Saturday, June 4


Every once in a while I enjoy writing a bit of poetry. This is one of my early writings.


The sun sinks low on the horizon,

Giving off a golden glow.

Shadows dance upon the ripples

As the waves to shore do flow.

Reflections show the sun's real beauty,

In the shadows of the night.

As the screaming gulls head shoreward,

Shimmering wings in natural light.

Waves are lapping, oh, so gently,

As I walk upon the sand.

Make the most exquisite music,

Part of nature's wondrous band.

How I love to walk the shorline,

When the sun is sinking low.

Seeing all of earth's raw beauty,

This is nature's greatest show.


  1. Yea Mary! Beautiful picture and poem.

  2. What a beautiful poem! You're definitely a talented writer. :)

  3. This is a beautiful poem and describes the joy of walking on a beach or enjoying the sunset or both.
    Mama Bear