Tuesday, April 27

Ouch! That Hurts!!!

Yesterday when the nurse came, she told me she wouldn't be here today, as all was going well. How quickly things can change. Last night when hubby and I went down the stairs of the terrace, I felt a jab in the area around my ankle where the surgeon stripped the artery from my leg. A little later, I was crocheting (yes more dish cloths) and dropped my ball of yarn. Since I can't bend down to pick anything up, I called hubby. It was then he noticed the scar was oozing.

The nurse had left all the bandages here, so I cut some gauze and some tape and had hubby patch it up. Then I called and reported it to the nurse and she said she would be sending someone today. Barb came again and told me she didn't like the look of the scar and she wanted me to go to my family physician. This didn't make me jump for joy, as it is about a half hour drive to my doctor and riding in a vehicle isn't the most comfortable thing I can do right now. However, I did as I was asked and sure enough, I had a slight infection. He prescribed some cream, filled out diet papers and a handicapped form so I can get 3 hours of free parking when I go for my coronary exercise classes.

Tonight everything feels a little better. I was quite active today and am not retaining as much fluid as I was. The doctor gave me extra lasix as well, so that should help keep water retention at bay.

Sleeping isn't something that I'm doing much of right now. Last night I watched the movie, "Jewel" with Farrah Fawcett. It was about a Mississippi family who had a Down Syndrome daughter. Interesting how the mother's treatment of that child affected the lives of the entire family. At 4:30 am I had to get hubby up to help me back in bed and then we both slept until around 6:30am when we got up and had breakfast. I went back to bed around 7:30 and slept until 9am, but hubby didn't get a chance to catch up on any sleep that he missed. I do know that it's been hard on him getting up to lend me a hand every hour on the hour. Here's hoping that part of the recovery process is over soon.

Tomorrow the boys are coming after school. Jordan is going to clean up all the debris in the yard and Brandon is going to mow the lawn. Yes, it's that time of year again.

So that's just a little of what's been going on around here the last couple of days. Nothing very exciting and life is just a little on the boring side.


  1. It sounds like you caught the infection early, so it should heal fast. I am sure Dwight doesn't mind helping - it's what we do for our loved ones!

  2. I think you've had your share of excitement lately, Mary -- you're entitled to a little boredom and quiet, LOL!!

    Keep taking care of yourself!!

  3. Prayers continue for you, asking God to heal that infection quickly. I love you.

  4. Mary, I'm glad that you caught that infection early. I agree with Nancy - you've had your share of excitement lately, a little boredom and quiet may be just what the doctor ordered - for a little while anyway!! LOL

    I hope you and Dwight can get a good nights rest tonight. :-)


  5. I hope it heals up for you Mary, quickly...so you can get back on your feet again :-)

  6. Sorry I haven't been by lately to check on you, Mary. My computer modem died and I've been offline for almost a week while I waited for a new one to arrive by UPS. It got here on Tuesday afternoon and I finally got it configured and working by late evening.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing so well, and I hope that infection in your leg is the worst thing that you encounter in your recovery. Here's to a speedy recovery and that you're fully recovered even before your doctor anticipates. :o)

    Love and big hugs,


  7. Enjoy your rest. You had so much going on beforehand that now is a chance to catch up. :)

  8. Mary,
    So good to read your post and to know you are doing well...

    Missed you....Betty

  9. It's too bad that you have to feel so bad to feel better. Where is Dr McCoy from Star Trek when you need him. He could wave a wand or some such, and you'd be fine.

  10. Its never boring reading about your life, Mary. Sorry about this little setback but you'll be fine in no time. "Hey, that rhymes".
    Handwork is good when you're having to be patient with recovery. I don't suppose you can spend much time on the computer if you have a desk model.
    I don't recall if I've seen that movie but I know I've read a book with that title.
    Mama Bear

  11. I think boring is just right at this point! Too much excitement is not always a good thing!

  12. I'm late getting here to visit with you today. Times around here are busy....but I made sure I came to read any updates....oh boy, that wasn't a fun day...but at least you did get in to see a physician and perhaps now, all will be well!!!

    Good for your three 'boys' for helping out so much!!!! They should be thanked by us all...your friends!!

  13. Sorry to hear about the infection, but glad it wasn't anything more serious!!

  14. Sorry about the set back but glad to hear over all things are improving, isn't it amazing what the body is capable of, keep trying to rest, lots of love

  15. I am so thankful that you took that uncomfortable ride to the doctors office as you do not need any kind of infection. Take care and remember your body heals as you sleep so get some rest and take care of yourself. Peace