for the backing, sandwich batting inside, baste the three layers, and either hand quilt around the frames or machine quilt in just a diagonal seam. You would have to bind it but I think you could just buy some bias tape for that.
    Mama Bear

  10. Hi Mary, I have a lovely award for you over at my blog! I love your new look! and your finds!! Love and hugs Grams

  11. Great fabric find, Mary! I don't think I've ever seen Bessie Pease art on fabric. Nice!