Friday, April 30

Surgery and Weight Loss

Today is Friday and my regular weigh-in day, but I haven't bothered. I got weighed when I was at the doctor's on Tuesday and I was still up about 4 lbs. When the doctor's perform open-heart surgery, they fill the patient full of water and it takes some time for that to leave the system. I'm still having trouble getting my shoes on, though my hands are back to their normal size. So 4 lbs isn't much. When I eventually lose all the water that I've retained, I expect that I will be considerably lighter than when I went in for my surgery. At that time I will once again begin to watch what I eat and to continue with my weight loss goal. Right now, it's redundant as my sugar levels are way out of control and I have to eat what I can to gain back energy while trying to keep them within some kind of normal range, which to this point has been impossible. They are about double what they should be, but some of that is caused when the body is healing. The doctors have told me that right now the numbers are not as important as the way that I feel. Still, it makes me uncomfortable to know my glucose levels are out of control.

Part of the problem with my blood sugar levels started here at the local hospital when I had my heart attack. My breakfast tray contained things like orange juice, jam and white bread. Nothing at all for a diabetic diet and they also gave me my insulin shot about an hour after I'd eaten. The nurse and I had a little tiff about that and I began taking my own insulin before I ate. I won the battle but not the war because after my surgery, the trays that came at meal time contained the same non-diabetic food stuffs. Mostly hubby bought my food at the cafeteria so I could have salads and such instead of bananas (they send my blood sugar out of control) juices that were high in sugars, fruit breads that would have been delicious if they'd been made with Splenda and other such foods. Lots of potatoes and other starches that just don't sit well with my dietary needs.

Such is life and that part of the ordeal is over, thank goodness. I have now chosen a cardiologist and have an appointment to see him on May 25th. I will see the heart surgeon after that appointment, probably in June. Until that time bi-weekly visits to my doctor are in order. Not too confident about that because of all that he's missed with my health in the last few years. Apparently this heart problem has been brewing for years.


  1. My prayers are with you as you continue to mend. One challenge at a time, Sweetie!

  2. Hospitalization always seems to send blood sugars out of whack. My Dad had a total knee about 3 weeks ago and his sugars got goofed up too. It always happens when we send our residents in, it happens to them too. I know you'll be able to get it straightened around soon.

  3. it is just impossible to keep in good control with the diabetes, after any kind of stress. Surgery is a huge thing and I am sure they will come down soon along with the extra fluid. It sounds like you are feeling well and that in itself is fantastic news. I hope you are resting and letting hubby help. You will be back to normal in no time! Have a nice weekend. Sending love and prayers.

  4. Just keep getting better, that is all i ask, I really would have thought the hospital could have sort out your food needs, it makes me so cross that they seem to make recovery harder than it needs to be.
    Have a good restful weekend
    lots of love

  5. I just can't believe the hospital was so careless with your health foodwise. Inexcusable!

  6. The stress from all of this also will raise your blood sugar levels. I love you.

  7. Glad to see that you're coming along! Sorry I missed you on the thread this evening. Was doing one last check in before I shut down my computer and pack it up for the move tomorrow. I'll check in on you again when I'm live on the internet.


  8. hello girl and just wanted to come by and see how you are doing....... sounds like it is going to take a bit of time for you to come back to normal..... I will pray about the blood sugar levels...... I think of you each day but I do not get over here every day.... things in the past three weeks or so with Mom and Dad have been intense......... BUT what you have been through is major and I want you to know that the Lord speaks your name to me daily.......... HE is watching and I pray that HE brings you quick healing..... and that HE brings normal to that blood sugar...

  9. You just take things slowly, Don't worry the weight too much.

    Praying for you to bring you back to good health.

  10. When you went in for pre-op they didn't have you fill out a menu request for diabetics?

    ....but keep up the strength. As the doctors say, the 'numbers' are not what's important right now, it's the healing process. Your body is working harder to heal itself, and it needs the nourishment. MUCH nourishment.

    And ya, those IVs are loaded with liquid and laying in the hospital beds will make you retain water like you'd never believe unless you've experienced yourself.

    Keep up the good work, and hold onto that attitude. You're doin' super.

  11. Diabetes must be a very frustrating disease, but I find it perplexing that hospitals can't do better. However, it looks like you're on the mend.

  12. I am glad you are feeling well enought to share your complaints. This is a good sign. I am surprised that the hospital did not feel you a diabetic appropriate diet. I thought they made not of that. What would I know. I was five the last time I was in a hospital for a stay.

  13. I know being a diabetic has its challenges but I would have thought a hospital had dietitians on staff to plan meals. Guess not.
    When the water is gone, you may find you've actually lost weight. I've been naughty the entire month of April and gained a pound back but I am still -5 so I am starting May off right. I've set a goal and am doing the Memorial Day challenge with Sandy.
    Fell better soon, my friend.
    Mama BEar

  14. Just keep track of it... try to keep it within normal limits... you'll get there....

  15. Allow yourself this time to heal and don't worry about the weight. It will just take a little more time.

  16. Keep getting better. I think sometimes hospitals and doctors do more harm than good. There is no excuse in giving you that kind of food. So glad you are home and okay.

  17. Now why didn't they have you on a diabetic diet??
    search out protein rather than'll help you heal faster and regulate your sugar better

    take care

  18. Hi again...
    I just read your note you left for me..

    I've been so busy not having much time online these days. Will email you when I can.

    I did make you a Canada set.

    Oh, and I know how strongly you feel about your on my blog I posted for Macro Monday...about MY grandson.

    Come by if you get a chance and feel up to re-visiting.

    Now, Bud and I are off to the beach and maybe stop at a city park this morning before it gets too hot. LOL

  19. So glad you're on the healing side of surgery. I'm really kind of shocked about the hospital food trays. Sounds like they didn't even try to accomadate your diabetic diet. Incredible! Keeping you in my prayers~

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