Saturday, May 8

And it Continues...

Today I was able to do a bit more around here. Got some orders for dish cloths mailed and a couple of other things. We put up the curtains in the computer room, washed sheets for the boys' bed and made it up so it's all ready for them to stay overnight. The night table is in place with a coaster for their drinks and a doilie. They can store their things in the drawers and they have their own little space now. They are happy about that.

I hadn't talked to Mom since she went to the hospital. I've been told not to visit her because the wound on my right ankle is still open. So today I sent hubby to visit her and have a phone hooked up in her room so we can talk. She phoned tonight just after 8pm and we had a nice talk about all that's been going on. She seems to be in good spirits. She said she's been cold and the nurses have given her warm flannelette blankets and she has been sleeping a lot. That is good for her. She probably needs the rest. They're giving her tylenol 2s for the pain and she is much more comfortable than when she was home. Some women from the church has visited, the pastor dropped by and my aunt (her sister) went to visit her yesterday. Today my brother (Josh's Dad,) hubby and my niece visited. She said that was enough company as she's been very tired.

Keep my brother in your prayers. My sister is away on vacation and since I can't go and visit Mom, everything is falling on him. He's visiting Josh in a hospital out of town and then Mom here in town. Hubby is trying his best to help out but he also has his plate pretty full taking care of everything here.

Other than that, there's not a lot that's new here. It was cold and windy today....more like a fall day than spring and it's to be in the minuses tonight. A cold Mother's Day to be sure.

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends and readers. I hope you all have a great day.


  1. You're darn tootin it was cold today.

  2. I love you sweetie. I will pray for your brother.

  3. It's cold here too - 36 degrees when I got up this morning.
    Glad to hear your Mom is doing better, and that you have been able to accomplish a few things. It's so nice that the boys have their own space at your house.
    Praying for your whole family - including your brother.
    PS - I like your new background!

  4. We are having unusually cold weather here too...seems more like March. *sigh*

    Glad you are getting stronger, I love hearing that! Will keep praying for you all...hold on a little longer. Happy Mother's Day Mary.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Mary,

    Cold, windy weather here too. I guess the silver lining to this "cloud" is that it keep the black flies and mosquitoes away. LOL

    Your brother, mother, you and all your family are in my thoughts and prayers. :-)

    Love & Hugs,