Sunday, June 5

Crazy Weather

The weather we've been having this spring has been unpredictable and a bit crazy. Two weeks ago, it rained for days and we saw very little sunshine. Then it cleared up for a few days and rained again for days on end. This past week has been a little better and though it was below average temperatures, it suited me fine. There was a couple of days of showers but for the most part its been in the mid 70s with sun or variable cloudiness.

Saturday morning we had severe thunderstorm warnings and torrential rain. The afternoon brought the sun and mid 70 temperatures. It was a beautiful day. This morning I went out at about 6:45 am and it was cool, but beautiful. The day progressed with lots of sunshine but this afternoon was warmer than I like and just a bit humid. The prediction for the coming week is hot and humid, which is something that I don't want. I can't stand the heat and the humidity just makes it all that much worse.

It's certainly been a strange spring as far as weather goes. The farmers don't have their crops in because it's been too wet. Now the rest of the summer is to be hot and dry, which doesn't bode well for crops either. This makes me cringe as I can see the food prices increasing drastically.

Oh and Edmonton, Alberta is to get snow later this week. Go figure.


  1. It's been crazy here too. Very wet and our farmers are having the same problem of getting the crops in. Snow? That's crazy!

  2. ....and here we the subtropics and we're in a drought. Again!!!

    My sister, in Colorado, said last week, they got a real wet snow. Crazy.

    Thanks for your comments on my Sunday post...

    Winter Past is my link to Macro Monday. Do stop by, again, when you get a chance. I'd love your company. Have a great week.

  3. It has been weird, but thanks godness we missed your Saturday showers up thisaway.

  4. The weather in my neck of the woods has been downright crazy this spring and early on into the summer now too! A few hot days, yes -and a few pretty darned chilly ones as well, as recent as last week! Lots of rain too -too darned much in my opinion but that's just me grumping about that! But, today we've having a little rain -yet again! Wish things would straighten out and behave!