Wednesday, May 5

Day by Day

Day by Day things are getting better. Today I decided it was time for a hair cut. I phoned my hair stylist and asked her if she thought we could manage a shampoo and cut. She said sure, she could do it a 4pm. So hubby took me and sat patiently while she took care of business. I feel so much better just getting that taken care of. It really should have been done before going to hospital but I didn't have much warning about the surgery. Everything happened so quickly but now it's done and it feels great.

Yesterday Mom's friend came and washed down all the walls in the computer room. We decluttered the entire room but much of it is in the living room waiting for me to go through it. Some will go into a yard sale, some will be sold online and some will go to charity. Many of my old manuscripts will be shredded and put in the garbage. I just don't have room for them anymore and I haven't used them in years. The rule is that a writer never throws away any of their writing, but that is not realistic. I will keep all my personal stories but the travel and health articles must go. That will actually make a huge difference. I have hundreds of them.

Brandon came tonight after school and helped hubby set up the bed and night table in the computer room. He now has his own little space at Grandma's and we even were able to get him a 20 inch TV at Bibles for Missions for $20. It is like brand new and I'm assuming it came out of an estate sale. He is one happy young man.

Early this morning I went for a walk. It was such a beautiful day. Hubby went with me and even though I can't walk far in this area because of the hills, it felt good to be out and about on such a beautiful day. The birds were singing and it was a great start to a good day. Things are getting easier.

I'm doing quite a bit for myself. Hubby gets the meals. I put in a couple loads of laundry and started them but he has to transfer them to the dryer and also out of it. I can fold it if he puts it on the table, but he's inclined to try to do it himself to save me the trouble. I've tried explaining to him that I need to do some things to build up my strength, but he still tries to spare me the trouble.

I'm only napping once a day now, which is a vast improvement from the 3 or 4 naps I was having when I came home from the hospital, so things are coming along.

Thanks to everyone for your loving support and kindness as I've traveled this difficult and sometimes scary journey. It's hard to believe all this can happen in a matter of 3 weeks or so.


  1. This is a wonderful report! I'm impressed by the love your family has for you, and I know it's because of all the love you've given them over the years!

  2. Yay! You seem do be doing well both physically and mentally.

  3. Things can change in a heartbeat - literally, in your case! So glad you're improving every day.

  4. I wish And pray strength/peace/happiness for you and family. Amen.

  5. So good to see you here and it sounds like you are doing great....... You talk about your books that you are going to discard and it reminded me of the second book that you had coming out.. A second article in the Chicken Soup for the Soul..... did you ever get that second book and if so can I buy one..... I do not want to miss getting that....... I am so very very sorry that I have not been in the blog or FB much.. Things here are intense....... I just have no time to be on the computer... I will send you an email tomorrow..... it is so late right now and I need to try and go back to bed...

    Love ya girl!

  6. My oh my're on your way!!! By reading all you're doing, you're coming along greatly. Yes, you do need to do things, but just don't OVERdo. That's the sticky part. Tho you feel good, your body is still recovering. It'll take about 6 months [it did with my dad's open heart surgery, and he only had a double bypass].

    Now, am I understanding correctly...your grandson is now living with you while you heal?....since he has his 'own' room?

  7. hope you feel 100% on Sunday.

  8. PS....I just emailed you a short while ago! NOW I'm getting offline to mow and edge lawn with Bud :o)

  9. So glad you are doing better, love you.

  10. Hi Mary! I made it over here! So very happy to hear that you are doing so much better!! Praise God! Like Annie said just try not to over do.... Easier said then done, I know!!
    My son Bill is much better but still weak.... so happy he is home. It worked out that his wife Becky is on vacation this week! How neat is this!
    Take care, I love you, Mary! Hugs Grams

  11. good signs all around!
    build back up slowly...
    glad you're getting out and about a bit.