Monday, May 3


There's not a lot to update. I have good days and not so good days. Today wasn't so good, as I was really tired for some reason. I'm thinking my hemoglobin is still down. They told me that after heart surgery it takes a while to get your blood built back up to where it should be. That would be the reason for my exhaustion today.

Yesterday (Sunday) wasn't a bad day. I was tired but not the same bone deep tired as today. The boys came and we did an overhaul on the computer room, which is still a mess and is going to get worse before it gets better. The boys sorted all their childhood toys and decided what to give away and what to keep. We kept all of their die cast tractors, trucks and cars and packed them into a huge tote. Hubby will take them to the basement to store for the until they have homes or families of their own. Most of the things were from their baby days and had just never been put away or sorted. An entire box of goodies went to Griffyn and Tarryn... a Fisher Price barn, farm animals, a webble house, a PlaySchool school and lots of other things that are age appropriate for them. They thought it was Christmas and they have lots to keep them occupied.

Brandon has always slept on a cot when he came to stay over. He is a big boy and it was getting to the point where the cot didn't give him enough support. So now he will have a bed and a night table in the computer room where he can sleep and Jordan can have the cot instead of sleeping on the couch. For the time being, the cot is sufficient for Jordan.

So things are changing in the household. Tomorrow a friend is coming to wash down the walls and clean the windows for us. Hubby will lend a hand and hopefully things will look a lot different by the end of the week. If I decide I'm brave enough to show you the mess the computer room was in, I will take photos, but haven't decided yet. It's pretty bad.

As far as my health is concerned, I do have some trouble with shortness of breath at times. I will bring that to the attention of the doctor when I see him next week. Some days I can do quite a bit...others, not so much. I can get in and out of bed on my own, take care of my own hygiene with a little help now and then. I am on my way to recovery, but still have a ways to go. My blood sugar levels are better, but still not where I'd like them to be. I may have to up my insulin again, but at least there's been some improvement.

As for those who asked if I filled out a diabetic menu at pre-op, that isn't done here. The hospitals here have food brought in and no longer have a big cafeteria like they once did for the patients. They send what they see fit but I did talk to hospital administration about the meals served to diabetics. I doubt it will do any good, but at least I tried.


  1. I love you my friend, thanks for the update.

  2. Not sure what they have in Canada. Have you look into getting someone come in help you in your home. Even a few hours a week would help you recover and take the strain off your family.
    Sound like those grandson are a lot of help and joy for you.
    Wish you a fast recovery. The coffee is on.

  3. Thanks for the update. It's a big surgery to recover from, and not surprising that you are tired. Did they warn you that may people have some depression following heart surgery? If you feel a little down, don't get discouraged, because it's a side effect of that surgery and doesn't last long. Just keep at it - you're getting there!

  4. Hang in there my friend! You may not be bouncing back as quickly as you'd like, but your body's been through quite an experience! Just sit back and enjoy someone else doing all the work for a change....

  5. It's good that you're de-cluttering, but please take it easy!

    I'm trying to figure out where the twins are going to sleep when they grow out of their porta-cribs.

  6. take it easy. watch and see if your bad days follow good days where you "get a lot done". if that's so you may be overdoing when you're feeling well. try and pace yourself dear. and yes, I know how hard that is!

    prayers for a speedy recovery.

  7. You might have over-extended yourself a titch on the day before. Even if you weren't doing too much physical work, you were probably very involved at some level. Keep on truckin.

  8. I do hope you are feeling better. It's got to take along time to recover from heart surgery. Don't over do it.

  9. Well, what a time to choose to do a room make over. Was that good timing or not? I'd say yes, when you can supervise others doing the job but no, if it meant having surgery. Whatever, I know you'll love it once it is finished. And yes, we won't to see before and after photos.
    I still have all of the little cars, etc. My Wonder Boy still plays with them. I also have the barn. I think my grands have outgrown it but I want to keep it. I thought maybe the Princess didn't play Barbies anymore but that isn't the case as we got them out last week. I had picked up a new doll at Tuesday Morning.

    Be sure and take care of yourself, my friend, recovery takes time and we don't want any setbacks.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  10. Mary, I hope you are feeling better today. I'm glad the boys and Dwight are there for you. It must have been fun for the boys to go through their old toys and think about the fun times they had playing with them. It's so nice that they want to help you out. Brandon and Jordan are great kids!!!

    Take care, my friend. :-)

    Love & Hugs,

  11. All I can tell you here Mary is "Easy does it!" Don't expect everything to be up to snuff right away and don't push that darned envelope either! Just take your time, do the best you can without over exerting yourself and things will return to you before you know it. I just don't want you to push yourself and end up back in the hospital -which I'm pretty sure you don't want to have that happen either, do you?
    Just glad you're recovering so well from all this as it's a huge relief to everyone -especially to you I imagine too!
    Love ya, my friend!

  12. Hello from a stranger!
    I was getting ready to look through some old post and saw my reader and saw heart surgery and rushed right over. I have read back through all the post to get caught up...goodness girl!
    I am so glad that you are getting better and slowly regaining your strength.
    I'll have to say that the description of your heart attack symptoms was a tad scary....especially the part about the pain in your back on the right side. I so need to take better care of myself and get back to my exercise.
    I will pray for your continued recovery.
    Haven't been around much in the last six weeks because I have been taking CNA classes....just finished up so I will be around a bit more to check in on you.
    Soooo glad there was no damage to your heart!

  13. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are doing quite well except for being so tired. Do you have anywhere you can go to walk to build your strength up? I am playing catch up as we started out no cable, which we get internet and tv from and then our telephone went out. Next went the electricity and then the next day the water. How easily we get so use to these conveniences. Peace